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8 oz. Fuel Stabilizer

  • Eliminates then prevents ethanol related problems
  • Year round fuel stabilizer for 2-cycle and 4-cycle engines
  • Prevents corrosion, removes water, provides easy engine starting
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Product Overview

Prevent future engine problems with 8 oz. Ethanol Shield. This year round fuel stabilizer is used for your power equipment with 2-cycle and 4-cycle engines. This preventative maintenance formula eliminates then prevents ethanol related problems. It removes water, prevents corrosion, provides easy engine starting all year, and keeps stored fuel fresh.
  • Treats up to 80 Gal., for use with all 2-cycle and 4-cycle engines
  • Protects all engine components from corrosion and varnish build-up caused by ethanol blended fuels to keep your engine starting and running easily all year
  • Envelopes water so it passes safely through the fuel system and does not bond with ethanol avoiding the corrosive effects of ethanol blended fuels
  • [delete] and EPA registered (including automobile use)

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Product Depth (in.)
7.2 in
Product Height (in.)
2.2 in
Product Width (in.)
2.2 in


Container Size (oz.)
Used with Equipment Type
ATV,Car,Chainsaw,Compact Tractor,Generator,Mower,Pressure Washer,Push Mower,Riding Mower,Snow Blower,Tractor Mower,Walk Behind Mower,Zero Turn Mower

Questions & Answers


Can I mix with 2 cycle oil with gasoline

Asked by Cris June 24, 2020

Yes not a problem

How many oz per 5 gallons of fuel for Lawn & Garden (2 & 4 cycle)? This question is really for B...

Asked by wj October 4, 2019

I use 2oz. ethanol shield per 5 gallons container.

I put a whole 2 Oz bottle of Ethanol Shield in a 2 gallon gas can. It's for a lawn mower. Is this going to mess up the motor?

Asked by Ron September 19, 2019


What is the shelf life for this product ?

Asked by keith March 20, 2019

About the same as the shelf life for gasoline. One or two years shouldn't bother it at all. Forty years or more might give you a problem.

I have a 8 oz bottle of the shield. I have a 2.5 gallon gas can it says 1 oz for the 2.5 gallon correct? It says the bottle is for 80 gallons? how?

Asked by Chief May 31, 2016

You can add just a little, if you desire, and in doing that, you can actually tteat up to 80 gallons. You can't over do it.. I dont measure, I just pour in a small amount.

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Help me a.lot with my lawn mower to turn it on .
Help me a.lot with my lawn mower to turn it on .
by Espi
I just bought a new lawnmower within the past month. The sales guy recommended I buy this and add...
I just bought a new lawnmower within the past month. The sales guy recommended I buy this and add it to my gas. He said it would help in the long run. So I did. So far so good. You use a very little bit at a time so this bottle should last me quite a while.
by Mama
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Lawn equipment starts easily and runs smoothly
While having to have small engines repaired, I have talked to many small engine mechanics and boat mechanics who stress the damaging effects of fuel with enthanol on 2 and 4 cycle engines. I have been adding stabilizer to the fuel for my lawn equipment and small engines the try to prevent future repairs. Thought I would give this product a try. Seems to be doing what it is supposed to or as well as the others I have tried. Since I have not used it long term, I can't say if it is better than the competitors or not. Price is competitive. The bottle says it treats up to 80 gallons, but that is in an automobile (1 oz per 10 gallons). The directions say to add 2 oz per 5 gallons for 2 & 4 cycle fuel or fuel storage for up to one year. It has an measurement on the bottle so makes it easy to add the right amount.
by Texashillgang
Easy to use
Ethanol Shield fuel stabilizer says on the bottle “Protects 2 and 4-cycle engines from ethanol”. Ethanol is a fuel that comes from corn or sugar cane, a renewable resource, and it’s added to gasoline. The gas pump will say “Contains 10% ethanol” or “15% ethanol” in some Midwest states. Ethanol, like alcohol, will absorb water from the atmosphere and retain it, and this is hard on the carburetors of small engines. It’s also corrosive to fuel lines. I’m concerned with protecting my small engines — lawnmower, chainsaw, leaf blower, generator, from becoming gummed up with ethanol. Each time my lawn mower becomes gummed up it costs me about $100 to get it repaired at the lawn equipment service place. I have to schlep the mower to the repair shop and go pick it up a few days later. Of course the grass keeps growing while I wait for my repair. So protecting my lawn mower engine from the bad effects of ethanol is important to me. The Ethanol Shield bottle also says “Prevents repairs; Easy starting all year; Treats up to 80 gallons.” It comes in an 8 ounce bottle. The directions inform you that it treats 80 gallons for an automobile engine. For a lawnmower or other small engine the directions on Ethanol Shield say to mix two ounces of Ethanol Shield with five gallons of gas — thus the 8-ounce bottle will treat 20 gallons of gas and will last me for two seasons. The bottle has handy ounce measurements on the side — I have occasionally used kitchen measuring spoons for lawn mower additives, but this package has the measure on it. Using it is that simple: mix two ounces with a 5-gallon container of gas. I cannot comment now on how effective it is, for it will take me weeks, maybe months to learn. My hope is that I do not ever have another ethanol problem. Mechanic in a Bottle, which came with the Ethanol Shield, says on its bottle “Fix poor/non-running engines; revitalizes stale fuel; cleans carb, no removal; All 2 & 4 cycle engines; removes water; stops all ethanol issues; cleans carbon and varnish; reconditions rubber and plastic parts”. My lawnmower, a Troy-Bilt with an 8.5 horsepower Briggs & Stratton 4-cycle engine, would not start. It fired just a bit, but would not start. I’d had ethanol problems, and thought that was the present issue. I followed the directions on Mechanic in a Bottle for Non-Running Engines. I removed, with a kitchen baster, all the gasoline from the tank. I put the entire 4 ounces of Mechanic in a Bottle in the gas tank, and pulled the starter cord four times to suck some of the liquid into the carburetor. The engine fired a bit as it had before. “Starts working in as little as 15 minutes!” says the bottle. “For best results, let engine stand for at least four hours” says the bottle. I did that, and tried to start it. It fired for a bit longer than it had, about a full second, enticing me. “Severely contaminated fuel systems let stand overnight” says the bottle. I did that, and tried to start it. It fired a bit longer, about 1.5 seconds, tempting me. I let is stand for another 24 hours. It was still firing about 1.5 seconds, but not starting. Still another 24 hours yielded the same result. I took my mower to the repair shop where they dismantled the carburetor cleaning out the congealed ethanol, and charging me after yet another five days, $95. The man at the repair shop said “you had really old gas in the carburetor.” Summary: Mechanic in a Bottle worked a bit on my apparently severely contaminated carburetor, but not enough to start the engine.
by Peterh9
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This Product worksmgreat.
The Product works with getting better gas mileage and everyone I have told about it has had the same results. I will never be without it again.
by Buddie
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Have been using Ethanol Shield for my mowers to make them last longer, like days before ethanol .
Have been using Ethanol Shield for my mowers to make them last longer, like days before ethanol .
by macdanyel
I've maintained my Toro mower, Briggs and Stratton engine and...
I've maintained my Toro mower, Briggs and Stratton engine and am on my fourth season. With Ethanol Shield it's never failed me yet.
by HomeDepotCustomer
Added to my Honda weed eater that wouldn’t keep running...
Added to my Honda weed eater that wouldn’t keep running and it cleared up.
by Bill
Great delivery at store. All was easy to assemble...
Great delivery at store. All was easy to assemble and very pleased with the products.
by HomeDepotCustomer
Rating provided by a verified purchaser...
Rating provided by a verified purchaser
by HomeDepotCustomer
Showing 1-10 of 241 reviews