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Battery Booster Combo Pack Compatible With 20V XR 5 AH Lithium-Ion Battery, includes 5AH Battery and Charger

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  • Battery Booster for AGM. GEL. & WET 12V batteries
  • Dual 2.1A/10W USB-A ports for digital devices
  • Dual USB Charger for digital devices
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Product Details

About This Product

Boost your AGM, GEL and WET 12V vehicle batteries with the push of a button. This DXAE20VBBK Battery Booster Kit is a 3 in 1 solution. It includes the Booster, a 20V XR 5 AH DeWalt Lithium-Ion Battery + DeWalt DCB115 Battery Charger. Using a fully charged 20V battery, just connect the clamps to your vehicle battery and press the BOOST ON/OFF button. and you are ready to boost your battery in a hurry from virtually anywhere. Additionally you can power up your devices with the dual USB Charger ports. This unit also works with the DeWalt FlexVolt battery on the 20V setting.


  • Battery booster kit includes booster, 20V XR 5 AH DeWalt Lithium-Ion Battery + DeWalt DCB115 Battery Charger
  • Boosts 12-Volt car and truck batteries with the press of a button
  • Fault connection indicator light
  • Ruggedly constructed with an impact-resistant polymer housing for durability
  • Charge devices on the go with the 2.1 amp, 10 watt, Type-A USB ports
  • Unit also works with the dewalt flexVolt battery on the 20V setting
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Product Information

Internet # 321284179

Model # DXAE20VBBK

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Dimensions: H 7.5 in, W 4 in, D 7 in


Cord Length (in.)

0 in

Product Depth (in.)

7 in

Product Height (in.)

7.5 in

Product Width (in.)

4 in


Cable gauge


Charger type



Reverse Polarity Protection

Included Parts

No Additional Items

Peak Amps


Product Weight (lb.)

5.75 lb

Recharge time (min.)


Reserve capacity (Ah)




Starting current (amps)


Warranty / Certifications

Certifications and Listings

ETL Listed

Manufacturer Warranty

1-year limited warranty

Questions & Answers

Q:Is the battery for my drill or my impact wrench a fit for this?
by|May 29, 2024
1 Answer
Answer This Question

A:  We do not know what drill or impact wrench you have. This unit is compatible with DeWalt 20V Lithium Ion Batteries. It will require a minimum of 5Ah. If further assistance is needed, please contact Baccus Global Technical Support at 877.571.2391 or email at CustomerService@Baccusllc.com

by|May 31, 2024
    Q:What is the max peak amp boost amp rating is this unit?? 1600? 1700? 2000? Or is it less compared to your other jump booster models??
    by|May 26, 2024
    1 Answer
    Answer This Question

    A:  This unit is different compared to a standard jump starter. Compared to a jumper start that will output a peak amperage. This unit is a charger/booster, meaning that the unit need to be connected to a battery for extended period of time compared to a jump starter. Once connected to a battery within a vehicle and you press the charge/boost button. The LED will flash green, meaning that the battery is being charged. Once this LED turns to a solid green, the voltage will be high enough to start the vehicle. If further assistance is needed, please contact Baccus Global Technical Support at 877.571.2391 or email at CustomerService@Baccusllc.com

    by|May 31, 2024
      Q:Does this model use capacitors to boost the dead 12v battery
      by|Apr 29, 2024
      1 Answer
      Answer This Question

      A:  This model is fully compatible and uses power from with all 20V MAX* and Flex Volt Lithium-Ion batteries with no problem.

      by|Jun 11, 2024
        1 found this answer helpful
        Q:will it work in a diesel truck?
        by|Jan 4, 2024
        1 Answer
        Answer This Question

        A:  This model is suitable for use with four, six, and eight-cylinder gasoline engines (12-volt system only) used in cars, trucks, farm equipment, RVs, SUVs, lawn mowers, garden tractors, motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATVs, trucks, and various commercial applications.

        by|Jul 1, 2024
          2 found this answer helpful
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          Dewalt Battery Booster Kit With 20V XR 5 AH Lithium-Ion Battery Pack Plus Charger
          I have one of those vehicles that seems to eat batteries; not that it kills them, but every now and then my battery is near dead and needs a jump. I was able to test this battery booster under real life conditions. The booster did what it was supposed to do; charge the battery enough to crank the engine over and start it. Granted, the weather conditions were mild. The unit is easy to use and is safer than jumping the battery from another vehicle. The dual LED work lights will certainly help in the dark. The kit comes with a Dewalt 20v 5ah battery and a 4.0 amp battery charger. The unit is compatible with all Dewalt 20v batteries and with Dewalt FlexVolt batteries. The booster is compact measuring about 9”h - 7”w - 6”d. One complaint is the short cables, even 6” longer each would be an improvement.
          • Recommended
          Battery jumper , light and USB
          I was not sure about this unit to help start a vehicle. I read the specs and thought well if it is right it should do it. For such a small package I wasn't feeling it. I was wrong. This unit works great. It can also perform several functions which surprised me even more. This is a great item to have. It easily stores in the truck. It doesn't take hardly any space.
          • Recommended
          Charge your Vehicle
          The DeWalt 3in1 Portable Charger is a well constructed product. It is compact, and yet provides the power to potentially get a vehicle’s battery going again. The product provides the charging capacity for most 12VDC batteries, and once the charged level is indicated, and vehicle should start. Well, the emphasis is on “should”, dependencies must account for other potential failures. Manuals for the product’s battery charger and for the product itself are very good. The safety precautions are detailed, for both the product battery and for connection to a vehicle battery for charging. The indicator light’s description enable a good status check on the product’s capacity for vehicle charging. Of note, the product’s battery charging lights are RED only, with the charging blinking, and solid for fully charged – no Green. The product battery clamps provide a solid grip, for either top or side vehicle battery posts. Also, the clamps are “stored” on the product’s case for ease on/off. Though, the product to clamp cable length is relatively short, which requires the Product to be placed close to the vehicle battery. The length is adequate for my Van and Truck, but will not enable the reach for my Corvette. Ensure the “reach” is adequate for the vehicle under consideration. The product LED lights are a good additional feature for night work, because as we all know, vehicle problems seem to always occur in the dark. Please understand, the product is a “charge”. It must attempt to charge the vehicle’s battery before the starting process can be attempted. The product will not support a direct connection and attempt a start only off the product’s battery. Though, DeWalt does have other excellent product offerings that come close, and have air pumps for tire inflation. Just need to understand your needs and select the product to meet them. Regarding the product’s battery charger, several very good features are present. It will cut off once fully charged, and can leave the battery in the charger. And, the charge will indicate if the battery is out of temperature tolerance. Of note, the initial charge took several hours to complete. As with any product device of this type, a “note” to self should be tracked to ensure the product battery remains sufficiently charged over time. May be especially true prior to a trip. Would recommend the product for it’s solid construction and multiple features. Excellent addition to a vehicle’s survival package.
          • Recommended
          Compact and effective!
          The Dewalt automotive jump starter is a must for any garage. As someone with three vehicles, it's only a matter of time until one of them needs a jump start. My favorite part about this jump starter is its size. The unit itself is rather small which makes it great for portability. The unit measures 9" tall x 6" deep x 7" wide. The only issue I have with the unit is the length of the actual jumper cables, as I find them to be rather short at 20" measured from the unit to the end of the clamp. When not in use, the jumper cables clamp onto the back of the unit to prevent the cables from going everywhere and to keep everything tidy. The clamping width of the clamps themselves is rather narrow. I did have issues trying to clamp the clamp onto the positive post of the battery with the terminal attached. I had to clamp the unit on a narrow bit of exposed metal on the terminal to get it to grab properly. The two USB-A ports on the front of the unit are a nice addition, as it also allows you to charge small devices such as your phone in the event that you need some extra battery. Power output seems decent, with my Pixel 6 estimating 2 hrs. to fully charge from 5% to 100% using the USB ports on the jump starter. Given that most devices are now switching to USB-C, it would have been nice to have one of ports be USB-C to provide a variety of charging options. Boosting the battery was straight forward (just make sure you read the instructions properly depending on how you intend to use the jump starter) and efficient. I connected the jump starter to my car battery, let it charge, removed the jump starter and my car started right up. The two LED lights on the back of the unit are a nice addition in the event that you have to try to jump start your battery in pitch black. Personally, I feel that the lights are a bit weak and don't provide much light output (you'll get more light out of your cellphone camera light), but it's better than nothing. In my opinion, the lights have a bit of a design flaw, in that the lights aim directly forward, whereas they would have been more useful if they tilted downwards to some degree to illuminate the surface you're trying to work on (in this case the engine bay). Overall, I'm very pleased with the tool, especially because I can use the 20v batteries I already have and not have to worry about buying another dedicated unit with a built-in battery that you commonly see nowadays. Though a word of caution, as there is one downside to the 20v lithium-ion battery, and that is that it should not be stored in the car, at least not during the summer as the battery should never see temperatures higher than 130F (which can easily be reached in the summer inside a vehicle). Take that into consideration if you are planning to keep this jump starter in your car.
          • Recommended
          Very innovative
          I chose this jump starter because I always have at least a few DeWalt 20v batteries in my truck that are charged up so it just makes sense to be able to use those instead of carrying another type of jump pack that I then need to be concerned about keeping charged. I knew the size would take up more room but figured it was worth it for the convenience. To my surprise when this arrived it was about half the size of what I expected so that drawback that I was considering was now null and void. This is a very lightweight and compact unit and it doesn’t get much bigger or heavier when using the included 5ah battery. The clamps for attaching to the vehicle are a heavy duty metal that open very wide to grab bigger terminal lugs and the spring is very strong to hold them in place. The two led lights on the back work great for illuminating under the hood at night to safely hook up the clamps. I haven’t used the 2 usb charging ports but I could definitely see them coming in handy to charge a phone or other device while camping or if you’re stranded with a broken down car that has more wrong then just a dead battery. Overall I’m very impressed with the size and features of this and highly recommend checking this out especially if you already have Dewalt 20v stuff.
          • Recommended
          DEWALT Battery Booster Kit With 20-Volt Lithium Battery
          I wanted to try out the DEWALT Professional Battery Booster Kit to jump start a car but I haven't gotten the opportunity yet. I have used it to charge a solar back up 12v battery and used the USB port to charge a hair trimmer. The battery clamps are kind of small and the cables are short, but that makes it compact. The charger is a better one than the one I already have and the battery will work on all my other Dewalt tools.
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          Compact, versatile battery booster 20V w/extras
          If you run any kind of farm equipment or vehicles you will have a dead battery. We got booster for two reasons. One is to carry in my farm truck to jump/boost tractors, 4 wheelers, side by side and any other vehicles when needed. Second is we have other tools and equipment of this brand and it has worked well for us. It is compact and easy to store. It came with a 5 ah battery and charger which is nice. These will also work with my other batteries/chargers. It is light enough even with the battery. Nice touches are the 2 USB ports to charge my phone and flashlight. The LED light is very helpful to see what your doing when connecting the clamp cables. I wish the cables were a bit more flexible and a little longer. Otherwise, very handy addition
          • Recommended
          small but mighty
          Looks like Dewalt is going for the "small things that carry a big punch". This booster is way smaller than I expected but I'm not going to let that denture me from enjoying the power it has. Of course your only going to get the power that 1 battery has to offer but in a pinch, you cant beat this convenience. I also like the USB jacks on the front to charge other things. On the back of this there are LED lights that work pretty good but I have flashlights that give off more light than these. All in all its not a bad little unit and sure doesn't take up very much room.
          • Recommended
          Great 3 in 1 auto/battery booster from DeWalt includes LED lighting and two USB ports operated by a 20v MAX battery.
          With all the electronics in modern vehicles these days I don’t like to jump start other peoples cars as it may have an adverse affect on my own while jump starting. With the DeWalt Battery Booster this eliminates that issue as it has its own battery. This by it self is a good choice, you connect the booster to the battery to be jumped/boosted and press the button, wait for the light to turn green and try to start the car. It’s that simple. Other features of this 3 in 1 booster is it has built in LED lights that are pretty bright, could be useful for a number of emergency reasons on the road like changing a flat tire or troubleshooting something under the hood. The last of the 3 features is the 2 USB ports it has to operate smaller devices or to charge cell phones or tablets. In a pinch, you can use the battery with your 20v MAX DeWalt tools, so that is an unlisted perk. Well worth the cost, lots of value in this product.
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          Dewalt lithium jump starter with a twist
          My review if this dewalt jump starter. Things that i like about this jump starter are the versatility. It has lights , they arent very bright but they do the job. It has 2 usb ports for charging your devices. This is a switchable on off feature. And lastly i like that if you have alot of dewalt batteries like I do you do not have to wait for it to charge. Thats a major plus for me. I even put a flex volt battery on this and jump started my atv. My dislikes are the cabling. It should be a heavier gauge and a little longer It claim it can jump a v8 engine. I would love to see that and i would be convinced. But right now I am a little leary. So is it worth it ... I would say yes depending on your situation. If you are a Dewalt fan and have lots of batteries definitely worth it. If you dont have large capacity DeWalt batteries i would buy a stand alone jump pack.
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