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How Much Does it Cost to Remodel a Kitchen?

Kitchen remodel cost guide

Remodeling your kitchen is a great investment for any homeowner. In addition to creating a beautiful, functional place to cook delicious meals, entertain guests, and spend family time, a kitchen remodel offers a high return rate in the real estate market. Such a large project does require careful planning to ensure its affordability, since certain factors like the amount of labor, the kitchen's size and the chosen materials can greatly affect the overall cost. 

To help you stay on budget, The Home Depot has compiled a comprehensive cost guide. This guide compares three possible remodels for a 200-square-foot kitchen, categorized as minor, major and upscale in scope. Sourced from Hanley Wood Market Intelligence, the following estimates are national averages and will vary by location.

Average Cost of Kitchen Remodels
Kitchen Remodel - minor


Minor remodels aim to preserve the kitchen’s existing footprint while refreshing its overall appearance and usability. The significant changes are usually budget-friendly fixes like painting the walls, adding new flooring and buying energy-efficient appliances, since the customer isn’t selecting top-of-the-line materials or products. Cabinetry is often a lofty expense, but minor remodels opt for money-saving measures like refacing the existing cabinets or selecting entry-level cabinets, which are mass-produced and ready-to-install. 

A minor remodel typically includes: 

  • Cabinet refacing or the addition of entry-level cabinets 
  • Appliances updated to new, energy-efficient models
  • New countertops, kitchen sink and faucet
  • New flooring 
  • Freshly painted walls 


Kitchen Remodel - major


Major remodels involve a larger overhaul of the existing kitchen than minor remodels. Key fixtures—lighting, appliances and flooring—are replaced with new versions, while extra touches are added such as a high-end sink with matching faucet and semi-custom cabinetry. Semi-custom cabinets are customizable, with versatile sizing and door front options. 

A major remodel typically includes: 

  • Semi-custom cabinetry and a 3-by-5 foot island 
  • New countertops with a deep, spacious sink and faucet 
  • New appliances, including a garbage disposal 
  • Custom lighting 
  • New flooring 
  • Freshly painted walls 


Kitchen remodel - upscale


Upscale kitchen remodels usually include specialty or luxury additions. These items—like high-end countertops, top-of-the line appliances and built-in water filtration systems—help a kitchen go above and beyond both in usability and appearance. The kitchen’s existing footprint may also be altered in upscale remodels. 

An upscale remodel typically includes:


  • Custom cabinetry with built-in sliding shelves and custom interior accessories 
  • Stone countertops with ceramic or glass tile backsplash 
  • New, technologically-advanced appliances
  • Undermount sink with designer faucet and a water filtration system 
  • New general and task lighting, such as undercabinet lights 
  • Installation of floor tiles or upscale flooring that resembles hardwood 
  • Freshly painted walls



Cost Information by City

The average cost of kitchen fixtures, appliances, and labor differs by U.S. region. Remodeling projects in the Southern United States are generally cheaper than identical projects completed in Northern and Western areas. For instance, a major kitchen overhaul with midrange materials could cost $56,639 in Titusville, FL and rise to $77,460 if completed in San Francisco, CA. 

These differing figures are partially due to lowered labor costs in the south, but the average income level of the region’s inhabitants also plays a role. When budgeting for your kitchen remodel, we suggest comparing prices with your local Home Depot to accurately estimate the total cost.

Questions to Ask Yourself

Prior to getting started, it's necessary to determine the primary goals of your kitchen remodeling. We recommend answering the following questions in order to successfully plan your project. 

  • Why do I want to remodel my kitchen? 
  • Is my kitchen's main purpose to entertain guests, cook gourmet meals or be family-friendly? 
  • Do I like the layout of my current kitchen? 
  • Can I simply update the finishes? 
  • What are the top things I would like my kitchen's design to accomplish?
Estimating the Cost

A useful tip for budgeting your kitchen remodel's total cost is following the "one-third rule" so you don't overspend on a single area. Essentially, your expenses should be divided into three parts: 

  • One-third of the cost goes toward new cabinetry or refurbishing the existing cabinets. 
  • Another third will go toward finishing touches like updated countertops, sinks and faucets, backsplashes, flooring and energy-efficient appliances. 
  • Your installation and labor expenses are the final third of your total remodeling cost.

Tip: If your kitchen remodel project requires new plumbing or electrical re-wiring, it will also factor into the total cost. This kind of labor is not typically included in the initial quote. Your contractor should be able to provide pricing specifics as needed.

Kitchen Remodel Components

Installing custom or semi-custom cabinets adds the most value to your home. Refacing existing cabinets is an economical way to improve your kitchen's appearance.


Efficient Energy Star-certified appliances help the environment and pay for themselves over time by lowering utility bills – their installation may require electrical rewiring.

Countertops, Sink and Backsplash

Countertops, Sink and Backsplash

Stone surface countertops, like quartz and granite, are the most durable and most expensive. Solid surface and laminate options cost less but require more maintenance.

Lighting and Electrical

A kitchen under construction is ideal for electrical rewiring. A licensed electrician can help you install new lights, add outlets and fixtures or change your floor plan.


The cost of replacing flooring depends on your kitchen’s size and the material you use. Vinyl is affordable, but costlier materials can really boost your home’s value.


Keeping your existing plumbing can help cut costs. If your remodel calls for installation of new pipes or changing the floor plan, be prepared to pay for a plumber.


Applying a fresh coat of paint is an easy, quick way to spruce up your kitchen. A few cans of paint and brushes provide an inexpensive way to make a lasting impact.

Demolition and Removal

If your current cabinetry or countertops require full removal and/or demolition, labor costs may go up, due to how time-consuming and labor-intensive this work is.

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