How to Install a Pop-Up Drain

Installing a pop-up drain in your sink is breeze with this guide

Install a Pop-Up Drain

Most new faucets come with a matching pop-up drain plug and trim piece. Whether you are replacing an existing drain or installing a new one, this is usually not a difficult task. The steps below describe how to properly install most common pop-up drains that accompany new bath faucets.

What You'll Need

Apply plumber’s putty
Apply plumber’s putty - Install Pop-Up Drain

If the sink is not supported with a cabinet, use a 2 × 4 to support it while you are working. Cover the bottom of the flange with a rope of putty.

Thread the locknut onto the drain body and install the drain body
Thread locknut drain body - Install Pop-Up Drain

Add the friction washer and beveled gasket. Next, push the drain body up through the lavatory hole from underneath. Place a rope of putty under the drain flange, insert it into the hole from above and screw it onto the drain body.

Tighten the locknut and turn the drain body to the rear
Tighten locknut turn drain - Install Pop-Up Drain

Hold the drain body still while you tighten the locknut, first by hand and then with water-pump pliers. Next, turn the drain body to the rear as this will then line it up with the pop-up linkage. Apply silicone caulk at the drain and Teflon tape at the extension piece to seal the drain tube. Inside the sink, remove any excess putty with a plastic putty knife.

Install the drain plunger and insert the ball into the opening
Install drain plunger - Install Pop-Up Drain

Slide the plunger into the drain opening. Next, insert the ball into the opening. The ball should fit snugly into the opening in the drain tailpiece.

Thread the ball nut, hand tighten and set the pop-up arm
Thread the ball nut - Install Pop-Up Drain

Slide the ball nut over the arm and screw it onto the threads of the drain tailpiece. Next, slide the arm through the nearest hole in the lever strap and fasten it with a clip. Connect the P-trap. Test the pop-up drain. Adjust the arm, if necessary.