How to Install a Glass Window

1-2 hours

Replace damaged windows yourself with just a few steps

Install a Glass Window

The age-old problem with glass window panes remains the same today: They can break. Antique leaded-glass panes often loosen and rattle, and modern panes have some problems as well. A double pane may tend to fog if moisture gets between its layers, and a plastic pane will yellow over time. This guide will teach you how to replace a window, no matter the issue.

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Safety: When working with glass, always wear work gloves and safety goggles.


Remove the window
Remove the window - Install Glass Window

• Remove spring-loaded double-hung windows by pushing against the flexible vinyl channels to release the channel pins.
• Older double-hung windows can be repaired while the window remains in the frame.

Scrape away old putty
Scrape away old putty - Install Glass Window

• With traditional glazing, soften the old putty with a heat gun or torch, being careful not to scorch the wood.
• Scrape away the softened putty with a putty knife.
• On newer windows, simply pry out the vinyl glazing strips.

Remove old glass and sand grooves
Remove glass sandgrooves - Install Glass Window

• Remove the broken glass and metal glazing points from the frame, then sand the L-shaped grooves to clean away the old paint and putty.
• Coat the bare wood with a sealer and let dry.

Bed new glass with glazing compound and points
Bed with glazingcompound points - Install Glass Window

Tip: Do not put any downward pressure on the glazing points when inserting or they could break the glass.

• Apply a thin layer of glazing compound in the primed grooves.
• Press the glass lightly to bed it.
• Press in new glazing points every 10 inches with the tip of a putty knife.

Apply additional glazing compound
Apply additional glazingcompound - Install Glass Window

• Move the tube tip along the edge of the glass while steadily squeezing the trigger.
• Smooth the glazing with a wet finger or cloth.

Paint the window frame
Paint the window frame - Install Glass Window

• Latex glazing can usually be painted the same day.
• Overlap the paint onto the glass by 1/16 inch to improve its weather seal.