How to Choose and Maintain a Fire Pit

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Gather around the fire pit and get warmth and more enjoyment from your outdoor space

To make sure you get the right fire pit, think about the size of your space, what fuel type you prefer, and how much maintenance you'll have to do. This guide will help walk you through these considerations.


Choose a suitable fire pit
Choose suitable fire pit - Maintain a Fire Pit

Asses the size of your outdoor living space and make sure that you have enough room to move around and seat your guests comfortably.

Evaluate your heating options
Evaluate heating options - Maintain a Fire Pit

• The cauldron-style fire pit burns wood slowly and is shaped like a bowl, which is useful for radiating heat around your space.
• Gas fire pits typically operate with propane or a dedicated gas line that connects to your home.
• Chimineas are formed like a chimney, so the smoke is forced upward and away.

Maintain your fire pit
Maintain fire pit - Maintain a Fire Pit

• Make sure that you clean out the ashes in your fire pit regularly. Use a tool set, with a broom and shovel, and a metal can to stash the ashes after they are cooled off.
• A fire pit cover can limit necessary cleaning and shield against inclement weather.
• Fire screens help contain sparks and flames.
• Always operate your fire pit on a hard surface like pavers and in an area away from the home free of vegetation.