Closet Organization Ideas for Any Home

Closet ideas and storage solutions for wardrobes of all sizes


Getting dressed for the day can be pleasant when everything is organized. Use our simple storage solutions and turn your closet into one of the most functional areas of your home. See below for a step-by-step guide to upgrading wardrobes of all sizes.


What You Need

Measure Your space
Step 1

Figure out how space you have and how much storage you need. Measure the width and height of each wall to calculate the square footage. Use those measurements to determine which units will work best in your closet.

Take a look at our closet measuring video for assistance.

CHOOSE your base
Step 2

Multi-purpose corner units act as a space saver in smaller walk-in closets. Clothes organizers, storage drawers and furniture cubes also work well to organize folded pieces and more delicate items.

Stack to maximize your space
Step 3

Our double door storage cabinets fit perfectly atop modular bases in the same collection. Install shelves and poles as needed for hanging and display pieces. Over-the-door hanging organizers are great for small spaces and compact layouts.

For more small closet ideas, see our guide on How to Build Your Own Closet Storage.

Organize Intentionally
Step 4

Get creative with each compartment, and remember to make the most of your top shelf. Magazine holders are great for storing small clutches and coin purses. Paper towel holders can be used to keep your watches on display. The walk-in closet ideas are endless when you make the most of your wall space. Use hooks or rods for hanging accessories like handbags, hats and scarves.

Try arranging your wardrobe according to color, clothing type or volume. For a true refresh, assess each article of clothing and prioritize the pieces your wear most often. Keep these items at eye level so they’re easy to grab or put away. This will help make sure your closet stays organized from day to day.

*Tip: Hangers come a variety of styles, so pick ones that fit your need. Velvet hangers are slip-resistant and take up less space, while wooden hangers offer long-lasting durability.

Remember Seasonal Storage
Step 5

Seasonal items (heavy coats and chunky knits) and special occasion pieces (gowns and couture) usually need their own special space. Storage bins and garment bags make a great addition to any closet.