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Create a Tax Exempt ID With The Home Depot
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Step 1

To shop tax free, you need a Tax Exempt ID from The Home Depot. This number is different from your state tax exemption ID. To register for a number, start on tax-exempt.homedepot.com

If you already have a The Home Depot tax exempt ID, skip to Step 10

The Tax Exempt Registration shows options to "Register Tax Exemption" or "Update Tax Exemption".
Step 2

Sign into your Pro Xtra account to register for a new tax exempt ID. If you have an existing ID number and would like to make changes to your tax exemption, log in using your current ID number under “Update Tax Exemption.”

Step 3

Sign into your account. If you have multiple accounts, you will be asked to select one for tax exemption registration.

Your email and password are required to create an account.
Step 4

Verify your account information. If any of your details are incorrect, select “Make Updates” to visit the “My Account” page. If all information is correct, start the registration.

Your account information will appear in the center of the screen.
Step 5

Select the state where you hold a tax exemption. You may choose multiple states. 

Check the box next to your state.
Step 6

Choose your business and tax exemption type. You will be shown a list of exemption registrations appropriate to your business type. Confirm your tax exemption by entering your state tax exempt ID number. Valid registration numbers will receive a green check mark under the field. 

Provide your business information and State Tax ID number.
ou may be asked to upload a PDF of your tax exempt certification.
You can drag and drop the pdf to upload it.
Step 7

Please provide a description of your company. You will also be asked for specific descriptions of the items you will be purchasing with your tax exempt ID. “Save and Continue” will turn orange when you complete both fields.

The description fields are the last two on the form.
Step 8

Please review your information a final time. If everything is correct, agree to the terms of service and sign with your first name, last name and job title.

You may submit your signature digitally.
Step 9

You will receive your Home Depot Tax Exempt ID number and email verification that your ID is active. Your tax exempt ID number will automatically apply to your Pro Xtra account.

Step 10

If you have an existing Home Depot Tax Exempt ID, you must add it to your Pro Xtra account to use your tax exemption online. Select “Account Profile” from the drop-down menu under your user icon.

Account Profile is in the header drop-down menu.
Step 11

On the “Account Profile” page, scroll down to “Company Details”.  Enter your Home Depot Tax Exempt ID number in the “Home Depot Provided Tax Exempt ID” field. Select “Save.”

Your tax exempt ID will be automatically applied to online purchases. 

The Tax Exempt field number is under "Company Details".
How to Shop With The Home Depot Tax Exempt ID

To use your Tax Exempt ID in stores, take your registered ID number to the Pro Desk. Pro associates will help you with tax exempt purchases. 

When shopping online, your tax exemption applies automatically to your cart. You will see your Tax Exempt ID at checkout. When making purchases that are not tax exempt, select “Remove” under your Tax Exempt ID. Your total will update automatically. 

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