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Model #PBZ-7

Amazing Handheld Bug Zapper

  • Handheld zapper kills insects on contact with electric current
  • Zapper triggers when two buttons are pressed at the same time
  • Safe for both indoor and outdoor use; runs on two AA batteries
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Product Overview

Keep the bugs away from your next barbecue without resorting to unsafe insect sprays with the Light 'Em Up Amazing Handheld Bug Zapper. The handheld bug zapper kills insects on contact via an electric current when they touch the surface of the net. The zapper operates on two AA batteries and, for safety, activates when you simultaneously press the two buttons on its handle. Four red LEDs light up when the button is pressed on the plastic frame. The bug zapper is safe for either indoor or outdoor use; however, people should exercise caution when the zapper is activated as it will cause a shock.
  • Handheld bug zapper kills insects on contact
  • Environmentally-safe alternative to insect sprays
  • Current runs through zapper's net upon activation
  • Two-button activation switch for safety
  • Runs on two AA batteries (not included)
  • Exercise caution when zapper is activated
  • This product is applicable for the following pest types: Mosquitos, Flies, Yellow Jackets, Wasps
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Product Depth (in.)
.91 in
Product Height (in.)
18.27 in
Product Width (in.)
6.26 in


No Additional Features
Garden Pest Location
Not for Garden Use
Pack Size
Pest Common Name
Bees,Flies,Fruit Flies,Gnats,Hornets,Mosquitos,Moths,Stink Bugs,Wasps,Yellow Jackets
Pest Control Type
Lawn Insect Control

Questions & Answers


How does it work?

Asked by Lysaway May 15, 2018

How does it work? Does it only zap when hits a bug?

Asked by Lysaway May 15, 2018

There is a current that travels through the zapper's net when activated.

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My Grandmother's Sanity Saver!
My sweet 88-year old grandmother Pinky began to lose her vision from macular degeneration many years ago. As an avid reader and gardener, this was devastating because it limited her mobility and her confidence in her abilities to do the things she loved. She was never a fan of bugs and other crawly things, but now that she was legally blind even a tumbling dustbunny on her kitchen floor would make her cringe. Once I bought her this bug zapping racket, she could safely reach out and swat at the creeping thing. If it ZAPPED! then she new she had dispatched a bug. If it didn't, she knew it was just pesky detritus. She could walk around in her stocking feet again and practice her tennis trophy-winning backhand without even being able to see the fly and then get deep satisfaction when she heard the crack of the racket as it zapped another intruder. It gave her such assurance that once in a while she would yell out "High-YAH!" like a kung fu martial artist (see photo :) as she swung the racket down in a chopping motion on an unsuspecting creepycrawler. We tried some other brands and styles, but none work as well as this one. Also for safety, there are 2 buttons on either side of the handle that must both be pushed in order to activate the charge. This makes it much harder for conniving siblings with smaller hands to use it on each other! This Amazing HandHeld Bug Zapper is a welcome addition in any home. In our family, it's what the BUZZ is all about!! And Pinky thanks you. especially!
by JessieViolet
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I had not had a chance to use it yet...
I had not had a chance to use it yet but it looks like it scared off flies which is good!
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Too small ...
Too small
by HomeDepotCustomer
Works great let ge it...
Works great let ge it
by Me
Ineffective. Merely stuns flies and not nearly a close enough mesh for mosquitoes.
Ineffective. Merely stuns flies and not nearly a close enough mesh for mosquitoes.
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Excellent overall Rating !Outstanding!This is the 2nd one I have...
Excellent overall Rating !Outstanding!This is the 2nd one I have owned.Wore one out over the years.Zaps the little critters right out.Works like an outdoor "Bug Light".
by EZ3
I was hesitant to recommend. Looks like this works well for other customers? I had a hard time ge...
I was hesitant to recommend. Looks like this works well for other customers? I had a hard time getting a fly. Zapped only 2 flies and I had this a couple weeks. Its awful hard catching ordinary house flies and impossible catching lesser house flies! They quickly moved out of the way and even flew around it. But it is good for catching slower flying insects like mosquitoes. I still like it though - it is a good idea and will get at least some use with moths and mosquitoes...
by 90650Don
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Really useful
I love this thing. No more smashed bugs on my curtains, lampshades, etc. Easy and clean to use. I just bought another one so I could leave one upstairs and one downstairs.
by Bliss
What a great and cool device! So convenient and it zapped my uncle and sparked so cool. works well on most bugs. I'm just wondering how many volts are in it?
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Showing 1-9 of 9 reviews