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  • Washable soft cap accordion knee pad ideal for concrete projects
  • 2 behind the knee rubber straps are replaceable and adjustable
  • Durable foam insert provides padding for comfort and protection
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Product Details

The Bucket Boss Flex Washable Kneepad is a basic version of our GelDome Flex Kneepad. Using foam for padding instead of the gel, it still has the accordion style construction for flexibility and comfort. The rubberized cap on the Bucket Boss 93500 is easily washable, water-resistant, and are non-marring and non-slip making the Bucket Boss Flexible knee pads great for jobs and projects that require extra surface grip like concrete or roofing. Get a custom fit by using the included, adjustable, replaceable rubber straps. Dimensions (each): 6 in. W x 2 in. D x 9 in. H. Today, Bucket Boss carries over 100 different products that organize and hold tools in the strongest, most efficient ways. For 30-years, we have prided ourselves in creating durable products that can withstand many-years of wear and tear. We strive to stay ahead of the pack by constantly upgrading features and using the best quality materials on the market to create the best product for our end users.
  • Soft cap, foam padding
  • Flexible accordion construction for superior comfort
  • Easy-to-clean, non-marring rubber cap
  • Replaceable rubber straps
  • Water-resistant
  • Ideal for concrete applications
  • Return Policy
  • California residents

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Q:Are the straps replaceable and if so wherre can I buy them?
by|Aug 24, 2016
1 Answer
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A:  Hi Doc. Thank you for your recent inquiry with The Home Depot. Yes the straps are replicable. Contact the vendor for replacement parts. We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you in the future. Thank you for shopping Home Depot.

by|Aug 29, 2016
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Comfortable and remains secure.
The Bucket Boss flex knee pad is comfortable and remains secure with double straps. I like the rubbery surface that gives good stability without marking the work surface. The padding for the knee is sufficient to provide comfort for extended periods of prolonged use. The easily adjustable straps provide convenient adjustments if you want a tight or a looser more comfortable fit.
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These work. These actually stay on my knees.
My primary activity is volunteer repair work. I do a lot of flooring. Pads are a must. When I work on a construction site, for me pads are must. At home, I do a lot of gardening, where I'm on my knees. So, I have a lot of different pads. These actually stay on my knees. About once per eight hour day, they slip. So they are not perfect, but rather very close. This is so much better than any other pad I've tried. I think the accordion at the top is the keep helping them stick on my knee. The other means of attachment such as velcro or elastic strips don't work as well. These hard rubber straps work fine. Comfort wise, I'm very happy with them. After a day or laying down laminate flooring, not only do my knees feel fine, these pads are also soft enough to not mar the flooring. Made in China
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Decent knee pad, but not the king of comfort.
These are the first knee pads I've ever purchased, so I don't know how they are "supposed" to feel, but I didn't get a "wow, these are so comfortable!" feel in these. I put them on the loosest setting they could go to because otherwise, they seemed too tight, but this also didn't keep the pads in place too well either. In general, the pads did their job...it's a lot more pleasant kneeling down on them than straight on the knee with no protection, but I feel like with long use, I'd be adjusting their position a lot and I just wasn't super satisfied with the comfort of them. As for not marring the floor, the outer shell is a rubber material. I did not use it on my floors, but I don't think it should cause any major issues.
Comfort, Flexibility and Non-marring
‘Flex Washable Kneepad’ one of many from Bucket Boss. Here we have foam for padding with a rubberized cap construction for flexibility and comfort. Washable, water-resistant, and they are non-marring, plus non-slip makes for a great knee pad for any jobs and projects where being on your knees is a must. Fit is adjustable and easy to use – they also have replaceable straps should it become needed. They are comfortable and stay in place, a real plus for me – hate re-positioning pads every time you move. The design also has the top of the cap above the knee, cup into the thigh, a place I always seem to get dirt to saw dust – you name it, in under the cap onto the pad, between it and my knee. They have a firm grip being – ‘rubberized’ – flexible to grip, but durable for years of use. There you have it, my newest set of knee pads owned over the years, seams that they continue to get better and better; having tried difference styles and makes over my years.
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Good kneepads
I've been nursing two old pairs of knee pads for way too long. Time to say goodby. So far I like these knee pads. I picked them becasue they were more of general purpose, rather than a job specific knee pad (e.g. flooring). My tests (isn't it everyone's?) is can you wear these knee pad for along time. Are they comfortable getting up and down? Are they easy to get on and off? These Bucket Boss knee pads pass all those tests. This is the first paid of knee pads that didn't have Velcro straps. These pads' straps are rubber with keyholes for securing the straps. There were plenty of keyholes and it took a bit of trial and error to find the right combination of holes to get the fit that was comfortable. The accordion top on the pads was a bit stiff, but I imaging it will loosen up with use. The foam pads are comfortable. Overall - thumbs up
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It's ok...
I don't usually do a lot of work that requires me to crawl or stay on my knees for prolonged periods of time. But I am getting older and I'm still an avid DIY-er and as long as there's a breath of life in me, I'll do it. I still have the old pair of knee pads that I actyally had purchased from Home Depot eons ago when I was adding to the attice insulation. The old pads had a "velcro"-type stretchable strap that was much more comfortable than the Bucket Boss's rubber strap with three adjustable holes on either side. Can be a pain to get a comfortable and snug fit. The padding is thinner that my old pads, but still comfortable. Also, the outer shell doesn't look as durable as my older pads. I f my old old pads and new pads had a baby...
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Good Protection
I have had several pairs of accordion-style knee pads that are very similar to these from Bucket Boss, but there are some differences that I found. The padding on these is quite a bit thicker than other brands, and perhaps a bit denser as well, I liked that fact since the padding will get compressed with continued use over extended time, however these did seem to compress somewhat after a only few hours and was slow to rebound. While the outer shell is a rubberized, cleanable and non-marring, I found it to be much stiffer, almost plastic-like, especially when cold. While I haven’t used them in weather below freezing, I am concerned that they will be even more stiff in those conditions. Hopefully they will soften up somewhat with use. While the straps appear to be rather thin and delicate, I have never had a strap break before. However, these too are much more plastic-like and less rubbery. Straps are replaceable, and I found them online for about ten bucks. These are definitely less comfortable than the other brands that I have owned, but they are at a lower price point too. I consider knee pads to be an essential piece of safety gear. Quality of knee pads has evolved tremendously in the past few decades. Even a cheap pair of knee pads is better than none. While you may not think so when young, those days spent kneeling on hard surfaces (even wood floors) will come back to haunt you in later years, and there is no easy fix, just a lot of pain. In summary, I believe that these should be considered a budget or entry level model. Do your research and compare brands and prices, and you may find nearly identical models from other brands for less cost, or better quality for nearly the same cost.
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Extra protection
BUCKET BOSS knee pads can make a world of difference when you have to do those long, grueling jobs while on your knees. They are a soft shell rubber but rugged and will not mar or slip on all surfaces. The inside is lined with a 3/4" foam padding for comfort. Each knee pad has two rubber adjustable straps for a good fit and are replaceable. They are washable so easy to maintain.
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Excellent Product
Ordered the knee pads to protect my knees while filling cracks on my cement driveway. The pads are nicely cushioned and the accordion joint flexes well so they are fairly comfortable to kneel and walk around with. I like the mostly rubberized nonabsorbent materials that clean up with soap and water and dry quickly. The rubber straps fasten easily and look to be adjustable to a large range of sizes. So far I see no scaring on the outer cap from the cement driveway and the cap has not marked the cement surface. The padding is also holding up well with no significant compression of the foam. The product looks to be high quality but time will tell how well they hold up long term.
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Great Cushioning for your knees
Made of a harder, but flexible, plastic shell and a 1/2 thick sheet of foam on the inside that will make your knees feel like they are resting on pillows when you have to kneel down. They have great adjustability with straps that are heavily perforated, allowing for just the right fit. Two things to be aware, DO NOT wear with shorts. The "harder" outside plastic can feel like it is cutting into your skin when wearing. Also, the materially used to construct are full of phthalates, which are a known cancer causing agent, so you definitely do not want that against your bear skin while working. Pants will provide some protection, also. But they are very comfortable, otherwise and should last a while in the durability department.
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