Garden Hoses

Not all garden hoses are equal, so choose one that is durable with quality design

Garden Hoses

Garden hoses are a necessary staple for most homeowners who love to play in the dirt, keep their yard tidy and manicure their landscaping. Make sure you choose one that is strong enough to handle the daily rigors of your homestead.

This buying guide highlights the different types of garden hoses, fittings and maintenance requirements.


Hoses are generally made from vinyl, rubber or a combination of the two

  • Vinyl provides an economical choice that is best for mild climates and lighter watering tasks.
  • Rubber hoses require a larger up-front investment and weigh more than vinyl hoses, but they are tougher, more durable under harsh weather conditions and have the ability to carry hot water.
  • Hoses comprised of the two are priced in the middle while providing rubber’s flexibility and durability along with vinyl’s lighter weight. These hoses may be reinforced with a number of layers or piles for greater resilience. Some also feature an outer mesh layer to protect against snags and punctures.
  • Nylon and rayon may be used to reinforce hoses with greater strength and durability.

Sizes and Fittings

Hoses range from 10 – 100 feet or more with ½ - 3/4 –inch diameters

  • Hoses can be found in 25-foot increments up to 100 feet, but longer hoses can be found.
  • Try to avoid choosing one that is too long as longer hoses weigh more and increase the chances of accidentally snagging or puncturing them.
  • Fittings connect the hose to the spigot and are often made from brass or plastic. Octagon female fittings are easier to maneuver than standard round fittings.
  • Brass fittings hold their threads longer and provide greater durability, while plastic fittings are more economical.

Specialty Hoses

Specialty hoses provide complimentary functions or enhanced convenience

Hose Type Benefits and Uses


  • Features a nontoxic core
  • Safe for drinking water from
  • Ideal for use in recreational vehicles


  • Lies flat until water pressure causes it to become round
  • Easy to store
  • Takes up less space
  • Self-draining


  • Features thousands of tiny holes
  • Ideal for watering flowerbeds and gardens
  • Won't damage delicate plants


  • Features hundreds of perforations
  • Casts water in a mist-like rain
  • Ideal for general lawn- and garden-watering purposes