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6 in. Heavy-Duty Bench Vise with Swivel Base

  • 210 degree rotational base with 4,840 lbs. clamping force
  • High-strength cast iron and steel components
  • Includes a large anvil surface with steel jaws for secure holding
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Product Overview

The BESSEY 6 in. heavy-duty bench vise is made from high quality 30,000 PSI cast iron for many years of service. The convenient swivel base of the 6 in. bench vise offers easy, versatile use. Comes standard with an incorporated anvil and 2 lockdowns.
  • Full 360° rotation
  • Hardened steel jaws
  • Large built in anvil
  • Maximum opening 6 in.
  • 3 mounting holes for stability
  • Twin locking screws on rotating base
  • Strong ductile cast iron body

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6 in. Heavy-Duty Bench Vise with Swivel Base
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Name5 in. Bench Vise6 in. Heavy-Duty Bench Vise with Swivel Base6 in. Bench Chain Vise6 in. Swivel Bench Vise
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Jaw Width
6.0 in
Throat Depth
2.375 in


Clamping Strength (lb.)
Duty Rating
Hand Tool Type
Jaw Capacity
6.0 in
Cast Iron
Swivel base
Tools Product Type
Hand Tool
Vise Type

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty
Limited Lifetime

Questions & Answers


what size bolts do I use to mount it?

Asked by dan February 13, 2021

5/16 x 18 bolts with washers and a nut on each bolt works very well. The length of the bolt is to be determined by thickness of the table top that you are mounting the vise to.

What are the anvil dimensions?

Asked by mhutch October 15, 2020

The anvil on mine is 3.75" wide and 3.5" deep.

What is the clamping force in lbs. Above it shows 210 degree rotation but it also says 360 degree...

Asked by mm December 8, 2019

It has 4,840 lbs. of clamping force.

The mounting base has 3 holes. Do you mount it with the two in the back and one in the front or t...

Asked by jb September 15, 2019

two in the back and one in the front right.

What is the warranty on this vise?

Asked by Brian August 23, 2019

1 year

How long is the handle

Asked by Ricka55 June 26, 2018

7 and 1/2 inches, including two end balls.

I saw a video that had a Allen key to tighten the jaw if it listens up does it have one

Asked by Ricka55 June 26, 2018

yes it has two for each jaw

How wide does this vise open to ?

Asked by Dean October 30, 2017

Mine opens to just over 6 inchs.

How do I replace a defective vise? I have one that's a few years old that has a cracked casting? It's lifetime warranty

Asked by Ed September 19, 2017

I sent Bessey and email through their website with a picture of the defective vise. It was a slow process but they eventually sent out the new vise.

How heavy is it

Asked by Ejayson13 June 25, 2017

I am guessing about 15 pounds. It is mounted, so I am not able to give you an exact weight.

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Very well built and heavy duty. It exceeded my expectations.
Very well built and heavy duty. It exceeded my expectations.
by Jack
very poor quality.
I purchased this tool mainly to do u joints on my cars. They are british sports cars so they have small u joints. I installed 4 joints and did an ok job until the the 5th ujoint when I heard a cracking noise. Well, so happens the cracking was the tool’s front jaw braking in two pieces. It should be illegal, if it isn’t already to waste people’s time selling such a low quality item. it is chinese of course. Also, i used my hands, not a cheater bar. A good American made vise will cost you hundreds of dollars but it will last.
by FDiaz
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I had this vise for a few years, but only put it to light use. Today I was trying to break loose ...
I had this vise for a few years, but only put it to light use. Today I was trying to break loose a stuck nut and the jaw broke in two. I am terribly disappointed that this broke so easily and wound not recommend this to anyone else.
by JYates
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Disappointing. The value-engineers got a hold of this one. Bought one of these over a year ago an...
Disappointing. The value-engineers got a hold of this one. Bought one of these over a year ago and thought it was good for the price. Ended up breaking, which admittedly was due to my misuse. Liked it enough that I bought another last week, and found it to be smaller in nearly every way. Shorter, lighter, handle is smaller, threaded rod is smaller. Everything is about 3/4 scale of my original. Not happy to see them downsize what I thought would be the same vise.
by brbj
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very nice vise
Heavy duty, works great. There are three mounting holes - they are designed for 1/2” bolts - they are a little rough on the inside from the forging process so you might have to “clean” the holes up a little with your 1/2” drill bit. Very secure when “locked down” after I mounted it on my work bench. Although not designed to hold pipes, I used it to hold a segment of 3” aluminum pipe while I drilled holes in the pipe; it worked fine for that.
Garbage, broke this vise in half under normal operating conditions. Customer service will not res...
Garbage, broke this vise in half under normal operating conditions. Customer service will not respond to my emails and phone calls. Very disappointed, I will be sure to dig down into future purchases and not buy another Chinese made vise.
by Regret
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Good Quality, Great Price
This vise is exactly what I needed and you can't beat the price. Three bolt holes are easier to find a good spot for than four. Jaws were true and square right out of the box. Mounted easily with 7/16" bolts. Packaged well in the box (see photos). There are definitely bigger/better vises out there, but this one is meeting my requirements at a very fair price.
by MIke
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Very good vice for the price point
I looked into a basic vise for my garage workbench and found three categories: 1. Basic models under $100 with hit and miss quality 2. $100-$200 models with marginal benefits 3. Professional / commercial models over $300 I'd love to have a blue Bessey Industrial vise, but couldn't possibly justify spending $475 on a vice for my DIY / hobbyist needs. I looked into the Grizzly G7062 for around $100, but the weird rotation feature turned me off. So I came back to this basic Bessey model, which does the job and at a relatively good price. I picked mine up at the local HD store. The box was in good condition and the vise was in good condition with no issues. I've only used it briefly so far to hold some aluminum for brazing, but it seems to work plenty well for my needs. The one shortcoming of this model is that it only has the flat main jaws. It does not have any extra teeth below the jaws for clamping round stock or pipe. So if you plan on doing a lot of work with pipe, this vise may not be the best choice for you. The vise has 3 mounting holes which are roughly 11mm to 12mm in diameter. It has two screws to tighten the rotating base, which is nice. The screws are nice and large, and attach to a mounting ring in the base of the vise.
by L111
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It's big. It's heavy. It squeezes things.
I haven't spent a lot of time using this yet, but it appears to have very smooth operation and will do a great job as a hitch mounted vise on my truck. I do appliance repair for a living and from time to time need to bend something or hold something still while I smack it with a hammer. This should work. The built in anvil is a great addition. I am using a $22 Harbor Freight trailer hitch mount which I have a locking pin on, but hope someone doesn't just remove the 3 mounting bolts and snatch my vise.
by Andyf80
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Very nice vice, very good price!
I finally bought this to replace my small 3" bench vise that I've been using for years. I upgraded to a bigger workplace when I bought my new house, and I needed a larger vise to assist with some projects around the home. After hours of looking around online and around town, I decided on this because of its "in-stock" convenience, as well as for the price vs. features. I must say, I am extremely satisfied with my decision. Until I opened the box in the store and looked at this, I had myself convinced I needed an 8", $200 vise that I'd have to order without being able to actually look at it first. After seeing this and picking it up to feel the heft, I discovered this would be more than sufficient. I've only used this for a few projects so far, but it's very solid and has done a great job. This vice is very heavy duty, and locks down very well so it won't budge when using. One of the first things I used this for was to hold some components in place that needed to be torqued to 180ft lbs., and it held fast. The only thing it's lacking is the pipe-holder, but I don't think I'll ever need one, and if I do I can use my smaller 5" clamp vice. I would definitely recommend this to anybody looking for a solid piece of equipment without spending $200. I've also provided a picture with a large 16oz rip-claw hammer for scale, as it was difficult for me to judge the size before actually going to look at it.
by grihn
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