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Property Maintenance & Repair

Top 4 Tips for Effective Property Maintenance & Repair

4 Steps of Effective Property Maintenance & Repair

#1 Tackle Much-Needed Repairs

Prevent maintenance emergencies and get ahead of requests. Look for easy fixes and common repair needs.

#2 Replace Broken & Worn Items

Replace appliances and hardware instead of letting breakdowns dictate expenses and inconveniences. Regular maintenance and necessary repairs are ideal, but everything has a lifespan. 

#3 Refresh Your Property

Capitalize on renovation and repair opportunities. This is the ideal time to refresh the look, stay competitive and increase your property value. 

#4 Renew Your Curb Appeal

Update the landscaping with fresh flowers and pressure washing to impress guests and residents.

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What Is MRO?

MRO stands for maintenance, repair and operations. MRO commonly refers to the equipment, tools and activities necessary for any business’s daily operations. In a workplace, MRO supplies can include safety equipment, computers, office supplies or hand tools.

“MRO purchasing” refers to a business’s spending related to maintenance, repair and operations. For a property, these can include janitorial, HVAC, plumbing and electrical supplies. MRO spending is considered separate from spending directly related to the products or services provided by a company. 

Make MRO purchases for your property to ensure you have all the necessary supplies for prompt repairs and upkeep. Learning the meaning of MRO inventory management can help reduce costs.

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