Installing a Cable TV Jack

2-4 hours

Add a cable TV jack to any room in your home and watch TV anywhere you like

Installing a Cable TV Jack

You’ve probably seen cable TV installations where the bare coaxial cable simply enters a room via a crude hole drilled through the floor or a baseboard or maybe you've seen them in your own house. They're functional but not too decorative. For a more finished and permanent installation, do the job right, and install a bona-fide wall jack.

This guide highlights the procedures for adding a new cable TV jack in the wall.


Cut drywall to create opening for junction box
Installing Cable TV Jack -  Cut Drywall opening junction box

• Cut out an opening in the drywall 1 ½ inches wide and 3 ¾ inches high at the TV jack location.
• Pull the cable through the opening and then install two TV jack mounting brackets or low voltage junction box in the cutout.

Attach cable F-connector and secure mounting brackets
Installing Cable TV Jack - Attach F-connector secure mounting brackets

• Use an adjustable wrench or pliers to attach the cable F-connector to the back of the TV jack.
• Attach the jack to the wall by screwing it onto the mounting brackets.