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Professional Hard Surface Repair Kit

  • Moisture-resistant for lasting use
  • Ideal to use on flooring, countertop, cabinets, furniture
  • Comes with tools and sealant
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Product Overview

The Hard Surface Repair Kit was developed as an easy customized repair solution for every hard surface in a home or workspace. This kit allows you to repair many different types of damage for wood, laminate, stone, tile, LVT, WPC and vinyl on flooring, countertops, cabinets, molding and furniture. The Hard Surface Repair Kit contains nine different pigments to allow for endless color combinations, all assisted by the included 78 color formulas and instructions customized for virtually any hard surface. The beige acrylic based putty is designed to fill the damage with a strong bond and flex along with the floor in its changing conditions. While the white acrylic based putty is designed to fill the damaged area with a hard, resilient surface. Fillers hold fast and will not break up or pop out of the repair. The enclosed booklet includes both simplified and detailed instructions for repairing damage, as well as tips on applying an easy grain or marbling effect. Great for DIY and professionals. Kit includes: beige putty, white putty, 9 pigments, lacquer, 3 mixing bowls, 2 stir sticks, 2 measuring boards, 2 spatulas, 2 graining sticks, 2 lacquer brushes, 78 color formulas, detailed instructions.
  • Custom repairs for wood, laminate, stone, tile, WPC, LVT and vinyl on flooring, countertops, cabinets, molding and furniture
  • All-inclusive kit with tools and sealant to complete any project
  • Use one of the 78 easy-to-follow color formulas or create your own color
  • Easy to mix; easy to apply; dries quickly
  • Solvent free; wax-free
  • Create a matching grain or marbling effect

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Commercial / Residential
Commercial / Residential
Flooring Material Features
Moisture resistant,Mold/mildew resistant,Solvent free,Stain resistant,Water based
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60 day customer satisfaction guarantee

Questions & Answers


Will this product work well to cover a curling iron burn on cultured marble either with or without sanding out the burn first

Asked by Papa October 18, 2020

Our Hard Surface Repair Kit can only be used if the damaged area is deep enough for the mixture to be pushed into. If the mixture were applied to a flush surface you would be left with a rise where the repair is applied.

pool deck small chip repair, can this be used ( exterior )

Asked by ken September 10, 2020

Unfortunately the Hard Surface repair kit is designed for interior use only.

Can this be used on quartz countertops?

Asked by KitchenRepairer July 9, 2020

Yes, the Hard Surface Repair Kit is a great solution for a quartz countertop repair.

Can I use this to fill in the slight pitting on my granite kitchen counters?

Asked by kitchen123 May 11, 2020

Our Hard Surface Repair Kit is great for filling chips and cracks, however they must be deep enough for putty to adhere.

Can this fix a crack in corion

Asked by GMB January 29, 2019

The Hard Surface Repair Kit is a great solution for Corian repair for chips and cracks where the filler can be applied. As long as there isn’t any polish on the chipped surface to prevent the putty from adhering. Building up deep chips may take a couple applications.

Can this repair a chip on the edge of a ceramic cooktop. I don’t have the chip so will need to fi...

Asked by Doodhi January 28, 2019

This product is putty that hardens though I wouldn’t recommend using on porcelain. Look for touch up paint for porcelain or have a professional fix it. I’ve had my porcelain tub refinished several times and this putty will not hold up on porcelain as several layers coating would be needed to make it a durable surface.

Has anyone ttied this on glazed sawtile tiles?

Asked by Anne July 3, 2018

I haven't tried it on glazed surfaces but think it would work as long as it has a clean, dry, porous surface to bond to.

Lysol toilet bowl cleaner took color off a small spot on my countertop. What can I us to recollect?

Asked by Jackie May 24, 2018

Unfortunately at this time we don’t carry a product to make this kind of repair. The Hard Surface Repair Kit is a great solution for deep scratches, chips, and cracks where the filler can be applied. If there isn’t any depth and only discoloration on the surface of your material you might have to find something to stain or color that surface.

I have a shower surround and it is a faux marble that is 1/4'' inch thick.I don't know what it is...

Asked by Dani March 16, 2018

Unfortunately, our Hard Surface Repair Kit is not intended for use in high water exposure areas such as shower floors, water-line or below on tubs, spas or pools, sinks, or outdoor products that may be exposed to the elements.

Can this product be used to repair scrach in bathtub?

Asked by Tolik February 21, 2018

No, you will need a special paint to repair bathtubs...

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Solid patch but challenging color match. There are no shortage of options in mixing up a floor pa...
Solid patch but challenging color match. There are no shortage of options in mixing up a floor patch with this very complete kit. The problem is figuring out exactly what to do to match the color you want. There's a handy guide included but when I followed the instructions as closely as I could the color was pretty far off. I suspect this is because the instructions include dabbing colors onto a card, which is fairly imprecise. I do think you could eventually get to any color you wanted but the process would require a lot of trial and error to learn. So ultimately while this makes a good patch on wood flooring I can't recommend it as I think there are simpler options that cost less and get you just as good results. Who is this for: Someone with either a lot of knowledge in using the kit to match specific flooring or a lot of time and patience... Who isn't this for: Someone looking for a quick patch or someone looking to patch many spots (only a small amount of putty is included)
by Slobrewer
Well! The Kit has potential… However the color palette is not accurate or I can not make my mix...
Well! The Kit has potential… However the color palette is not accurate or I can not make my mix close to perfection. I did not have a good luck with applying the “Professional Hard Surface Repair Kit” for tiny damage in my laminate floor so far. The main reason I cannot mix the color which will be close enough to prediction palette. My best guess the reason is (no) accuracy in metering ingredients (individual colors). So, it will take time to develop that skill. So, I am not giving up… :) Otherwise, the kit is designed well and does include everything you may need to spot fix your wooden, laminate, or stone-like surfaces. I tried to apply whatever colored mix I was getting – easy and smooth. It was easy to water wash it out a few moments later (as soon as I did not like the color). Moreover, if your clean you tools immediately then you can reuse them. Overall, the kit has potential. However, require development of skills to make the right color. I cannot comment on final result (especially durability) yet. I think in my case make require several layers of different color to reproduce texture. Happy DIYng!
by dvk
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The Professional Hard Surface Repair Kit can work very well if you have patience to practice on a...
The Professional Hard Surface Repair Kit can work very well if you have patience to practice on a sample damage prior to repairing the real damaged product. I have laminate flooring throughout most of my house. Scratches or damage is always possible. I did my testing of this product on a left over piece of my flooring, which can be seen in the third picture below. The kit has multiple color charts to guide you to a starting point in the mixing of the putty. The kit has beige and white putty. Per the guide instructions apply the putty and colors onto the mixing card. Mix well and apply to damaged area. Scrape off excess putty and wipe around the repair to remove more excess. I dried the patch with a hair dryer. The putty mixture will darken during drying You can take a small brush and carefully add "grain" lines. This is difficult to do without practicing. When dry, coat patch with lacquer from the kit. Note: The patch may not look perfect up close, but look at at the distance you normally would. The reason that I only gave this 4 stars is that it takes so much practice to get a satisfied result, but it can be done. I recommend this product
by Randy
This kit is AWESOME. It includes everything and I mean EVERYTHING you need to repair any type of...
This kit is AWESOME. It includes everything and I mean EVERYTHING you need to repair any type of hard surface, including finished hardwood, tile, stone, brick, even granite or marble. I used this kit when installing granite countertops myself. I knew I would mess up something somewhere, and sure enough I did. I got a little overzealous on a cut when cutting in an undermount sink. I mixed a bit of this repair kit and filled in the hole. The next day I came back and roughly shaped and polished up the granite, and I honestly can't even tell where the patch is. They even include a bunch of different combinations of the included dyes to get common colors. Gray is a little tricky to achieve, and you have to be careful not to mix the patch with too much dye, because the dye is very runny compared to the base putty. I mixed 2 small batches of putty of white and dark gray, and dabbed them into the hole, mixing them slightly with my finger. It was pretty easy to get the "marbled" look of my granite. This is an EXCELLENT product for a WIDE variety of uses! I highly recommend!
by PhysicsDude
Great repair kit to have on hand
I have all sorts of hard surfaces in my home--tile, hardwood floors, furniture--and all sorts of disrepair, including scratches, dings, and water damage. In a home with pets and kids, there really is no avoiding damage to hard surfaces. In the past I've purchased wood putty and polyurethane to match and repair specific surface. Given that this is a cumbersome task and adds up in cost and takes up space, I have left many scratches and dings because I simply don't have the time to repair things in this manner. This kit is a great solution because it comes with a huge variety of colors to match all the surfaces in my home. The kit is also small, so it stores well anywhere. I like to keep it up high with my household cleaners and polishes, rather than out in the garage with the paints and stains. It's easier to just grab and go this way. The first surface I repaired was my coffee table. It had a small gouge in the side of it which bothered me because it exposed the unfinished wood, which was much lighter than the stained top. This is a piece of furniture I use daily and is in a prominent location, so I wanted the gauge fixed. This kit comes with a couple dozen formulas for different colors. I found it difficult to find a matching color because the grains of the wood varied quite a bit in color. Therefore, I opted for the darkest color that was within the wood. I wasn't completely satisfied with the formula I selected, so I added a drop of yellow to "warm" it up--and viola! I got the color I wanted. After patching, yes, I can see that there was damage there. However, since the color blends in, it's not noticeable unless you're specifically searching for the damage. This is a great repair kit. It comes with every thing you need; base putty (white and beige), colors, mixing trays/cards, scrapers, and applicators. My advise is to expect that wood is very difficult to patch in a way that completely hides the scratch, but to also expect it will vastly improve the overall appearance of the piece. Go with the most prominent color in the grain. Use the formulas as a guide, but play around with the colors a little bit if it doesn't match perfectly. If you have a variety of hard surfaces in your home, this is a great kit to have on-hand. It also comes with enamel coating for repairing tiles and other such water-resistant areas. The only downside is I wish that the mixing cards were plastic, instead of cardboard. I'd like to be able to reuse them and cardboard is not very easy to wipe clean.
by Kathleen
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Makes repairs fun!
One kit to rule them all! This works great and is fun to mix the colors. It was more of an art project than a repair project. Works on Wood, Linoleum, and tile. The instructions were simple and easy to follow. The base for my linoleum didn't quite match one of the standard colors so I made a custom base layer. Plus I am cheap and didn't want to use as much putty as it recommended because I only needed about 1/4 of what was needed to get the correct base color. It does dry darker so I highly recommend applying your base layer and the marbling effect onto a temporary sheet or in a corner that can be wiped off. Also keep the extra paste because it might shrink. Mine shrunk so I had to mix a 2nd batch. The putty can be scrubbed off before you apply the lacquer so if you make a mistake it is not that big of a deal. However the pigments may be harder to remove so best to use a sheet of paper or other material. I enclosed three images, a before, during (with base) and after marbling. You have to get a couple of inches away to even notice the repair.
by Joe
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Excellent solution for easily repairing chipped ceramic floor tiles - A++!
We bought our kitchen floor tiles 13 years ago from a now closed Home Depot EXPO store and when we were recently moving our fridge freezer it cracked four of our floor tiles as we rolled it across the floor. While I had a small number of whole tiles left over from the original flooring job, this hard surface repair kit saved me a lot of grief by helping me repair two of the tiles that had minor chips on their edges instead of having to replace the whole tile. The repair is virtually invisible and I can highly recommend this kit. The process of making the repair is very simple. The instructions have a series of color charts along the edges and you pick the one that is closest to your tile. Each color explains how much of the various tints you need to add to the putty in order to get a shade that matches your flooring once dry. In our case, the closest shade matched the base beige putty so we didn’t have to do any tinting. You then apply the putty with one of the included plastic spatulas and wait for it to dry. We decided to use a hair dryer to accelerate the curing process and noticed that even in quite shallow repairs, the putty shrinks and a second coat was required. If you cover the excess putty with plastic between applications, it remains usable which is very handy when a second or third application is needed due to shrinkage in deeper repairs. When the putty is wet, it will be lighter than the shade you want, but it darkens as it dries. Once the repair is complete, the kit also includes a clear laquer that can be used to protect the final result. I probably spent amount 20 minutes making the repairs to our tiles. After reading the instructions I went to the manufacturer’s website and found a very useful video that explains how to go about the repair which is found here Clean up is pretty easy with a dampened paper towel or tissue. The kit comes with everything you need, including plastic mixing bowls for mixing up the tints, cards for mixing the tints with the correct amount of putty and small brushes and cotton tipped buds for creating more intricate finishes such as marbling or wood graining. While we used the kit to repair a ceramic tile, the kit is very versatile and can be used on stone, marble, wood and vinyl flooring as well as kitchen worktops etc. There is enough putty to repair quite a large amount of cracks and chips so this kit will last quite a while.
by LosRubios
Saved My FLoor
The Professional hard Surface Repair kit is excellent for matching colors of flooring and filling in small imperfections. It comes with two tubes of putty: beige for laminate and white for vinyl. It also has 9 tubes of color and lacquer, and a chart to make 28 color combinations for each. It also has a mixing board, three mixing trays, two brushes and everything needed to make a seamless finish. It washes off easily with water until it dries. I found the laminate floor to be more difficult to fill in since it breaks in layers, since the indentation had both dark and light areas to cover. I applied putty in in several steps to allow it to dry before the final application. The lacquer is important as a final step to protect the surface. I was able to fill a hole around a half inch in diameter and it is barely noticeable.
by bakingmom
product was antiquate...
product was antiquate
This was really easy to use. And looks great now...
This was really easy to use. And looks great now that it's done. The directions could be a little more thorough. It says to let dry but doesn't say how long that is. I emailed the company and it's like 8-10 hours. The color card says it dries much darker but we didn't notice it doing that. And the mixing card was pretty much worn and done by the second mixing of colors so using the set again will be challenging. But it did exactly what we needed on our granite countertop.
by DS
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