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Givhandys 4 in. Potted Variegated Four Leaf Clover Bog/Marginal Aquatic Pond Plant

  • Water-wise plant produces wide leaves
  • Pond plant tolerates full sunlight to shade
  • Best planted from summer to fall in ponds
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Product Overview

Varigated Four Leaf Clover, Marsilea mutica, is an attractive and versatile addition to your pond. Each leaf is a perfect 4 leaf clover bringing the luck of the leprechaun to all who view it. It does fine in moving water tucked between rocks of a stream bed or waterfall. Can also be submerged up to 18 in. deep allowing the leaves to float on the water's surface. A fast growing plant that helps provide shade/surface coverage for your pond.
  • Aquatic clover has 2 in. to 3 in. wide leaves with a pattern of green, yellow and red, the more sunlight you give it, the more vivid the colors, it can take full sun to shade light conditions
  • Versatility of this plant lies in its choices of placement in the pond, being able to accept moving water adds some color to stream beds and waterfalls, capable of planting depths from right at the surface of your pond up to 18 in. deep allows the leaves to spread on the surface and provide valuable shade for the pond and fish
  • Hardy in zones 5 - 11, this is a happy plant that is a perennial in most pond environments
  • Purchasing a bog plant already potted in aquatic soil with an established root system is a real advantage
  • Makes for a seamless transition into your pond with no shock to the plant which greatly reduces the chance for failure and encourages rapid growth

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Mature Width (in.)
12 in.


Additional Characteristics
Average Shipping Height (in.)
Best Time to Plant
Summer to Fall
Blossom Color
No Blossoms
Common Name
Pond Plant
Hardiness Zone
11 (40 to 50 F),5 (-20 to -10 F)
Number of plants included (Pack-Size)
Sun Tolerance
Sun or Shade
Wildlife Attracted
No Wildlife Attracted
Wildlife Deterred
No Wildlife Deterred

Questions & Answers


Can the clover be planted in soil? I have a damp zone surrounding the pond (essentially the exces...

Asked by minionsweb September 12, 2020

Hi minionsweb! The clover you will get is already planted in a 4 inch pot of aquatic soil. This plant needs to be submerged under at least a couple of inches of water for it to perform effectively as it functions primarily as a surface coverage plant. If given a constant source of water in a bog situation, it will get 2 - 3 inches tall. It will do well in the nooks and crannies of a 2" deep wet zone.

I ordered this plant because it is supposed to be hardy in Zone 5. The stake in the pot lists it...

Asked by Kbird April 11, 2020

Clover is usually hardy. I'm not sure about this variety. I live in zone 8. My clover is in a terracota pot in my small garden pond. I plan to bring it inside during harsh weather. If you place the pot in a shallow container of water and keep it in a sunny location you can enjoy it inside over the winter.

can this plant grow in potting soil?

Asked by unk May 18, 2017

Hi UNK! The previous answer is correct. All of our Pond Plants are already planted in DynaDirt Aquatic Soil and are well rooted so the soil is not prone to leaching out. All of your commercial "potting soils" almost always contain pine bark, vermiculite, etc which are things that will float, or leave the pot when placed in a pond under the water. I would not recommend using potting soil for this plant, rather an aquatic soil.

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Wrong Growing Info In Description
Plant arrived in a nice pot with good growth for being in the mail. The condition is acceptable. The Home Depot site says this plant is for Zones 5-11. I'm in Zone 5. The plant information from the manufacturer says it is for Zones 7-10. This plant won't survive here and I would not have purchased it if know it was for zone 7. The description on the site also says the plant can be go up to 18 inches deep in the water. The manufacturer info says only up to 6 inches. So now I have a plant that I have to pull inside for winter and I can't plant it in the deep area I wanted to. It's a cool plant, but the website info is just wrong. I attached pics with details.
by PBandJay
4 people found this helpful
I was so excited to find this plant online and have loved the quality of pond plants from Givhand...
I was so excited to find this plant online and have loved the quality of pond plants from Givhandys that I've received in the past but this Four Leaf Clover arrived with great packaging, just the leaves were completely dead. I went ahead and planted it in my pond with hopes that it would come back but unfortunately this one was a waste of money.
by ArrivedDead
Started decent, fizzled out
After explicitly asking if this was hardy in zone 7 (b) & would it be ok with it's feet wet (marginal area of pond) and told yes, ordered it. Came in decent time, arrived healthy enough, was easy enough to add to the pond, sorta grew for the balance of the season. This spring I was looking forward to it returning - BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ literally 2 itty bitty leafs then nada, zilch, nothing, kaputski, boo yow, nein, naught. here it is months later, still nothing. Well that was a fail. Not sure what the deal is with their stock but this one is not a hardy marginal.
by minionsweb
The plant arrived looking nothing like the picture. It came with 95% yellow/browned leaves with j...
The plant arrived looking nothing like the picture. It came with 95% yellow/browned leaves with just a few very small green leaves at the bottom. I doubt this plant is going to survive.
by homeshopper
Received large healthy plant. It hasn’t grown much because...
Received large healthy plant. It hasn’t grown much because my goldfish keep nibbling away at it. But even with that, still a healthy plant with a lot of regrowth.
the plant arrived wilted almost all the leaves turned yellow....
the plant arrived wilted almost all the leaves turned yellow.
by HomeDepotCustomer
Plant was overtaken by grass that came with it and...
Plant was overtaken by grass that came with it and dried up very poor quality
by HomeDepotCustomer
The plant looked good when it arrived and it fluorished...
The plant looked good when it arrived and it fluorished
by LJ
Plant was yellow and didn't look healthy.
I was disappointed when the plant arrived, as it is very yellow and doesn't look healthy at all. It was plenty hydrated even coming through the mail - so that was a positive. I put it on the edge of our pond, fingers crossed it lives.
by AMK
1 person found this helpful
Showing 1-10 of 28 reviews