How to Make a Decorative Holiday Tree Shelf

Create a DIY shelf in the shape of a Christmas tree for a simple, festive display

Under 2 hours

Everyone needs some extra space to display cards, decor, lights and more during the holidays. This simple DIY will teach you how to build a small three-tiered shelf in the shape of a Christmas tree that can be mounted on any wall.

What You Need

Measure and Mark
Measure and Mark

• Using the measuring tape, measure and mark cuts on the 1- x 4-inch x 6-foot common boards according to the cut list.
• For the shelf supports cut a 45-degree angle across the square piece ¾ inches in from each side (see diagram)

cut diagram

• Use a circular saw to make the straight cuts on the common boards.
• Use sanding block to smooth any rough edges.

Stain or Paint Boards
Stain or Paint boards

Stain or paint boards prior to assembly if desired

Assemble the shelf sides
Assemble Side Shelves

• Assemble side A by overlapping three 8-inch sections by 3/4 inches.
• Secure with 1 1/4-inch brad nails.
• Assemble side B by overlapping two 8-inch sections and one 7 1/4-inch sections by ¾ inches. 
• Secure with 1 1/4-inch brad nails.

complete the frame
Complete Frame

• Lay each side on end so that side B buts up against the side A (see diagram).
• Secure with 2-inch brad nails.
• Bend assembly until the bottom of each side is roughly 16 1/2 inches apart.
• Place 16 1/2-inch shelf in place and secure using brad nails through each side.

Insert shelves
Insert Shelves

Insert top and middle shelf and secure using brad nails.

Build bottom section for hooks
Build Bottom Section

• Place the 15-inch board against the bottom shelf so that it’s perpendicular to the bottom shelf. 
• Hold in place using brad nails and secure with 2-inch wood screws
• Cap each end of 15-inch board with the shelf supports and secure with brad nails.
• Screw hooks in place with ¾-inch screws, evenly spaced. If desired, paint the screws to match the hooks.

Tip: Pre-drill to avoid splitting the wood.

Attach hanging hardware
Attach Hanging Hardware

Attach picture-hanging kit across the back of the shelf and hang on the wall.