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2000 Peak Amp Pro Portable Car Jump Starter with 12-Volt DC Outlet

  • Jumps multiple vehicles on a single charge
  • Features extra long, extra thick cables and powder-coated clamps
  • Includes 3 LED white lights and 3 LED red emergency flashers
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Product Overview

The CATERPILLAR CJ3000 Professional 2,000 Peak Amp car jump starter is the ultimate portable power station, with enough power to fire up most cars, trucks and SUVs even in the harshest weather. It's easy to use, with push-button controls, LED indicator lights and a reverse polarity protection alarm to ensure that it's connected correctly. It comes with multiple charging cables so that you can power up from your wall socket with a standard extension cord or from your car's 12 Volt outlet (cigarette lighter). And the 48", heavy duty #4 AWG cables can reach practically any connection. Built with rugged, impact-resistant polymer housing and rubber bumpers, this Cat jump starter also features a handy area light and emergency flashers , so the CATERPILLAR CJ3000 is ready for anything life throws your way.
  • 2000 Peak Amp & 1000 Instant Amps of starting power to fire up most vehicles including V8-powered cars & trucks
  • AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) battery delivers superior performance, even in extreme heat and cold weather environments
  • Durable, impact-resistant polymer housing with rubber bumpers & emergency flasher
  • Industrial-grade spark-proof clamps with 48" 4 gauge cables for better power transfer and longer reach
  • Comes with 12V accessory outlet, reverse polarity alarm and LED area light
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Accessory Outlets,Reverse Polarity Protection,Safety Switch
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1 year manufacturer warranty against defects

Questions & Answers


Where is the on/off switch

Asked by Ps May 24, 2021

The unit will automatically turn itself off after a few units with no input

How do you clear the alarm icon? Inverter will not work.

Asked by Bob April 7, 2021

Please consult the troubleshooting section of your Instruction Manual for details. If that doesn't help, please contact Manufacturer Customer Service

When charging, the Yellow Indicator Light cycles, you can hear a click when the Yellow Indicator ...

Asked by SnoWaterSkier December 28, 2020

Please give us a call at 1.877.571.2391 or e-mail CustomerService@BaccusLLC.com so we can help get this sorted out.

I cannot get my power jumper to shut off runs diwn battery please help

Asked by Paula December 7, 2020

Please contact manufacturer Customer Service for one-on-one help with this

Led light doesn’t stay on

Asked by Belinda October 23, 2020

Is the unit fully charged? If you keep having issues, please contact our Customer Service team directly by calling 1.877.571.2391 (Toll-Free) or e-mailing CustomerService@BaccusLLC.com

When I connect the leads to my ATV battery, I get a beep sound every few seconds and can't see any charge. How do I

Asked by Swaminathan October 20, 2020

Please consult the instruction manual for guidance on your issue. If that doesn't help, you can contact manufacturer Customer Service at the phone number in your manual.

Shows fully charged when plugged into outlet but will not turn on

Asked by Jlm October 5, 2020

Please contact manufacturer Customer Service at Baccus Global

how crazy is it that Q's are about turning off?

Asked by Tom September 23, 2020

I'm not quite sure what you're looking for help with here, Tom.

Cat jump starter not getting charged

Asked by manna September 7, 2020

Please contact our Customer Service Team for direct troubleshooting help and warranty support 1.877.571.2391 (Toll-Free) / CustomerService@BaccusLLC.com

Our charger is not shutting of after randomly turning itself on. It is starting to overheat and there is no display lit

Asked by Belyn August 8, 2020

Belyn, please contact Manufacturer support at 1.877.571.2391 (toll-free) / CustomerService@BaccusLLC.com

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Starts Me Up!
This is a fantastic product to have on you for emergencies or helping out someone who has a dead battery and can't start their car. My neighbor's car died and I was able to jump start her vehicle in no time. The product is heavy, but to be fair this is basically a massive battery unit so you have to expect that. I don't know if I would keep it in my car everyday just because it's somewhat big and heavy, but I'm sure some people do that so they're ready in emergencies. It could be used to jump start a lawn tractor or other vehicles with a battery as well (within reason), so it's versatile. The jump starter did require a 15 hour change before the first time use which was a little inconvenient but again, you have to expect that with such a large battery. The instructions were simple and it worked great. You just have to attach the jumper cables according to the instructions, turn the jump starter unit on, and then try to start the car. This product also has nice little features like an emergency light in case you break down on the side of the road and want to be seen. It also has a 12V DC outlet so you can run other tools from it. What a great product! Very impressed.
by AntMan
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Pro Quality Jump Starter
At 1000 amps, this jump starter will fire up just about anything you’d ever need to start. The cables are a good length (about 4 feet) and I appreciate that they have a place to clamp into so they’re not flopping around the back of the car all the time (it seems like the cables on cheaper/smaller units never stay put). It has a reverse polarity indicator, white LED light, red flashing light and a 12-volt port for charging accessories. I appreciate that this charger uses a standard extension cord to charge instead of a cord with a proprietary connection that would inevitably get misplaced. This charger is housed in a rugged case so it’s protected from dings and bumps. It’s a bit heavier than expected though – about 20 lbs – and probably a little larger than is really necessary. You’ll definitely need to be prepared to part with some trunk space if you intend on carrying it at all times, but the peace of mind is worth it. Much easier and safer to use than jumper cables, and this unit can jump a standard car battery numerous times on a single charge. Should be the last jump starter you ever need!
by Judson
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Everything above average size and power with a few drawbacks
Pros: -Most importantly is the power. 1000 amps is beyond enough to start a 300 ci engine -Length of cables is 4 feet each which is a luxury for safety and ease of use. The proper way is to ground to engine block and you may need the extra length to access it -On off switch prevents you from arcing accidentally -Both sides of clamp "mouth" have connections to the battery. It may not seem like a big deal now but when you don't have the option of two side connections you'll be glad you have it. Plus it is double the conductivity. -The white work light is bright and is ideal for dark connection scenarios -Reverse polarity alert is great in case you unintentionally connect backwards -12 volt access great way to charge phones or use portable air compressor Cons: -The size is a little excessive. They are putting 5 pounds in a 10 pound bag. A lot of the case is hollow and if your space is limited it will use a lot -The red flashing light is significantly dimmer than the white light. I am not sure why but do not count on it for roadside emergency alerts. Stick to flares Overall everything you NEED in a jump starter is there
by HDKevin
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Starts Anything! Portable Power Where You Need It.
When you're stuck out in the field, the last thing you want to hear is that click click click of a dead battery. Get yourself this 1000 amp jump starter from CAT and you'll never have to worry about being stranded. This is a beast of a jump starter. With 1000 amps available you can start anything from a Fiat to a D8 dozer. It's built really well, with a thick CAT yellow plastic case surrounded by black rubber bumpers on every corner and a thick handle made to fit big hands and gloves. Total weight is around 20 pounds, anyone can carry it. Along with being a jump starter, it also has some neat features included. It has a bright LED work light, as well as a flashing red LED light that can be used like a road flare when you need to check a trailer or swap a tire. It also has an on board battery gauge and a 12 volt lighter plug for running accessories. To charge the onboard battery you just plug in an extension cord (not included) to the port on the front of the jump starter. It charges automatically and when the light is green, you're done. The jump start cables are 4GA cable and nice and flexible. They are four feet long, giving you plenty of access and the clamps are thick painted steel with strong springs. They added a reverse-polarity light so that you don't blow yourself up. You hook up the cables, then switch the large red dial to ON so that you can use those 1000amps on tap. Does it work? Simply put, YES. I unhooked the battery in the truck and hooked up this jump starter to the truck's cables. I tested all the electronics in the truck and it had them all working perfectly. Even the radio and subwoofer was running off this. I then started the truck and it fired right up. Not one hiccup. Buy this jump starter, keep it in your truck/car and you'll never be stranded again. It pays for itself the very first time you use it. Also, you can help other stranded vehicles without risking your own vehicles battery or electronics. I highly recommend this.
by hpiguy
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Worked on my small car
My small car (Nissan Versa) was left sitting for 2 weeks and wouldn't turn over. The car was in a terrible position to try to jump, facing up a steep driveway. This did the job. The battery wasn't totally dead, just couldn't power ignition, there are worse scenarios, and I don't know if this would work for all of them. The unit it very simple. You plug in an extension cord or cigarette lighter to recharge it. The charger cables are only about 40", so you need to get it near the battery to use it. Could be an issue in some scenarios I suppose. It is a little heavy, so it could impact your gas mileage a hair if you carry it in your car, but worth it if you have a tricky battery (or have a lot of friends who do) as jumping someone off your car battery isn't particularly good for it.
by sdgiant
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Won’t hold a charge
Even after being charged for 24hrs, it wouldn’t charge past yellow even when it was only 1 year old. Now it’s 3 years old and won’t charge at all, the emergency lights don’t even work on it. Reading other reviews, seems like a common problem. I’ve had it too long to return, only ever jumped one vehicle off of it, expensive jump!
by Sah87
Failed when I needed it
Complete waste of money. The only time I've ever tried to jump a car it won't work, and it's been over a year since I bought it.
by Jeff
If anyone is having an issue with the original battery not holding its charge consider replacing the battery with a Mighty Max battery 12v 22amh. Swapped my old one out and that did the trick. The original to me is garbage. $40.00 and I was good to go. Hope this helps. Marc T
by HomeDepotCustomer
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It is a wonderful machine. I have a disease that requires breathing treatm...
It is a wonderful machine. I have a disease that requires breathing treatments. We bought the CAT 1000 Amp Pro Portable Jump Starter for me to use my breathing machine when we are traveling. It has been a lifesaver.
by daisy12
Rating provided by a verified purchaser...
Rating provided by a verified purchaser
by HomeDepotCustomer
Showing 1-10 of 41 reviews