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Interior Door Guide



Get the best look and the highest returns with interior door selection guidance from The Home Depot. Our experts boiled down door selection to fit your business’s needs, taking the confusion out of buying doors without sacrificing selection. Whether you want to upgrade an office, accent a home or add style to a multifamily property, we have the right interior doors for your investment dollar.

Prehung or Slab Doors

Decide whether your job calls for prehung or slab doors. There are many types of interior doors available, each with its own look and feel. With few exceptions, these are all prehung or slab doors.


A prehung door is pre-attached in its own frame as a complete, self-contained unit. They include the door slab, hinges and door frame, and are ideal for new construction and renovation jobs.

Choose a Prehung Door When:

  • There Is No Existing Door Frame
  • A Door Frame Already Exists, but It Is Damaged
  • Exterior or Weather-Tight Installation Is Required


A slab door is made of a piece of wood, composite or steel. These doors do not include hardware like hinges, require more work or craftsmanship and cost less than prehung doors.

Choose Slab Door When:

  • There Is an Existing Door Frame
  • Cost Is a Major Factor
  • Reduced Weight Is Needed
  • Interior Installation Is Possible

Interior Door Styles

Select the style that fits your or your client’s vision after you have chosen the right type of door for the job. With hundreds of doors to choose from, you are sure to find the right door for your project and budget through The Home Depot.


Built for business, commercial doors are sturdy and secure. These doors are typically made of steel and carry specific fire ratings.


Give your space that classic, rustic look with barn doors. These trendy doors hang from a top rail that allows them to slide over door openings.


Complete closets, laundry rooms, pantries, storage rooms and other smaller spaces with bifold doors. These classic doors fold back to one or both sides of their frame to open.


Sliding doors are another great choice for closets and smaller spaces. They are available in wooden or mirrored styles and are typically a more economical option.


Open any room with a gorgeous set of French doors. These come in a variety of sizes, wood types, styles and glass pane configurations.


Fun and functional, hidden doors make a handsome addition to any interior room. These doors are typically fashioned to imitate bookcases to “disguise” an entryway.


Ideal for closets and doorways with space constraints, accordion doors use small or large panels that fold in on themselves to open.


Café and saloon doors add style and easy access to any area while maintaining privacy. Modern commercial and classic wooden styles are available.

Door Construction

Do more and make the most of your investment by selecting the right door from The Home Depot. Most of the door styles featured here are available in solid, solid core and hollow core construction options to meet your individual business needs.


Beautiful and strong, solid doors display a warm look through their lovely and rich grain patterns. They also block out noise well but typically cost more.


Solid wood core doors deliver the look, sound reduction and durability of solid wood at a lower price. These doors are available in a variety of finishes, including wood grain.


Constructed with wood boards fitted around a honeycomb or grid interior, hollow core doors are an economical, lighter and attractive interior door option.