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Steel Spring Clamp Set (9-Piece)

  • General purpose
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  • Suitable for a wide range of projects
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Product Overview

This package contains 4 of XM3 1 in. capacity 3 of XM5 2 in. capacity and 2 of XM7 3 in. capacity Clamps. Spring Clamps are convenient wherever relatively light pressure is adequate and speedy application and removal are important. XM series are BESSEY's steel spring clamp line. Nickel plated to resist corrosion with vinyl tips and handles for improved grip.
  • Light-duty general purpose clamps
  • Locks onto projects with firm grip
  • Heavy-duty springs for a firm hold
  • Quick and easy answer to many clamping needs in the home, workshop or on the jobsite
  • Vinyl tips and handles
  • Bright nickel plating prevents corrosion

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XM Series 1 in. Capacity Steel Spring Clamp in Black with 1-1/4 in. Throat Depth
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Steel Spring Clamp Set (9-Piece)
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NameXM Series 1 in. Capacity Steel Spring Clamp in Black with 1-1/4 in. Throat DepthSteel Spring Clamp Set (9-Piece)300 lbs. Horizontal Quick-Release Toggle Clamp (4-Pack)XM Series 4 in. Capacity Steel Spring Clamp with Handles and Tips, 5 in. Throat Depth
Clamp TypeSpringSpringToggleSpring
Jaw Width0.8550.001.4
Clamping Strength (lb.)0.010.03000.0
Hand Tool TypeClampClampClampClamp
Throat Depth1.253.32.1255.0
Maximum Opening (in.)
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Jaw Width
Throat Depth


Clamp Type
Clamping Strength (lb.)
Hand Tool Type
Maximum Opening (in.)
Tools Product Type
Hand Tool

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Manufacturer Warranty
Limited Lifetime

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Very good product
This pack of multiple spring clamps is considerably cheaper than the cost of the 2 largest clamps alone from another brand. I use them primarily as a quick one handed clamp, to hold items in position until I can install screw clamps or permanent fasteners during assembly. I used plastic spring clamps for that purpose for years, but the nose on these let me put them in tighter places that I could not use the plastic spring clamps.
by Sternberg
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Good variety, comfortable to use
These spring clamps are great. This set, which contains 9 clamps in all, is also a great starter set for those building up their clamp collections. Each clamp is of quality construction. The rubber tips and handles provide the expected amount of traction on whatever surfaces you might be working with. For convenience (or for practicality?) each clamp features its size and model on the handle so you know exactly what you're using. However, I wasn't entirely sure what the numbers in inches meant. The 1" clamp was capable of opening 1.5", the 2" clamp could reach nearly 3" and the 3" clamp could hit 4". That being said, I doubt anyone would stand around and look at a project and say, "I need a clamp that opens up exactly 1.7435 inches." That is actually what makes a spring clamp so great: you don't have to guess the size, or tighten a handle or wind a bolt... you open it up, slap it on and it does the job. I found that two of the 2" inch clamps were able to more than easily bend a warped piece of 1x3 I had laying around back to flat. I have used generic and big box brand spring clamps before and right out of the box these Bessey clamps had a much better feel overall. The only drawback is that 9 is an odd number to include in the set. I would expect an even number as often times I clamp boards together using one clamp on each end, needing two. Having an additional 2" clamp would be great (the set only has 3 2")... but maybe I'll just get a second set and have that many more clamps!
by Kathleen
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Oh Bessey, you've got split ends
I think we would all agree you can never have too many clamps. I own several other types of Bessey clamps and have been very pleased with the brand so was excited to add more to my collection. You get a nice selection of sizes here, which is great. The body is well constructed and feels solid in hand. Clamping pressure is good and they work just as you would expect. I'm a little let down by the rubber tips, they just haven't held up. I haven't abused them, just normal use in a short amount of time has caused the rubber ends to split. Maybe this is common with this type of clamp? They're obviously still usable I just have to be a little more aware of what material i'm clamping.
by DstBstSN
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Handy set, terrific value
Four 1” clamps are easy to use, good for molding and many craft projects. They hold very well and I think I will use these the most, so pleased that there are several. Three 2” clamps are quite tight and take a bit of effort for a girl with small hands to open, but I can mange it with one hand. Two 3” clamps are a bit much for this lady as I must use two hands to open these monsters! I think for a thicker project I would prefer to use a small ratcheting bar clamp. They all have excellent grip and decent rubber pads. The rubber handle covers slip off rather easily. I just wish the set had 10 clamps so there was an even number of the medium clamps.
by LILass
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These aren't chip clips
Finally, some decent spring clamps. I see many people using spring clamps but I have avoided them. The cheap ones I have been using were woefully inadequate for anything more than holding a bag of potato chips closed. I came across these and decided to try them out. I have a lot of other bessey clamps and they have never been anything but fantastic. These are no exception. 4 small, 3 medium, and 2 large all in one package. I used them to clamp some tray runners to the inside of a box I am building. This was a good test because I did not want the parts to slip when clamps were applied - and I did not require the kind of pressure needed from an F clamp. They performed really well. No slipping when applied carefully, enough pressure to let the glue set, and they didn't mar the red elm or the cherry. I'm definitely buying more of the medium size. I can see myself using them a lot.
by joelav22
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Bessey quality spring clamps in a handy set
This is a great set of 3 sizes of spring clamps (four 1", three 2", and two 3"). They look like the typical spring clamp, but I have confirmed that they are higher quality than the generic ones. The fit and finish of these Bessey clamps is definitely better than the generic ones I have been using. The generic ones have worked fine, but I have had two issues with them: 1. The jaws of the generic clamp don't always line up properly 2. The rubbery plastic coating on the generic clamps is thin, wears out, and falls / slides off of the clamp jaws The Bessey clamps don't have either of these issues. The Bessey clamps are all aligned and straight, and the red rubber on the handles and clamp jaws is thicker and does not fall off. I even tried to gently pull off the rubber from the clamp jaws, and I couldn't pull or wiggle it off. The Bessey clamps are also slightly easier to squeeze open than my generic version, and they have ridges in them presumably to make the jaws more rigid. They have a nice consistent quality chrome finish and are well made. Overall a great set of spring clamps. I'm a big fan of Bessey products and also have the Bessey pipe clamps and the 6" Heavy Duty bench vise. I'm happy to pay just a few dollars more for the better quality brand name Bessey products.
by L111
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A good selection of spring clamps. They hold well.
by HomieDepot
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essential product
Everyday uses, great price. I use these things for everything.
by ds
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Bessey 9pc steel spring clamp set
Great deal! Versatile clamps that I've used for everything --from gluing broken woodwork to welding pieces of metal.
by DenisG
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Yard Sale Pricing Plue High Quality
Found these at a Black Friday sales event but soon realized that they pricing wasn't special; this was the everyday price. I have much older clamps that still hold up and when compared to them these clamps are made of the same steel and spring material. Couldn't beat this Yard Sale price and quantity of clamps you get for it. Awesome!
by Jake
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