How to Install a Range Hood


Add functional design that removes smoke, odor and heat from the kitchen

How to Install a Range Hood

Before you purchase a range hood check its fan’s cfm rating. This indicates the number of cubic feet of air it pulls per minute. Choose a fan with a cfm rating that is double the square footage of your kitchen.


Mark for holes
Mark for holes - How Install Range Hood

• Remove the filter, fan and electrical housing cover from the range hood.
• Use a hammer and screwdriver to remove the knockouts for the electrical cable and the duct.
• Hold the hood in place and mark the holes for the duct and the cable.

Cut inside and drill locator hole
Cut inside drill locator hole - Install Range Hood

• Cut holes through the drywall or plaster.
• Use a long bit to drill holes at each corner all the way through the outside wall.

Cut the siding
Cut siding - How Install Range Hood

• Connect the dots between the holes on the outside to mark the outline of the hole.
• Use a reciprocating saw, saber saw with an extra-long blade, or keyhole saw to cut the outline.
• Remove insulation or debris that would interfere with installing the duct.

Attach duct cap
Attach duct cap - How Install Range Hood

• Push the wall cap into the wall to see if the duct is long enough to reach the range hood.
• If not, purchase an extension and attach it with sheet metal screws and duct tape.
• Apply caulk to the siding where the cap flange will rest.
• Push the cap into place and fasten with screws.
• Caulk the perimeter of the flange.

Run power to hood
Run power hood - How Install Range Hood

• Shut off power to the circuit.
• Run cable from a nearby receptacle or junction box through the hole in the wall.
• Strip the sheathing and clamp the cable to the range hood electrical knockout.
• Mount the hood securely by driving screws into studs or adjacent cabinets.

Connect wires
Connect wires - How Install Range Hood

• Splice the white wire to the white fixture lead, black wire to black lead, and the ground wire to the green lead.
• Fold the wires into place and replace the electrical cover.
• Reattach the fan and filter.
• Restore power and test.


Venting through masonry wall  - How Install Range Hood

• Use a long masonry bit to drill the locator holes.
• Draw the outline carefully, double-checking that you can slip in the vent with room to spare.
• Drill holes about every inch along the outline.
• Use a hammer and cold chisel to chip between the holes.

Venting through masonry wall  - How Install Range Hood

Drill holes and drive masonry screws to attach the duct cap.