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Flex Tape Clear 4 in. x 5 ft. Strong Rubberized Waterproof Tape

  • Waterproof tape made to patch, bond, seal and repair
  • Can be applied hot, cold, wet and dry
  • Seals out water, air and moisture for a durable seal
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Flex Tape is a super strong waterproof tape that can instantly patch, bond, and seal virtually anything. It can be applied on dry or wet surfaces and it even works underwater. Flex Tape's powerful adhesive bonds instantly sticks to almost any surface and actually gets stronger with time and pressure. Flex Tape has a thick, flexible rubberized backing that conforms to any shape and object. Flex Tape is UV resistant, VOC- free, and withstands extreme temperature and weather conditions.
  • Thick, flexible, rubberized adhesive tape
  • Conforms to any shape or object
  • Seals out air, water, and moisture
  • Great for patching large holes, cracks, gaps, and tears
  • Can be applied hot or cold, wet or dry, even underwater
  • Available in 3 sizes to cover cracks, holes, and gaps of any size
  • Can withstand extreme weather conditions and temperatures from -70°F to 200°F
  • UV resistant, environmentally friendly, VOC-free
  • Just cut, peel, stick, and seal, yeee doggy - Phil swift
  • Also works on PVC, steel, copper, aluminum, wood, tile, stucco, plaster, stone, cement, and EPDM roofs

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Questions & Answers

by|Jan 18, 2023
1 Answer
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A:  Hey there! Another product will likely work better for this application. When you get a chance, send us an email to humans@flexsealproducts.com with more information. We're ready and willing to help.

by|Jan 19, 2023
    Q:Is the tape easy to remove
    by|Jan 13, 2023
    1 Answer
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    A:  No. We used it to seal our gutters where they joined. We put it on the inside.

    by|Jan 17, 2023
      Q:Will it stick to shingles as a water barrier?
      by|Dec 27, 2022
      4 Answers
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      A:  It should - it is very sticky. You can also use the tape in combination with the spray...

      by|Dec 30, 2022

        A:  If the shingles are standard ashfault, they will be too rough for the tape to seal against. 

        by|Jan 3, 2023

          A:  I’m not sure.  I used this on my above ground pool.  The liner had a small hole in it and I covered it with the flex seal tape.  It worked great, no leaks all summer!  I’ll have to wait until May when I take the cover off the pool and fill up over the tape to see if it held up through the winter. 

          by|Dec 29, 2022

            A:  Hey there! Although our products will form a super-strong seal, different projects require different levels of attention. When you get a chance, send us an email or DM on all socials. We're here to help.

            by|Dec 30, 2022
              Q:can it be used to temporally fix a headlight lenz
              by|Dec 26, 2022
              2 Answers
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              A:  Hey there! You bet - plenty of customers have seen both short- and long-term success using our products for a variety of cosmetic automotive repairs. If you ever need advice or project-specific tips in the future, send us an email or DM on all socials. We're here to help.

              by|Dec 30, 2022

                A:  yes you can

                by|Jan 21, 2023
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                  Flex Tape seals the leaks
                  I recently purchased a roll of Flex Tape for my automatic in ground pool cover. My cover is 8 years old now and has a few pinhole spots. The cover keeps the pool underneath clean and prevents rain water from penetrating into it. Thus I am using the Flex Tape to keep my pool cover barrier sealed up tight. I have a couple of spots that developed about two years ago that already have Flex Tape on them. I just recently used Flex Tape to seal a few more holes. My goal is to keep the cover for at least two more years and Flex Tape is making that possible. I highly recommend it.
                  Response from Customer ServiceSep 6, 2022
                  Hey Larry! Thank you so much for the 5-star review. We're so glad to hear that our Flex Tape worked great for your pool repair. Send us an email to Humans@FlexSealProducts.com if you would ever like some advice on a future project with one of our products. FLEXON! FlexSealProducts
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                  Does Not Work on Rubber
                  A piece of the gasket (at the bottom) had come off from my washing machine. I patched it with regular Gorilla tape (which worked) while I investigated a more permanent solution, eventually deciding on Flex Tape. Removing the residue left behind by the Gorilla tape was an ordeal. I then applied the Flex Tape, which is quite thick (one should only cut it with a razor knife), but it did not adhere sufficiently to the rubber gasket even though I had waited a long time before using the machine. Water leaked out when I used it -- something that did not occur with the regular Gorilla tape. I am returning the Flex Tape and will try the Gorilla Waterproof Patch & Seal Tape. Flex Tape might work on plastic (which is why I gave it two stars instead of one), but I have only tried it on rubber with poor results.
                  Response from Customer ServiceJun 17, 2022
                  Hi there. We're very sorry to hear about that. Please feel free to reach out to us by email at Humans@FlexSealProducts.com and we'll do our very best to provide you with assistance. We appreciate your taking the time to share your feedback. FlexSealProducts
                    Did not work underwater as advertised, as well as did...
                    Did not work underwater as advertised, as well as did not create a water tight seal in a fish tank. Will never use this crap again! And it's way too expensive to just suck like that!
                    Response from Customer ServiceApr 4, 2022
                    Hi, thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us. We're sorry to hear that the Flex Tape did not work for your repair. When you have a moment, please send us an email at Humans@FlexSealProducts.com so we can turn your experience around. We look forward to hearing from you, have a great day FlexSealProducts
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                    Warning: NOT FOR PRESSURIZED HOSES
                    Would be a 5 star only if they would have listed: nothing under pressure to be used on. This item is great except not for hoses like kitchen Sprayers. Things with pressure build up. My Kitchen sink sprayer had a small hole in the hose & was spraying water everywhere under. Thought I’d try this had great reviews. Followed all instruction to a T, used alcohol to clean hose applying to, waited over 24 hours to set, turn on water, well it blew up like a balloon & busted.
                    Response from Customer ServiceMar 21, 2022
                    Hi Patty. This is definitely not the Flex Seal Way. Please send us an email at Humans@FlexSealProducts.com with more details on what went wrong, and we will be with you as soon as possible. FlexSealProducts
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                      This tape is AWESOME!! As long as you clean the...
                      This tape is AWESOME!! As long as you clean the surface you are using the tape on it will stick AND stay stuck where you put it!! I put up some plastic around my patio awning to keep the rain out…I used this tape to hold the plastic to the metal drain at the bottom edge of the awning…it has rained at least three times since I put it up & I haven’t had one leak or issue with the tape coming loose because it got wet!! I thought it was a little pricey but now I’m convinced it’s worth every nickel!! I will use it again & recommend it!!
                      Response from Customer ServiceFeb 24, 2022
                      Hey there! Thank you so much for taking the time to write this review. We really appreciate it and are so happy to hear that our Flex Tape is working great for you. If you ever need some tips and tricks for a future repair with our products, please send us an email at Humans@FlexSealProducts.com. FLEX ON! FlexSealProducts
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                      Stuff Really Works
                      I bought some Flex Tape as part of some random supplies to go on a trip because I'm the type of guy that overpacks tools and accessories hoping that I will never need them, but knows that it's possible that I might. Well I was out on the lake with my deck boat and ended up getting a bad small that seemed like it was coming from my outdrive. I unscrewed the dip stick to check the oil and realized that the dip stick threads were completely stripped (the top of the outdrive is above the water line when not in motion). There didn't turn out to be any issue with the oil, but now I was stuck with a dick stick that was no longer water-tight that has to be in the water. I wasn't in a place that had a good cell signal and had to get back to the marina, so I used some Flex Seal around the head and then used Flex Tape over the whole dip stick and port and ran my way back in. I was very pleasantly surprised to see that no water penetrated the Flex Tape, what looks like moisture inside is Flex Seal that I kind of got all over the place. With a boat running on choppy water and relatively decent speeds, this product held up and didn't allow water to get into my outdrive's oil. This product is very flexible and pretty easy to apply. Try not to let the adhesive side roll up on itself or you're going to have a problem trying to get it to pull apart again. Once the product is applied, that same piece cannot be pulled off and reapplied. It's a very strong seal and if you need to get it off it takes some will-power. I used a drill with a drill-eraser to get it all off.
                      Response from Customer ServiceAug 2, 2021
                      Hi there, thank you so much for sharing your awesome experience with us! We're so happy to hear the Flex Tape was the perfect fix for your deck boat! If you ever need help with a future project or repair, feel free to message us anytime at Humans@FlexSealProducts.com. Take care and Flex On! FlexSealProducts
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                      Patched our kiddie pool
                      [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] We got this to patch our quarantine kiddie pool that’s been getting a lot of love. The bottom had a hole and wasn’t inflating. The patch worked like a charm! Plus there is another patch and glue for the inevitability of another hole. Happy summer everyone! Get this for backup or quick repair that works.
                      Response from Flex Seal Family of Products Customer CareJan 29, 2021
                      Thank you so much for reaching out with that great experience. We hope you had plenty of fun under the sun and stayed safe. If you ever need any help just message us through humans@flexsealproducts.com.
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                        Didn't work
                        [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I tried this on my garden hose which had 2 small holes. I cleaned and dried the area before applying and let cure for over 24 hrs. It seemed to seal the smallest of the two holes but not the other one. It still sprayed out from under the tape. I don't know if maybe I did not get a good seal or what but it didn't work for me. I do like the ease of application and am witting to still try it again on other projects
                        Response from Flex Seal Family of Products Customer CareFeb 12, 2021
                        Good evening and thank you for reaching out to us. We're very sorry for the experience you had and would love a chance to turn it around. Please send us a message through Humans@flexsealproducts.com so that we can better assist you.
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                          Works great
                          [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] We bought a package of flex tape mini in clear and used it as soon as we got at home. We figured we try on something simple. Our dish pan has a small crack in it and so we cleaned and dried the outside of the dish pan and put on the flex tape and so far so good it seems to be holding the water and now we don’t have to buy a new dish pan. I really am happy with how it worked on it and look forward to using other products by flex tape to
                          Response from Flex Seal Family of Products Customer CareFeb 1, 2021
                          Flex Tape Minis are great for DIY repairs like this and so much more. Thank you so much for taking the time to write your review and rate it with 5 stars! Woo Hoo! Please email us anytime at Humans@FlexSealProducts.com. Flex On!
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                            Flex Tape Patches
                            [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Tried the Flex Tape, Patches. It comes in a pack of 2. And it definitely feels like rubber and is super strong! Way thicker than I thought it would be! You will need something to cut it with, if you need a smaller patch, you can use it on several different items and in several different conditions, whether it's hot or wet. Something I will definitely keep in an emergency bag, sturdy tape for sure!
                            Response from Flex Seal Family of Products Customer CareFeb 4, 2021
                            Hi there! We're glad to hear that you liked Flex Tape mini. We suggest using a utility blade instead of scissors to cut Flex Tape. It's super sticky and incredibly thick due to the adhesive. Please contact us by email at Humans@FlexSealProducts.com if you have any questions. Flex On!
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