How to Install Vanity Lights

Learn how easy it is to install new vanity lighting in your bathroom

1-2 hours

Installing new vanity lighting will complete the look of your new bath vanity project. The new fixture will not only provide better light, but it can also enhance your decor.

This project guide will show you just how easy it is to install new vanity lights or bathroom sconces in your home.

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What You Need

Turn power off
Turn power off - Install Bath Vanity Light

Turn off the power at the service panel. Leave a note so no one turns it back on before you are ready.

Remove the bulbs and mounting bracket
Remove bulbs mounting bracket - Install Bath Vanity Light

• Remove the bulbs from the existing fixture and remove the decorative plate from the light mounting bracket. This will reveal the wiring coming from the wall.
• Untwist the wire connectors and separate the wires.
• Remove the old mounting plate.

Attach the new mounting plate
Attach new mounting plate - Install Bath Vanity Light

Secure the new mounting plate to the junction box and connect the wires according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Attach the new vanity light fixture
Attach vanity light fixture - Install Bath Vanity Light

Place the new light fixture securely onto the mounting plate.

Turn the power on
Turn the power on - Install Bath Vanity Light

Turn the power back on at the panel and your new vanity light installation is complete.