Laundry Room Storage Ideas

Improve efficiency in your laundry room by adding creative storage options

Laundry room storage

Turn your laundry room into a well-organized, efficient space in just a few simple steps. This guide will provide laundry room organization ideas, thoughts on laundry room design and help for storage between your washer and dryer. Read on to learn more about how to get the most out of this small room.

Wall Storage

Laundry room organization seems daunting since you are working with small spaces, but don't be intimidated. Take advantage of wall-mounted shelves and cabinets in order to save as much floor space as possible. Adding shelving or cabinets above your washer and dryer is an easy, convenient way to store your detergents, stain removers, dryer sheets and any other laundry must-haves.

The simplest way to add laundry room shelving above your machines is by installing basic open shelving: choose from inexpensive wire shelves or more elegant wooden shelves.

If you’d prefer to keep your space less cluttered, keep your laundry supplies stored behind cabinet doors. Install a standard two-door kitchen cabinet that matches your home’s décor, wall cabinets specifically designed to take advantage of small laundry room spaces, or create a cabinet system to match your exact laundry room measurements with The Home Depot’s Closet Design Center. One of our favorite laundry room cabinet ideas is to use adjustable shelves that can be moved to meet your family’s changing needs.

Once you’ve installed your shelves or cabinetry, you need some containers to hold all your laundry supplies. Select from small drawers and baskets, cubbies and cube storage, or other storage bins.

Small Space Storage

If you have stacking washers or a tight laundry space, a vertical wire shelving unit is a great addition to any laundry room. Make the most out of narrow spaces by adding wheels to tall shelving units and tucking them away when necessary.

You can also look for collapsible storage options that fold out from walls or the ceiling. Utilize a drying rack that hangs from the ceiling or the back of a door, a fold-away drying rack or ironing board that collapses into the wall, or a track system onto which you can attach shelves, bins or hooks.

Laundry Room Tips

Having a variety of inexpensive, easy accessible laundry supplies on hand can instantly upgrade any laundry room.

1. Extra laundry baskets

Whether you call them laundry baskets or laundry hampers, have plenty on hand to make laundry time easier. Choose from plastic, woven or fabric options and then take advantage of having several baskets: Carry one around the house picking up dirty socks and dish towels, or use them to help you distribute clean clothes once they’re folded.

2. Laundry sorters

Easily separate colors into separate baskets with laundry sorters that have wheels for increased mobility.

3. Flat surface for folding and ironing

Not every laundry room will have a space to add a folding table, but if you can squeeze on in, it will immediately become some of the most valuable space in your laundry room. It’s obviously perfect for folding and sorting, but it also comes in handy if you have need to lay something flat to dry, or even just rest a pile of dirty clothes before it goes into the wash.

You can also use a wall-mounted ironing board or folding table that folds out from the wall, or utilize a laundry sorter that has a folding table on top.

4. Label containers

Once you have your laundry supplies organized in attractive containers, add labels so anyone doing laundry can quickly find what they need. Get creative by utilizing lazy Susans and shower caddies for increased visibility.

Make sure at least one container serves a “junk drawer” of sorts to collect lonely socks, clothespins or buttons. Store an index card in there with stain removal tips for quick reference.