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The Best DIY Projects Using a Scroll Saw

Using a Scroll Saw
person using a scroll saw to cut a DIY wooden craft

Some do-it-yourself wood craft projects you might use your scroll saw for include angle cutting, curve cutting and dovetail joints – all projects that make great art additions or finishing pieces for your home decor. 

When preparing to use your scroll saw to perform intricate and detailed interior cuts, safety comes first. 

Wear protective safety gear like glasses, a dust mask and gloves to ensure you don’t get hurt by the saw or breathe in dust during use. Keep long hair and long jewelry pulled back and long sleeves pulled up.

Word Art Using a Scroll Saw
cursive, wooden word art dream

Depending on the size, word art is an easy-to-medium level scroll saw project designed for new crafters using this type of tool. 

A template in square font or curvy font will determine how difficult the project may become. Download an online template in your word of choice, to use for a pattern. 

These word art projects can add flair to any desk and wall in your home or office decor.

Shapes Using a Scroll Saw
wooden art shape star

Shapes and figures are also an easy-to-medium level scroll saw project. 

With clear measurements, a wooden star, heart or diamond can be completed for holiday decor and gifting during special celebrations. 

Silhouettes Using a Scroll Saw
wooden flower art and silhouette design

Do-it-yourself silhouettes are the most detailed and complex scroll saw projects. The ability to cut deep into the wood to get a specific outline or shadow will take a lot of patience, attention and time. 

Focus on the depth of the wood you use and use an intricate template.  You will complete a project like this over hours or days, and it will display beautifully on your mantle or dresser for everyone to see your creative effort.