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2 in. x 30 ft. Tow Strap with Tri-Hook and 9,000 lbs. Break Strength

  • Includes (1) 2 in. x 30 ft. tow strap with Tri-Hook design
  • Strong enough for a fallen tree, lumber, or disabled vehicle
  • Weather resistant webbing for added longevity
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Product Overview

STANLEY tow strap's patent-pending tri-hook design is physically smaller and lighter than conventional hooks of the same scale but is just as strong if not stronger - than its competitors. The strong 9,000 lbs. break strength will handle the toughest tasks. Use the durable, weather-resistant tow strap to rescue stuck or disabled vehicles, help move fallen trees, or on the farm. The strong 9,000 lbs. break strength will handle the toughest tasks.
  • 2 in. W x 30 ft. L straps
  • Highly visible STANLEY yellow tow strap with premium webbing
  • New, patent pending tri-hook design helps to minimize weight and optimize performance allowing rigidity and resistance to torque
  • Best for outdoor recreation/commercial duty
  • Safe working load limit of 3,000 lbs./break strength 9,000 lbs.
  • Deluxe black cloth shielded stitching pads help ensure strap integrity and longevity
  • California residents

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Load Capacity (lb.)33339000700020000
MaterialSteelPolyester BlendPolyesterPolypropylene
Automotive Part TypeTow RopesTow RopesTie DownsTie Downs
Product Length (in.)36 in30 ft240360
Product Depth (in.).0642 in10.25
General Part TypeTow RopesTow RopesTie DownsTie Downs
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Product Depth (in.)
2 in
Product Height (in.)
.1 in
Product Length (in.)
30 ft
Product Width (in.)
2 in


Automotive Part Type
Tow Ropes
General Part Type
Tow Ropes
Hook types
Load Capacity (lb.)
Polyester Blend
Product Weight (lb.)
2.38 lb

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty
1 year

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Right Size Tow Hooks
I received a 30 ft. long Stanley strap. This thin design will work great on ATVs, UTVs, and Side by Sides. All toys have smaller connection points on their frames which this tow strap is perfect for with these newer smaller and lighter tow hooks. The tow hook is smaller and lighter weight than conventional hooks of the same weight rating. The standard tow hooks are larger and heavier than this one. This tow strap is rated at 9,000 lbs. break strength it is made of weather-resistant material. This will allow you to tow or rescue stuck or disabled all-terrain vehicles. The strap measures 2 in. W x 30 ft. L straps. The tri-hook design weighs less but still has the required weight rating. The safe working load limit of 3,000 lbs. still has a break strength of 9,000 lbs. The extra shielded stitching helps ensure the end of the strap holds onto the hooks at both ends.
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A handy, easy to store and use tow strap
This tow strap is 30 feet long. It has a working strength of 3000 pounds, and a break strength of 9000 pounds. Each end has a powder-coated cast iron hook with a spring clip that keeps it hooked. The hooks will go over a 5/8” eye bolt. The strap rolls up easily, and it can be covered with the supplied rubber band to keep it rolled in the trunk of your car, truck or SUV. The strap is nylon which will give a bit when jerked, rather than break. Its bright yellow color makes it easy to spot when in use. This tow strap could be useful in extricating a vehicle from a ditch or from beach sand, or it could be used to pull a log or a downed tree. This is a handy, easy to store and use tow strap.
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Heavy duty strap
The strap adds the convenience of having hooks on both ends. This eliminates the need to carry shackles. The length is nice at 30 ft. I am able to use this on my property to help pull trees up banks. The material helps resist water making it quick to dry. This also keeps mud from soaking into the webbing. The hooks are heavy cast metal. The retainer clips keep the hooks secured so they don't slip off.
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Nice Tow Strap
This Stanley 2 in. x 30 ft. Tow Strap with Tri-Hook has a 9,000 lbs. Break Strength and 3000 lbs. Working Strength. The strap is excellent quality and has a black contrasting color edge which will make a tear easy to see. The innovated hooks are in fact much lighter than comparable strength standard hooks and the keepers are good. The hook connection to the strap is well done, folded to reduce width to match the eye of the hook, and the stitching is covered with a durable fabric to keep abrasion from weakening it. This is an excellent companion to keep my compact comealong company in the Suburban underfloor. We have a 1/4 long driveway through the woods and fallen trees are too regular occurrences. This is much more compact than the coil of ½ inch nylon I have been carrying for those just in case situations.
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Nice, Well Made Strap with Hook Ends
BCS INTERNATIONAL 2 in. x 30 ft. Tow Strap with Tri-Hook and 9,000 lbs. Break Strength - a Home Depot Seeds Program Review I use tow straps pretty often for things like pulling my lawn tractor out of the mud or, most often, attaching it to a tree with a come along before taking the chainsaw to it, making sure it falls where I want it to. I only had one 30 foot strap and sometimes needed a longer one so I got this Stanley 30 foot Tow Strap to double the working length. The Stanley Two Strap is 30 feet long and two inches wide. It states a 3000lb Work Strength and a 9000lb Break Strength. You’re not going to be using this to pull a truck stuck in mud but it would do a good job pulling a car if needed. Both ends of the strap have a clip hook that they say is Tri-Hook Technology. I’m not sure what that is but it works like other similar hooks I have. I’ve had an issue before with these sort of hooks won’t allow a strap or chain that’s too wide or thick to fit in it. They’re really nice in that it’s easy to loop the strap back onto itself for a quick connection. The Stanley Tow Strap seems pretty well made. The two inch wide webbing is tight and looks like it has some stitching on the edges. The webbing is looped about 5 ½ inches on the ends with four inches of them stitched to hold the loop. I would suspect the strap would break long before the ends would fail. The Stanley strap is thinner and lighter than my other tow strap but the Stanley strap is rated for less than half the working strength - still considerably more than I normally need. The Stanley Tow Strap, with a 3000lb Work Strength, is a pretty good choice for most of the needs I have. It’s thinner and lighter but the two inch width is great. The Tri-Hooks on the ends make connection to chains, straps, etc. very quick and easy but could be an issue if what you’re attaching to is too large. This Tow Strap will see some use pretty soon when I take down a couple of trees.
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A "MUST" For Every Vehicle...
If you live in snow country or ever travel on any of the back roads then carrying a tow strap is a must. Over the years, I have encountered many vehicles stuck in the snow or which have slid off of the road that needed a gentle pull to get them back on safe ground again. I haven’t needed to be pulled out myself for several decades, but just in case I do need that, I’ll have a strap ready. This alone could save hundreds of dollars and many hours of wasted time waiting for a tow truck in unsafe conditions. In different situations, I have needed to pull downed trees off of the roads (including my own driveway) to allow passage, which has also saved searching for an alternate route and wasted time. Who wants to be ten miles on a backwoods road on their way to a favorite camping or picnic spot only to find that a tree has fallen over the road. Often times these roads see little traffic, and often these trees are small enough or only partly blocking the road so that even a passenger car could pull them out of the way. I consider a tow strap as essential as a spare tire or a flashlight for a vehicle. This strap is made of webbing, so unlike a chain, it has a bit of stretch when used. This helps eliminate the rigid, jarring effect that chains have and are easier on the vehicle. At 3000 lb working strength, it is enough for almost any need involving normal vehicles and normal use. Like any tool, use common sense and wear gloves and eye protection, keep clear of the strap when under strain in case it slips or breaks. Overall, this seems like a great product and should last many, many years.
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Great strong strap
I had my tractor burying in the mud the other day and I used a cheap tow strap that broke when I started to pull. I used the Stanley strap and it held up to the pull and I got the tractor out. The Stanley has a heavy duty clips that are easy to use and hold fast. The strap is rated up to 10,000 pounds which I use to haul around log around my property. It rolls up nicely to store in my truck tools box. The strap is 30 feet long which is long info to two vehicle easly.
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Nice compact tow strap
This is a nice compact tow strap that is perfect to keep in the car or truck for when the need arises. The manufacturer has a 3,000-pound load limit and break strength rating of 9,000 pounds, which is more than adequate for my needs. There is a hook on each end with a locking tab to keep it in place. The hooks are smaller than most which allows them to fit in tighter spaces. I have used the strap in conjunction with some ropes to help with the trimming and moving of some large tree branches. I am satisfied with the quality and performance of this product.
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Looks like a sturdy tow strap
I got this just to put under the back seat of my pickup just-in-case I ever need it. So I haven't tested it. But the hooks look good and sturdy and the strap seems big enough to work. The under seat area in my truck is pretty full and pretty messy so I will just leave this in the box it came in for now to not contribute further to the clutter. I'm sure I will use it but I do not know for what and exactly when.
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This sturdy tow strap is rated at 3000 pounds working strength and a breaking strength of 9000 po...
This sturdy tow strap is rated at 3000 pounds working strength and a breaking strength of 9000 pounds. Mostly I use it for dragging heavy objects like fallen trees to an area reserved for such waste and of course for freeing vehicles stuck in the mud or a ditch. No one living in the country can do without a tow strap, and this one is now my favorite. It cleans up nicely with the spray of a water hose and it looks as though it will last a long time, although I do take care to store it out of direct sunlight.
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Showing 1-10 of 38 reviews