Storage Containers

Reduce clutter and improve organization with totes, bins, boxes and more

Storage Containers - Storage Containers

Are you looking for a place to store that extra set of dishes, collection of baseball cards or last season’s clothing? Or maybe you need a place to put your holiday decorations. Whether you want to hang on to something because it has sentimental value or because it just might come in handy when you least expect it, storage bins and boxes offer an excellent solution.

This guide will help you choose from totes, cubes, boxes, bins and other storage devices to help reduce clutter and organize items so you can find what you’re looking for faster.

Bins, Boxes, Totes & Cubes

Small boxes with multiple compartments are perfect for storing sewing or craft materials while large crates provide plenty of storage space for old clothes or bulky, oddly shaped items.

Choose from a variety of solid colors or utilize a clear plastic container so that you can instantly identify what’s inside without having to open it.

Keep in mind the weight of objects you plan to store. If they’re heavy, you’ll need to look for reinforced containers that can handle the load.


Bins come in all different sizes, designs and colors for maximum versatility. Whether you’re storing a couple of pairs of shoes or all your holiday decorations, you’ll be able to find the ideal size.

Try color coding: Choose multiple bins of the same color to store dishes, and a different color for holding photos and keepsakes.

Bins with rollers on the bottom are easy to move around, particularly if you’re storing them in a basement or garage with a concrete or hard floor surface.

Bin Type Description

Attached lid

  • Features a hinged lid that opens and closes
  • Provides protection and keeps out dust
  • Comes in multiple sizes for a range of applications

Bottom hinged

  • Features a top lid and hinges on the bottom that allow items to be removed from the top or bottom
  • Provides convenient access from two directions
  • Useful for storing heavy objects

Multiple drawers

  • Features several sliding drawers
  • Provides storage space for a number of items
  • Perfect for craft or hobby storage


  • A group of different-sized bins that can fit inside one another
  • Provides multiple storage bins
  • Takes up less space when not in use


  • Designed to be used in conjunction with other bins by allowing for vertical stacking
  • Allows for more efficient use of space
  • Comes in multiple sizes for a range of applications
  • May lock into place with other containers

Under bed

  • Features a long, shallow body designed for storing underneath beds and other furniture
  • Allows for more efficient use of space
  • Ideal for storing out-of-season clothing, shoes and accessories


Corrugated cardboard boxes come in an wide range of sizes and are easy to assemble. While you won’t want to use them in areas that are susceptible to dampness, they are perfect for moving or storing items in clean, dry locations.

If you’re using them to transport items during a move, use a tape gun to make sealing them quick and easy.

Acid-free boxes are ideal for storing delicate linens over long periods of time.

  • Label or mark boxes so that you don’t always have to open them to know what’s inside.
  • If you need lots of boxes, purchase unassembled ones for easier transport.
  • Boxes can be broken down when not in use for easier storage.
  • Boxes with dividers make it easier to store small items without getting them mixed up.
  • Use plastic boxes in areas where moisture or water damage may happen.

Totes, Tubs and More

Totes are ideal for both storage and transportation. Because they’re made of soft materials, they’re easy to store and won’t scratch or dent surfaces they bump up against.

  • Tubs come in different sizes and can be easily transported if they feature handles.
  • Buckets are available in many different sizes and can be used for transporting or storing both solid objects and liquids.
  • Drums can be used to hold large amounts of food, water and other materials.
  • Chests and trunks provide ample storage room and can be used for decorative purposes as well.
  • Baskets provide an easy-to-transport storage solution while also serving to enhance and complement the décor of a room.


Use label makers, cedar blocks and more to keep everything clean and well-organized.

  • Use a label maker to keep everything clearly organized on bins and boxes that you cannot see through. If you choose not to get a label maker, look for boxes and bins that feature slots for inserting a name card.
  • Use nonslip shelf liners to keep boxes from sliding off uneven shelves.
  • Damp basements can wreak havoc on boxes and other storage devices. Chloride pellets, which are both odorless and nontoxic, absorb excess moisture to help keep boxes dryer.
  • Cedar blocks will prevent moths from damaging clothes you want to store.