How to Insulate Your Garage Door


Save on energy costs by insulating your garage with an easy-to-install garage insulation kit

Insulating your garage door will help to reduce energy bills and protect the things in your garage against harsh outdoor temperatures.

This project guide will show you how to weatherize your garage using a relatively easy-to-install garage insulation kit.


Choosing the right insulation
Choosing right insulation - Insulate Your Garage Door

• Choose which insulation you'll use for this project by considering what type of garage door you have.
• Wooden garage doors need rigid insulation like foam board, while metal garage doors can work with any type of insulation. Insulation kits are ideal because they include insulation and most of the anchors you need.

Mark the door and place the anchors
Mark door place anchors - Insulate Your Garage Door

Make two marks on each door panel, 12 inches in from each side and vertically centered.

Apply double-sided tape
Apply double sided tape - Insulate Your Garage Door

Firmly press the double-sided adhesive tape onto your pre-marked spots on the door panels.

Attach retainer clips to adhesive tape
Attach retainer clips tape - Insulate Your Garage Door

Remove the front side peel of the adhesive tape and firmly press a retainer clip into each piece of tape.

Measure door panels
Measure door panels - Insulate Your Garage Door

Measure each door panel.

Tip: Note each individual panel's measurements as they may not be the same size.

Cut insulation to size
Cut insulation size - Insulate Your Garage Door

Cut a piece of insulation for each panel, cutting 1 to 2 inches longer than your measurements. Peel off the excess insulation.

Tip: Wear gloves and safety glasses to protect yourself when working with fiberglass insulation.

Tuck insulation into panels
Tuck insulation panels - Insulate Your Garage Door

Tuck each insulation piece into its correct door panel (per your previous measurements) with the vinyl side facing out.

Fasten retention clips
Fasten retention clips - Insulate Your Garage Door

• Push insulation flat against door and feel for retention clips.
• Slice ½-inch slits through the insulation above the retention clips and attach the front of the retention clips to the back pieces to secure the insulation panels.