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Deluxe 30 EFI 30 in. 2-Stage Electric Start Gas Snow Blower

  • 306cc Engine
  • Extreme Duty with up to 18 inch clearing depth
  • Electronic Fuel Injection
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Product Overview

Stop worrying about starting your snow blower because of old fuel, even from last season, with the Ariens Deluxe 30 2-stage snow blower with Electronic Fuel Ignition. EFI eliminates the need for a carburetor which is the primary cause of non-starting due to gummed and clogged carburetor parts. Plus, EFI has better fuel efficiency, easier starting and delivers constant RPM power even under heavy load.
  • Experience the benefits of the new 306cc Ariens AX snow engine with electronic fuel injection-easier to start even with old fuel, better fuel efficiency with built-in engine diagnostics and higher RPM operation without power reduction
  • 30 in. clearing width and 21 in. intake height makes quick work of clearing driveways and walkways in minimal passes
  • Auto-turn system offers effortless steering maneuverability in all kinds of snow conditions without having to use levers or triggers
  • Built-in hand warmers keep your hands comfortable as you plow through the coldest snow days
  • 120-Volt electric push button start gets you off and running quickly
  • Large in-dash halogen headlight helps provide extended snow removal time as well as added safety in the dark
  • Heavy duty cast iron gear case with alloy steel gears and L-3 synthetic severe duty gear oil provides durability and longer gear life and comes with a 5-year warranty
  • Self-propelled with 6 forward speeds and 2 reverse allows you to work at your own pace
  • Heavy duty 14 in. steel serrated auger and 14 in. 3-blade impeller provides the driving force to aggressively pull in snow and discharge it up to 50 ft. away
  • 205° remote chute rotation and remote deflector lets you put snow exactly where you want it all from the dash
  • Exclusive dual belt auger drive system delivers more engine power, provides longer belt life and provides no to minimal belt adjustments
  • 2-Stage Snow Blower with Electric Start Features:


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Assembled Depth (in.)
58.3 in
Assembled Height (in.)
45.5 in
Assembled Width (in.)
32.4 in
Auger Diameter (in.)
Clearing Width (In.)
Ideal Snow Depth (In.)
Impeller Diameter (in.)
Intake Height (in.)
Tire Height (in.)
Tire Width (in.)


Assembly Required
Auger Material
Body Material
CA (CARB) Compliant
CARB Compliant
Chute Material
Chute Turning Radius (Degrees)
Clearing Surface Type
Engine Displacement (cc)
Engine Make
OEM Branded
Engine Torque (ft.-lb.)
No Additional Features
Fuel Tank Capacity (gallons)
Maximum Throwing Distance (ft.)
Number of Forward Speeds
Number of Reverse Speeds
Oil Capacity (oz.)
Pitch Control
Plowing Capacity (lbs/min)
Power Type
Product Weight (lb.)
Recommended Oil Type
SAE 5W30
Recommended Terrain
Flat,With Obstacles
Snow Equipment Product Type
Two Stage Gas Snow Blower
Stage Type
Two-Stage Snow Blower
Start Type
Wheel Drive
Type of Snow

Warranty / Certifications

Certifications and Listings
CARB Compliant
Manufacturer Warranty
3 year consumer / 5 year gear case

Questions & Answers


how difficult is it to assemble ?

Asked by mark September 5, 2018

If you order it online from like I did it is assembled and delivered by a Ariens dealer in the area at no extra charge It also comes tested and the dealer starts it up for you and answers any questions you may have.. Otherwise if you buy it in the store its assembled by Home Depot employees.

does this init have the heated handles,?

Asked by Dave July 23, 2019

Yes, it has heated handles that you can turn on or off.

How long will it run before you need to refueI. Is the extremely small gas tank an issue?

Asked by Carl June 15, 2018

Carl, many variables can affect how long a snow-thrower can run including snow type, clearing width, snow height, drive speed etc.

What kind of fuel should be used for this Deluxe 30 EFI model? Are there any particular recommend...

Asked by famaus November 22, 2018

Regular unleaded with Marine Stabil is acceptable, ideally non-ethanal gas with Marine Stabil should be used if you have a source for such gas nearby. Also, if the rotary control for the engine speed is moving on its own, remove the knob with a small hex wrench (it's held in place by a tiny setscrew) and cut a few small pieces of self-adhesive Velcro that can stick to the console and under the knob (the fuzzy part of the Velcro, not the hooked part), then push down on the knob and tighten; that will increase the friction and the knob will stay in one place. It may take some trial and error with the Velcro until you have just the right amount. This is a workaround until Ariens fixes what should never have escaped the factory - a notched rotary control is what they need to use.

I'm having one of these delivered tomorrow. In order to be prepared, I'd like to buy gas and the ...

Asked by Jon November 19, 2019

Jon, Thank you for choosing Ariens! Your machine will take a 5W30 and will hold 32oz. We recommend a high octane ethanol free gas to use in your snow throw.

Does it have handwarmers?

Asked by Jim August 31, 2018

Yes, there is handwarmers on this model.

I filled up the gas tank and put a little more oil. I started it up and it was literally spraying...

Asked by Mike January 4, 2018

I opted for the free white glove delivery. Altough I purchased it at it was assembled and delivered by a authourized Ariens dealer. The fuel tank was fuel and the guy who delivered it showed my how everything worked and started it up before he left. I am very satisfied with the way this machine throws either wet or powered snow, well over 40 feet. I was told by an employee it was better to order it on line as the people that assemble it know what thet're doing and they test it before they delivery it.

I can not get it to start. Is there a fuel valve?

Asked by JNS December 10, 2017

I just ran into this problem. I have the Deluxe 30 EFI. My machine is 9 months old and wouldn't start. Your machine SHOULD HAVE come with a plug-in charger (similar to cell phone charger size) and it plugs in under the throttle control. You have to disconnect the connector and plug in the charger. Took about 45 minutes to charge. Light turns green when charged. Starts up every time now on first pull. Extension cord that plugs into electric start DOES NOT CHARGE the fuel pump. It only gives power to the electric start.

Our new snowblower cranks but doesn’t start. Where do we look first?

Asked by PCH March 23, 2019

did you follow the start up instructions. I think there is a switch or wire that needs connected first

My snow blower will not run at full idle, it spits and spurts with lots of black smoke coming out of the exhaust, why?

Asked by Deko March 8, 2018

First I would make sure the fuel is fresh and not old. Second, you need to make sure to apply stabilizer in the fuel to prevent sputtering due to ethanol additives which are added in the summer in preparation for winter.

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I live in Park City and we have seen some 450+ inch winters lately so it's critical to have a goo...
Features :
Quality :
Ease of use :
Value :
I live in Park City and we have seen some 450+ inch winters lately so it's critical to have a good snowblower. I researched and researched and came across this unit to replace my heavy and hard-to-turn Honda HS928 (with tracks, MSRP is about $3200). This Ariens **demolishes** the Honda. Bottomless power (it automatically throttles up slightly when it starts bogging down). Never smells bad because it's EFI, uses whatever gas you want, and it starts on first pull. The massive 30" opening made my former 45 minute job into a 20 minute job -- the snow blower is just so much better. It turns on a dime. Relatively light weight. Higher handles so it's just more comfortable. The electronic throttle is awesome (I put a dollup of silicone to keep it better). Make sure your don't have too much air in the tires -- it has to be about 10psi or less to get good traction and no bouncing. Adjust the blade based on whether you have a paved or gravel driveway. Takes about 2-3 times to get used to how it runs and how it turns. After that, it's literally the best snowblower I've ever used. A++++
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I love how easy this starts. Even on a day...
I love how easy this starts. Even on a day at -20 it fired right up! The controls are reversed from what I had, but easy to use. I like how the chute is turned, and looks like it'll last (the joy stick and cable driven ones don't seem to hold up). Only issue is chute creeps sometimes.
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I assembled, adjusted and charged the small EFI battery on this machine after reading the manual....
I assembled, adjusted and charged the small EFI battery on this machine after reading the manual. I noticed this snow blower does not produce the normal exhaust smells common to yard equipment. I attribute that to the EFI fuel system. When working into heavy windrows I noticed the EFI system adjusted power much faster than the way classic mechanical governors did. This virtually eliminated the transitional power loss when working into more difficult snow. I upgraded to the frictionless skids and I attribute the upgrade to better auto steering on my mildly sloping driveway. The installed light is OK, however it could be doubled. I bolted two self powered camping lights to the front.
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29+ inches of snow fall in 2 days here in Western New York. I had fired my plow guy due to extrem...
29+ inches of snow fall in 2 days here in Western New York. I had fired my plow guy due to extremely poor attendance and reliability. I decided it's time to take matters into my own hands...I researched more than I care to say about snow blowers. I was told on several occasions that Ariens was the best of the best, even though I was looking a slightly more affordable Troy Bilt for several hundred dollars less. Once I made up my mind from all the reviews I'd read, I went to my local Home Depot and saw one on sale from $1699 to $ was the coup de Gras of deals...This was the same Ariens machine I'd looked up online, EXCEPT this one was the Deluxe 30 with Electronic Fuel Injection!! NOT a carburetor. EFI for the same price? SOLD!! Brought this puppy home and poured in some gas (with Ethanol Shield Fuel Treatment as recommended), turned the key, pushed the start button and.........................nothing. So I thought to myself, well the battery probably needs to charge. Let me run it for awhile since I have a ton of snow to remove off my driveway...1 pull and away I went. This machine is a monster. Ripped through the heaviest of wet snow, throwing it a good 30 feet or so. It was so powerful I had to slow it down and back her up a few times (in 1st gear) because it wanted to ride up the wet snow drifts. Once I got her steady, she was a rock star, or snow Angel if you will. Took a little effort to maneuver since I've never owned one before. The hand warmers weren't really necessary, but they worked well! The auto turn feature is a bit weird, as it really doesn't automatically turn when it senses you're turning unless you're doing a U-turn. After I was done with the driveway, I took my leaf blower and blew out all the remaining snow I couldn't get out with the mounted scooper. Tried starting the machine with the push start button again. Nothing....APPARENTLY it only starts via the push button if it's plugged in with an extension cord!?!?!?!? Well, luckily it starts VERY Easy with the pull start. I'm sold on Ariens Snow Blowers!!
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This is a fine snow blower. I cleared my 330-foot gravel driveway of a five-inch snow easily in l...
This is a fine snow blower. I cleared my 330-foot gravel driveway of a five-inch snow easily in less than an hour. Ariens says that its Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) system, which eliminates the carburetor, ends the ethanol fuel problems of congealing fuel clogging the carburetor. This snow blower turns easily with Auto-Turn, which automatically disengages the two-wheel-drive, unlike a previously-owned other brand, which had a pin in the axle that would lock the wheels (increasing traction) or unlock them (making turning easy), but which was not convenient to withdraw for turning. Turning the Sno-Thro, even making a U turn, is easy, but it is a challenge to follow a slight curve, for the wheels tend to stay locked. I will probably learn to clear snow in straight lines tangential to the curve. Clearing my driveway I did not pick up any gravel (over paving) as I have done with a snow plow or by lifting the snow with my John Deere 4310 tractor’s front bucket. I had set the Sno-Thro's skids at 5/8 inch above the surface to be cleared. The Ariens Sno-Thro starts easily with one pull, or very easily with the plug-into-110-volt-outlet electric starter (the necessary extension cord is not included). The warm handles are a help, though they are only slightly warm. The headlight helps even at dusk — it's halogen, and its heat melts the snow that inevitably falls on it after being blown into the air and carried by any breeze. The staff at Home Depot, where I bought the Ariens Sno-Thro was quite helpful in removing the blower chute and lifting the machine into my SUV. Once home though (where I rolled it on planks to the garage floor), it took me over an hour to get the machine started, for the wire from the ON/OFF ignition key to the battery hadn’t been connected. I tried charging the battery, which didn’t help, and at last discovered the not-connected wire. This machine has six forward speeds, a wide-enough range to deal with shallow or deep snow, and dry or wet snow, and two reverse speeds. The throttle is a dial that goes from IDLE to EFFICIENCY to POWER. Clearing five inches of snow the Sno-Thro ran easily at the fastest forward speed with the throttle on EFFICIENCY. The chute adjusts easily over 200 degrees from left-slightly-to-the-rear, to right-slightly-to-the-rear with the crank just forward of the dashboard. The top of the chute adjusts easily over seven steps from flat to way-up for maximum distance, with a handle on the dashboard. The Sno-Thro threw the light, dry 5-inch snow 25 feet at the way-up setting, and I think it would throw a more-dense snow farther. The engine is as noisy as a similar-size 30-inch lawnmower, and Ariens recommends that the user wear ear protection. The 16-inch directional tires provided good traction. The machine weighs 275 pounds, but I find it quite easy to move around in the garage without starting the engine — my wife can move it too. The controls on this machine are all user-friendly, more so than the controls on other machines that I tried at several dealers. The EFI engine was introduced on Ariens snow blowers in October 2016, but it is not new for Ariens, for they’ve been putting EFI engines on commercial lawnmowers for years. This is a fine snow blower that makes clearing my driveway an easy, even pleasant task. I feel prepared for the biggest snow storm.
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Was delivered by a local distributor "white glove" service, assembled, tuned, oil filled and gass...
Was delivered by a local distributor "white glove" service, assembled, tuned, oil filled and gassed up. It starts easily and runs great. I've only had 6 inches of snow so far but it worked great so I have to reserve judgement and not give 5 stars. Handles easily running and not. Just a nice machine.
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Throttle body and fuel pump dead already!
Purchased this less than 3 years ago and only used it 4 times. It would not start when getting it ready for this winter . Took it in for repair and both the throttle body and fuel pump were shorted out! $650 repair@$”’
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Response from AriensJanuary 18, 2021
We're very sorry to hear about your experience. We take matters like this seriously, and we would like the opportunity to follow up with you and your service provider. Please send us your contact information including your name and your phone number at the “Contact Us” link in our customer support portal at and we’ll have someone reach out to you as soon as possible. Ariens
Bought this snow blower. Once I got it home, I checked the gas, oil, spark plug and all other connections. Read over instruction manual several times and also watched several videos of the startup and operation of this model. Couldn't get it to start after 2 hours of trouble shooting. Brought the unit back to place of purchase and was told that 3 other customers brought the same model back because they couldn't get theirs to start either. Would not recommend this product or any Ariens snow blower with electronic fuel injection.
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Response from AriensJanuary 18, 2021
We’re very sorry you didn’t have a good experience with your Ariens product and that we lost you as a customer. In an effort to help us improve, we strongly encourage you to share details of your experience at our customer support portal at and include the 6-digit model number and the 6-digit serial number in your response. We want to ensure that our product support, development and manufacturing teams are aware of your product issue so corrections can be made, if necessary. Ariens
Bought this beast right before a big snow storm ....
Bought this beast right before a big snow storm . Started right up like a car. Did my 200 ft. Driveway and parking area. Performed just as said. Had to assemble it so I found a video that gives easy instructions. Plenty of power. Handles wet snow with ease. I love it !
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Response from AriensDecember 24, 2020
We’re happy you're having a great experience with your Ariens product and you took the time to share it with us! Thank you for being an Ariens customer! Ariens
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