Weatherproofing Windows: Sliding, Casement & Metal/Vinyl-Clad

1-2 hours

Seal your windows to keep the elements at bay and utility bills low

Weatherproofing Your Windows

Regardless of the type of windows you have, the same weatherproofing principles apply. But some window types -- sliding, casement, metal and vinyl-clad windows, for example -- have unique features that may require you to apply the weatherproofing a bit differently.

This guide details how to successfully weatherproof these types of windows.


Attach V-channels and felt for sliding windows
Sliding windows - Weatherproofing Windows

• Attach metal V-channels to the windows where the sash fits.
• Attach reinforced felt around the remaining three sides of the sash.
• Use a tubular gasket to seal the gap where the sashes meet.

Attach self-adhesive strips for casement windows
Casement windows   - Weatherproofing Windows

• Attach self-adhesive foam compression strips around the window stops on all four sides of the sash.
• Remember that self-adhesive strips won’t stick if the surface is too cold — 50 degrees or lower. If that’s a concern, substitute high-quality neoprene strips.

Install self-adhesive weather stripping for metal or vinyl-clad windows
Weather stripping metal vinyl-clad windows - Weatherproofing Windows
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Metal and vinyl-clad windows are no different from wood-frame windows, except you must use only self-adhesive weather stripping products so that you do not puncture the cladding.