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How Much Does it Cost to Install Doors?

Door Installation cost guide

Replacing a door is a simple and effective way to upgrade your home. Whether you want to refresh your decor or simply seek to boost curb appeal, this comprehensive guide will help you budget for the project by breaking down costs for exterior door installation or interior door replacement. 

Please note: these rates are national averages and will vary by market.

The Average Cost of Basic Door Installation

Interior: $178 - $398

Exterior: $398 - $998

Patio: $498 - $1298

Interior door installation generally costs less than exterior door installation. Estimates will fluctuate depending on the style of door you choose. Homeowners can save money installing multiple doors during the same renovation project, as you typically pay less for the installation of each additional door.

Note: Installation costs vary by market. The installation cost will fluctuate depending on the door style, condition of the home and labor required to complete installation. Homeowners can save money installing multiple doors during the same renovation project.

Average Cost of Basic Door Installation by Style
Some doors are more difficult to install than others and can prompt higher labor costs. These averages do not include the cost of door itself:

Screen Doors - $98 Each

Screen doors feature a mesh screen that lets natural light into your home and encourages ventilation. These accommodate hinged, in-swing entry doors.

Storm Doors - $168 Each

Designed for climates with higher rates of precipitation, storm doors are installed in front of the entry door to shield your home from the elements.

Security Doors - $238 Each

Safeguard your home with a security door that provides additional protection with sturdy features like iron bars.

Entry Doors - $468 Each

These sturdy doors offer entry into your home, featuring keyed entry locks and various customizable features.

Patio Doors - $618 Each

Often referred to as sliding glass doors, patio doors are two glass panels that slide open to allow access to the patio.

Bi-pass Doors - $228 Each

Also known as “bypass doors,” these doors slide open side-to-side and are a common choice for closet doors.

Bi-fold Doors - $228 Each

Bi-fold doors feature two panels with a middle hinge and they fold into each other when opened. These are mainly used for closet doors.

Traditional Slab Doors - $228 Each

Traditional slab doors feature a single panel of material attached to the doorframe with hinges on one side.

Swinging French Doors - $324 Each

Swinging French doors are a set of two doors that swing open inward or outward.

Barn Doors - $288 Each

Barn doors slide open on either side along a track at the top of the frame.

Pocket Doors - $228 Each

Pocket doors slide into a pocket opening in the wall. They are a popular choice for bathrooms and other small rooms with tight spaces.

Note: These rates will vary by market. 

Average Cost of Door Parts & Hardware

Consider door parts and hardware when budgeting for the cost of your door installation. There is a large price range for these components. Here are the common door parts and hardware pieces you may need:

  • Knobs/Handles: $10 to $300 each 
  • Hinges: $2 to $20 each 
  • Door Jamb: $100 and up 
  • Door Slab: $100 and up 
  • Threshold: $50 each 
  • Deadbolt: $15 to $300 depending on manufacturer and model 
  • Glass: Varies 
  • Door Insulation: $5 to $25 

Note: These rates will vary by market. 

Average Cost of Door Installation by Material

Installation costs do not differ by material. 

  • Fiberglass: Fiberglass doors are a great alternative to traditional wooden doors. They are easy to maintain and offer superb durability, insulation and versatility in appearance and style. 
  • Steel: A popular choice for exterior doors, steel provides superior security and weather-resistance. Without proper care, these doors may rust over time. 
  • Wood: This classic choice is ideal for interior and exterior doors. Wood doors offer excellent durability and customization, but they require regular maintenance to continue looking their best over time. 
  • Composite: Strikingly modern and versatile, composite doors offer many advantages as exterior doors, including thermal efficiency, durability and personalization of design and hardware. This material requires very little maintenance. 

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