Outdoor Lighting

Increase the beauty and security of your home with outdoor lighting

Outdoor Lighting

Highlight landscape features, provide security at a door or in a dark area, or enjoy your patio or garden in the evening with outdoor lighting. This guide will help you understand the outdoor lighting styles and options available to you so that you can make the best choice for your home’s needs.

Safety & Security Lighting

Improve your home’s security with path and flood lights, activated by motion sensors.

Solar outdoor lighting allows you to not have to remember to turn on the lights before you leave the house. Add motion sensors and timers to customize when and how the lights are turned on and off.

Path lights

Install along the walkway from your driveway to your entry doors to ensure a safe walk for you and your guests.

Flood lights

  • Can illuminate a stairway, dark garage or entry.
  • Discourage intruders and light the way for you and your family when you return home after dark.
  • Position LED flood lights at least 9 feet from the ground so they cast a wide cone of light and are not readily accessible.

Decorative & Landscape Lighting

Add wall, post or flush-mounted lights to highlight the beauty of your home and landscaping.

  • Add wall lights and ceiling lights to the outside of your home to highlight architectural features, illuminate your door or porch, and make guests feel welcome.
  • Create the perfect atmosphere for a party or the ambiance for a romantic evening with post lighting around a patio or pool. Post lighting along your driveway or walkway can also add style while welcoming visitors. Stagger lights to avoid an “airport runway” effect.
  • Flush-mounted lights installed in the decking are designed to be walked on without damage to illuminate stairs, benches and railings for safer walking at night.
  • Install well lights, spotlights or up lights around flowers, shrubs and trees to highlight their beauty at night and give a sense of depth to your landscaping. Look for weather-sealed lights to ensure long-lasting beauty.

Purpose Placement Fixtures
Safety & Security

Safety & Security

  • Garage
  • Backyard
  • Walkway
  • Flood Lights
  • Path Lights
Accent & Decorative

Accent & Decorative

  • Front Door
  • Porch
  • Patio
  • Pool
  • Wall Lights
  • Lanterns
  • Pendant Lights
  • Post Lights
Landscape Lights

Landscape Lights

  • Walkway
  • Garden
  • Trees
  • Shrubs
  • Walkway Lights
  • Well Lights
  • Spotlights
  • Deck Lights

Power Options

There are three options to consider for powering outdoor lights: solar powered, line voltage and low voltage.

  • Solar powered lighting requires no wiring but must be installed where the fixture will receive plenty of sunlight (at least 6-8 hours) to provide illumination at night. Installation is easy and solar lights are perfect for illuminating areas where power is inaccessible.
  • Line voltage lighting operates at 120 volts, the same voltage as the appliances in your home. Installing these fixtures outside requires the use of conduit to protect the wires and an electric junction box, rather than an outlet, to power the fixtures.
  • Low voltage lighting operates at 12 volts, making it safer to work with, more energy efficient and easier to install and move. Components include a power pack or transformer, low voltage cable and low voltage lamps.