Early Reviewer Program


The Home Depot Early Reviewer Program is a program that enables a select group of Home Depot customers to post opinions about items they have already purchased to help their fellow customers make educated purchase decisions. Customers are invited to write a review if they purchase an item that is part of the program, and they have a limited time period to write and submit the review. After their review is posted, they receive a small incentive as a way to thank them for their time. Early Reviewer Program reviews show up among all other reviews posted on a product’s detail page, and are designated with an Early Reviewer Program note. The Home Depot does not influence the content of Early Reviewer Program reviews, nor do we modify or edit the reviews


Why do we have an Early Reviewer Program?

The Early Reviewer Program was created to provide Home Depot customers with unbiased information about the products we sell, including honest and unbiased feedback from fellow Customers.


Which items are part of the Early Reviewer Program?

The Home Depot selects certain products to be a part of the Early Reviewer Program for a period of time. However, The Home Depot does not keep products in the program indefinitely. Just because a product has reviews from the Early Reviewer Programs program on the product detail page does not mean that product is still taking part in the Early Reviewer Program.


If I provide a review on any product, will I be compensated?

The Home Depot Early Reviewer Program is an invitation-only program that only applies to certain products. If a product you purchased is currently in the program and you receive an invitation to review it, you must review that specific product in order to receive the incentive.


How will I be invited to the Early Reviewer Program?

The Early Reviewer Program only applies to products purchased online. You will receive an email at your provided email address if the item you purchased is participating in the program at that time.


How are participants compensated?

The Early Reviewer Program compensates participants with a small incentive (often in form of a gift card) as a way to thank participants for their time. In order to receive the credit, participants must write the review in the time period stated in their invitation and follow The Home Depot’s General Writing Guidelines.

General Writing Guidelines


What if I return the product?

Customers are welcome to return their product according to its return policy if it doesn’t meet their expectations. The Early Reviewer Program is separate from the returns process, and it’s possible you may still be contacted to write a review.


Are participant ratings influenced by Home Depot or the vendors?

This is a Home Depot sponsored program. Participants are not influenced by The Home Depot in the writing of Early Reviewer Program reviews. We encourage honest and insightful feedback from all of our Customers. All reviews are posted on the website's product detail page unedited, regardless of whether it is a favorable review or not, provided the Customer follows The Home Depot's General Writing Guidelines.

General Writing Guidelines


How do I identify an Early Reviewer Program review on the site?

Early Reviewer Program reviews are distinguished from others with a message "Early Reviewer Program". They are displayed on the product detail page, in the same location as other The Home Depot customer reviews.