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How Much Does it Cost to Install Carpet?

Carpet installation cost guide

The overall cost to replace the carpet in your home depends on the cost of three key parts: carpet type, padding and installation.

The Average Cost Per Square Foot

Carpet: $1 - $4

Depending on style and construction

Padding: $0.61

Depending on thickness and density


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Types of Carpet
The type of carpet you choose plays the biggest role in impacting the overall cost. Here’s a rundown of The Home Depot’s four main types, including what spaces they’re commonly used in and how each one is priced.


Offering a variety of visual options beyond color, pattern carpet is eye-catching. Through various textures and designs, pattern is the most unique option of carpet.


Made from soft, twisted fibers, twist carpet offers an effortlessly casual look. Sometimes called frieze, this durable carpet type is great at hiding footprints and vacuum lines and is typically the least expensive.

Loop (Berber) Carpet

Often referred to as berber, loop carpet is popular in workspaces and gyms since it’s durable and efficient at hiding dirt, footprints and vacuum marks. The carpet’s fibers are looped into the backing to increase its resistance to wear. This manufacturing method also reduces the carpet’s softness, however. On average, loop carpet is more expensive than texture and twist carpet.

Features That May Affect Cost

Modern carpets come equipped with features to help ensure that they last longer by resisting stains, wear and moisture. While these features often extend your carpet’s lifespan, they may also increase the overall cost. Some of the most popular features include: 

  • Stain resistance: A blend of triexta and polyester fibers are used so the carpet resists permanent stains and spills. 

  • Wear resistance: A blend of triexta and nylon fibers that fight against the effects of foot traffic, such as matting and crushing. This blend also extends the carpet’s lifespan and improves its overall appearance. 

  • Moisture resistance: Olefin fibers battle against the buildup of mold and mildew, which makes this feature ideal for high-moisture areas of your home. 

  • Fiber choice: Carpet prices increase depending on the fiber. Olefin and polyester are great for a tight budget, while nylon and wool offer a more plush look, with triexta being the top-of-the-line fiber. 

*Tip: See our carpet buying guide and carpet padding buying guide for help choosing the right materials for your floors.

Why Choose The Home Depot

In addition to competitive rates, free delivery and free installation, we’re transparent about our products. Our carpets’ fiber types are clearly listed so you’ll know exactly what you’re installing in your home. Our technicians undergo thorough background checks and are fully vetted, so you can be confident in their ability to beautifully install your new carpet.

Lifetime Install Warranty 

In addition to transparent carpet installation costs, The Home Depot offers lifetime installation, stain and wear warranties, and you only will pay for the services you need. Furniture moving, removal and disposal are priced separately, so we can customize your installation based on your needs and budget. To further help homeowners afford their home remodeling projects, The Home Depot offers financial assistance options including specialized credit cards for project loans.

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