How to Build a Shoe Rack


A shoe rack is a great way to store multiple pairs of shoes

How to Build a Shoe Rack

Building a shoe rack is an easy way to provide quick access to you and your family’s “go-to” pairs. If you don’t have access to a table or circular saw, ask a lumber associate at your local Home Depot to make the cuts for you.



Determine height and width
Determine height and width - How Build Shoe Rack

Determine the dimensions of your shoe rack by adding an inch or two to the height and length of your average pair of shoes.

Mark cut lines
Mark cut lines - How  Build a Shoe Rack

• The overall dimensions will be 48” x 14” x 24”. There are also two internal shelves measuring 32” x 14” and 18” x 14”.
• Use a tape measure to mark the first 48” x 14” shelf.
• Use a pencil and straight edge to make the cut line.

Make plywood cuts
Make plywood cuts - How Build Shoe Rack

• Complete all plywood cuts.
• Use a sanding sponge to clean up the cut edges.

Cut dowels
Cut dowels - How Build a Shoe Rack

Cut the wooden dowels into groups according to the lengths listed above.

Construct top shelf
Construct top shelf - How Build Shoe Rack

• Create an 18” x 14” box on the underside of the top shelf.
• Measure and create a ½” border inside the square.
• Measure from the same edge and place a mark at 31 ½” across the face of the board.
• Glue the dowels inside the 18” x 14” area and make sure to clean up any excess glue.
• The edges should fit just inside the 17” x 13” border you created.
• Create a ½” border on both sides of the 18” x 14” shelf and glue it onto the dowels.
• Use screws or clamps to help keep pressure on the glue as it dries.
• Note: Remember to pre-drill holes for any screws you intend to use.

Secure the dowels
Secure the dowels - How Build Shoe Rack

• Back out any screws you used once the glue has set.
• Use the 3/8” flat bit to drill through the shelf and into the dowel.
• Apply glue to one side of a fluted dowel and hammer into the hole.
• Repeat for the other three corners.
• Take the first four 7” dowels and drill a hole for the peg dowel with the flat bit.
• Apply glue into the hole and place onto the peg dowels.
• Allow time to dry.

Secure legs
Secure legs - How to Build a Shoe Rack

• Take the 32 x 14” shelf and create the dowel guides by creating a ½” border around the entire shelf on both sides.
• Place a mark at 17 ½” and create a line across the face of the board.
• Glue the two 13 ¾” dowel legs into place using the guide line created in Step 5 on the underside of the top shelf at 31 ½”.
• Apply glue on the end of each dowel leg and place the shelf on top.
• Use screws or clamps to hold in place while the glue sets.
• Use a flat bit to back out the screws.
• Insert the peg dowels for the 18” x 14” shelf as done in Step 6.

Construct bottom shelf
Construct bottom shelf - How Build Shoe Rack

• The bottom shelf is attached in the same manner as the top shelf.
• The final four 7” dowels are drilled and fitted to the fluted pegs.
• Glue the 21 ½” dowel legs to the underside of the top shelf and allow glue to set.
• Take the bottom shelf and the 48” x 14” board to create the ½” border around its perimeter.
• Apply glue to the ends of the dowel legs and position the shelf.
• Pre-drill and then drive a screw into the end of each dowel leg to secure the bottom shelf.
• Carefully flip the shelf over and drive screws through the top shelf into the dowel legs.
• Place a few small, weighted items on the shelf to make sure everything compresses.

Apply paint or stain
Apply paint or stain - How Build Shoe Rack

• Complete any structural touch up, sand any rough edges, and clean up any glue overspill.
• Paint or stain the shoe rack to the color of your choice.