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Air Conditioner Foaming Coil Cleaner

  • Helps clean air conditioner coils to extend the life of the unit
  • Features a self-rinsing design for convenience
  • Easy to apply with the included 360-degree valve
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Product Overview

Suited for use with almost any coils, the AC-Safe 19 oz. Air Conditioning Coil Foaming Cleaner is a heavy-duty detergent easily removes dirt, grease and oil. With a special 360° valve. It can be sprayed in any position.
  • Heavy-duty detergent easily removes dirt, grease and oil from air conditioner coils
  • Suited for use in most coils such as window air conditioners, roof top units, central air systems
  • Self-rinsing foam cleaner
  • Equipped with a special 360° valve
  • Neutralizes odors but will not harm drain pans, plastics or other unpainted materials

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Questions & Answers


Is this product eco friendly?

Asked by Joshua June 13, 2021

This product should not harm the vegetation surrounding your unit unless you purposely spray it on directly. Also depending on what sort of vegetation is around the unit it could be interfering with air circulation to the condenser further reducing its inefficiency.

Does window unit need to come out to use the foam

Asked by JA June 10, 2021

As it was used, I don’t need the window units to come out. Hope it will help

Is it safe for micro channel coils

Asked by Ac June 3, 2021

Yes, Mike

Is this product safe to use around grass and plants?

Asked by trander May 26, 2021

It hasn't ruined any plants around my system. Just don't overdue it with spraying.

I have a through-the-wall unit. I can't access it from the outside nor can I get inside of the un...

Asked by srl1000 May 22, 2021

You have a lot of I can't, this sounds like a service call I would get many years ago. The homeowner would show me the unit and say fix it and don't leave a mess. Sounds like you have yourself between a rock and a hard spot. You need to get the front cover off so that you can spray the cleaner on the evap. coil, the best suggestion is to get a spray bottle fill with warm water and spray the coil as best you can, go slowly so the water will go down the drain tube without overflowing. Don't know how you can clean the outside coil ( condenser) if you can't get to it. You may just have to put the whole unit out of the sleeve and take it outside to work on it. May need to get a friend to come over and help put the unit. Good luck.

is it safe on grass?

Asked by dan April 27, 2021

Unless directly sprayed on grass any residual spray should not be harmful

Can the unused portion in the second can be saved for next year? Or should i throw it away?

Asked by Ja March 14, 2021

Yes but I use every 4 to 6 months to keep clean.It does not go bad.

can this be used on the blower wheel? mine is all black

Asked by cm November 28, 2020

i think you can if it is dirty just wash it out

Can this be used on combination air conditioner / heater?

Asked by Poppa November 14, 2020

I used it on my a/c heat pump coils and it did a good job.

For an inside mini split unit, does this product do anything to clean the condensate line as it rinses away?

Asked by BD September 26, 2020

Yes it will clean the tray and line.

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Great Stuff
Had my doubts after reviews but tried it. Worked perfect, coils came out super clean. Dehumidifier was set to new after use. Cap was useful with exposed coil. Also did ac air handler inside with excellent results. HOWEVER, an unexposed coil is much harder to do as it’s much harder to get to. The foam stuck well and cleaned well after shooting it up into the coil. The cleaning cap was useless for this job, did use a soft rat tailed vent brush to GENTLY scrub the coils. Came out perfect, ac cooler and runs less after the cleaning. A must for ac air handlers.
by Dennis
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Great product!
I just happened upon this product at Home Depot yesterday and since the instructions were so easy I thought I'd give it a try. I came home and sprayed it on and couldn't believe the amount of dirt that immediately appeared in the foam. The instructions say you don't have to rinse, but I did and feel like some extra dirt washed out with the rinsing. I'm going to post a picture and it's not sepia tone that's the actual amount of dirt that came up when I sprayed the coils. I can definitely recommend this product
by Ozzie
Cleaning Cap
Cleaner does ok on inside A-frame conderser coils. Difficult to get spray to all areas because of confinded space. It would be nice if a spray tube extension was included to allow spray to all areas with can upright. Cleaning brush cap a plus but can only access upper half of coils due to lid height. I cut edges of lid for low profile as this helps clean to botton of coils where dirt and debris is worse. Overall good product. Also i used gallon sprayer ( like used for bug concentate) filled only with water to rinse coils after all cleaning and scrubbing. Not required but seems to help take everything dow the drain. Its wintertime so heat pump has no condensate inside to help so light water rinse seemed to be good
Extremely effective!!!
I just rented an apartment which had a strange smell. I treated the floors, got a dehumidifer- nothing changed it! Lo and behold, when I went to replace my ac filter, I discovered just how disgusting the coils behind it were, and the smell hit me with full force. I bought this product and it took 20 minutes to completely change the air in my apartment, it’s an amazing, effective, easy to use product, that I would recommend everyone buy!!! The cap was also extremely handy and easy to use. Very satisfied customer!
by CM1989
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Effective and versatile
This stuff works well and is a solid value for the can. One can was enough to clean an SUV's AC condenser once and the evaporator core twice; another can was enough to clean the house HVAC condenser. I made sure to rinse the house condenser from the inside out, and there's a notable increase in airflow! A couple notes: If possible, always rinse directly rather than waiting for the condensation to rinse it away. A higher volume of water will be better at flushing out debris, especially from drains. Use a wet shop vac for best results. The nozzle can take an extension tube! While the can doesn't come with one, I dug up a long one (used for throttle body cleaning) and it was perfect to snake into the car's AC evaporator through the blower duct. The nozzle is also special to the can and is important for the foaming action. Don't lose it! I bought two cans and, after I got home, I noticed that one nozzle was missing - luckily, I had the second can. The brush cap is OK. I used a softer brush, as I felt it was a little stiff for delicate aluminum fins. Be gentle if you do use it.
by Emilio
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Cleaned coils AND the blower out chamber on an ac That was sitting uncovered in a shed for 5 year...
Cleaned coils AND the blower out chamber on an ac That was sitting uncovered in a shed for 5 years. The ac was filthy, mouse droppings, acorns and dust on and in the entire unit. I first shook out the unit. I then blew out the unit with a vacuum, then vacuumed out all the other crap. I then sprayed the condensation coils and the cooling coils. I completely covered the outside and what ever internal I could get to. Waited about 15 minutes and very carefully wash down the coils and parts of the ac I safely could. I then resprayed the outside of the coils again. Waited about 10 minutes and with a fine brush, brushed the coils. Washed the coils and allowed the unit to dry. I turned on the unit and ran it for 30 minutes. I checked the unit with a fine tooth comb. No smells, no sign of any dirt or whatever was on the coils. The coils looked as good as they could. Not shining as new, but close enough for what this ac looked like a few hours earlier. The product is a miracle.
by Scienceguy
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Worked as described.
Worked as described.
by Chris
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Looks New!
Used this today on my Amana 5 ton 2 stage unit today and it looks new. It is 12 years old. I have cleaned it most every year since I installed it 12 years ago with water Only. I'm not a professional HVAC guy or anything, I bought this monster along with a 2 stage furnace on eBay and installed them both (I did have a couple guys come out and connect the line set but outside of that I did it all including the plumbing pipes as well as enlarging the return air system at the furnace). The guys that did the line set said I did a better job than a guy that has installed for them for 25 years! Anyway, I sprayed the cleaner on the outside of the coil and let it sit for about 10 to 15 minutes. I had already removed the fan from the top of the unit and vacuumed out the inside. I hosed the coil out from the inside out. The fan sucks the air through the coil from the outside to the inside so this is the way I was taught to do it many years ago (to me it only makes total sense). To spray it from the outside-in is only packing the dirt back into the coil. I Did spray the outside off After spraying from the inside out in order to remove the detergent from the spray foam. This product gave me much better results than I have gotten in years past with water alone (using this exact same technique). I must state, I did Not read the instructions. I can only say this method worked great for me!
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Worked Great
My RV evaportor coild was completly clogged by buildup. Sprayed it on, left it for about 10 minutes and then used the brush built intp tje lid. I jad to repeat it a couple of times becauae the buildip was so extreme (see pic), but in leas rhan 30 minutes it was as good as new. Another plus is that it has a pleasant scent (lemon).
by TLP1
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Easy to use and really good cleaner ,
Easy to use and really good cleaner ,
by Yom
2 people found this helpful
Showing 1-10 of 569 reviews