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HLBSL 6 in. Color Selectable New Construction or Remodel Canless Recessed Integrated LED Kit

  • HALO canless LED recessed lighting - no housing or j-box needed
  • Canless LED lights ultra-slim design goes where can lights can’t
  • Recessed lighting suitable for use in both wet/dry environments
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Product Details

Halo HLB6 Selectable Series Downlights are complete 6 in. ultra-thin canless recessed lights designed for use in new construction, remodel and retrofit installation, without needing a housing or j-box. Ultra-slim design goes where LED can lights can't. Choose your color temperature directly on the fixture. With the flick of a switch, you can choose between 3 color temperatures ranging from warm (3000K) to daylight (5000K) prior to installing into your ceiling. This Halo recessed lighting fixture features an LED driver that offers 120-Volt dimming capability. The HLB6 LED recessed lighting soft lens provides uniform illumination and wet location listing.
  • Housing and J-box not required, easy to install spring clips firmly secure recessed LED lights in ceiling
  • Repositionable driver junction box
  • Selectable CCT allows customization to create perfect lighting for your home all throughout your house
  • Choose between 3-discrete color temperature settings ranging from soft (3000K) to daylight (5000K)
  • LED recessed lights with attractive round Halo matte white finish with textured lens to provide smooth light distribution
  • LED recessed lights are built to last with maintenance-free energy efficient LED's, eliminating your need to use and replace bulbs
  • LEDs have 35,000-hours of life, eliminating your need to use and replace bulbs
  • Good brightness at 940 Lumens (at 3000K color temperature) recessed lights provide illumination to any room
  • 90 CRI, title 24 Compliant technology provides near sunlight quality light for true color rendering and consistency inside your home
  • Air-tite, wet rated recessed lights can be used in shower and outdoor light applications
  • Designed for continuous dimming down to 5%, standard 120-Volt electronic low-voltage dimmer is recommended for best performance
  • Halo 6 in. LED lights are IC rated, for direct contact with insulation
  • 6 in. recessed lighting produces light equivalent to a 75-Watt bulb yet uses just 12-Watt (see product spec sheet to confirm)
  • 1/2 in. D makes this product great for use in shallow ceilings
  • Fits into applications with as little as 3.5 in. plenum clearance
  • ENERGY STAR qualified for energy conservation
  • Click here for more information on Electronic Recycling Programs
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Questions & Answers

Q:Can I install two lights together supported by one switch?
by|May 30, 2023
1 Answer
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A:  Please note you can install the fixtures supported by one compatible dimmer switch. refer the below link to access the compatible dimmer switch of HLBSL6. https://www.cooperlighting.com/api/assets/v1/file/CLS/content/dab9ec919c2d490a98bfad4001699170/halo-hlb-lite-dimmingguide

by|May 30, 2023
    Q:Has anyone experienced popping sounds when the lights turn on (warm up) and when turned off (cool down)? Is this normal for this product?
    by|May 25, 2023
    0 Answer
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    Q:I have several old can lights with bad thermocouples - can I safely remove the thermocouples and install the wires for these lights to the old junction box?
    by|May 22, 2023
    3 Answers
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    A:  I'm not sure that would be a feasible option. I don't think these trims will fit within the original housing. Your best bet would be to remove the existing housing (3 hex head screws), remove the house wiring from the old fixture junction box, make it up inside the driver/junction box of the new LEDs, then with any luck, the trim will fit within the frame leftover from the old recessed.

    by|May 27, 2023

      A:  Please note HLBSL6 Direct mount - does not require recessed housing or junction box, refer the below link to access the specification sheet of HLBSL for more information. https://images.thdstatic.com/catalog/pdfImages/05/05a99876-f691-4db9-ac91-7a53448ac50a.pdf

      by|May 23, 2023

        A:  Just wire directly to the wires going to the can lights.  

        by|May 29, 2023
          Q:Can those light fixtures be install on ceiling tiles [drop ceiling] legally in the state of New Jersey
          by|May 16, 2023
          2 Answers
          Answer This Question

          A:  These LED light fixtures can also be installed in a drop ceiling tile.

          by|May 20, 2023

            A:  Yes, it can be installed in drop ceiling. Please refer the below link to access the specification sheet of HLBSL for more details. https://www.cooperlighting.com/api/assets/v1/file/CLS/content/530ff3d76838495abe27ad41007deba9/halo-hlbsl6-module-spec_hlbsl6099fs351emwr

            by|May 17, 2023
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              Very nice! Love the lighting options
              I have 4 of these in my house already and we love them. So, when I was moving my office to our basement, I picked up 6 more (4 for office, 2 for a different area of the basement). For those wondering, if you remove the hardware from the back and gently push out the light, you can paint the trim ring. I painted mine flat black to go with what I had going on downstairs. Turned out really well!! I will buy more!
                • Recommended
                Not bad but won't be my first choice next time
                Not bad. I actually preferred the commercial electric's sets better. The knockouts were easier and they came with 3 way Wagos. Also 5 temp choices instead of the 3 with Halo. But not bad.
                • Verified Purchase
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                Works just fine, lights up everything in front. Easy installation....
                Works just fine, lights up everything in front. Easy installation.
                • Verified Purchase
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                Good light, but makes popping sound
                The good: they’re very thin and easily fit flush with 1/2” drywall even with a ceiling joist over the hole. They install super quickly and easily, work perfectly with dimmers, etc. The bad: the trim ring on these lights is very small. They also make a loud “pop” when turned on or off, or when the room temp. changes. It happens even with the lights powered off, so it’s not an electrical issue but related to temperature. I ended up replacing them with a different brand that doesn’t pop.
                Response from CooperLightingSupportNov 4, 2022
                We are sorry for the inconvenience you experienced. This sound can be associated with the expansion or contraction of fixture when it is off and cools down. While there is no safety issue or functionality issue with this sound, please contact us to work on a solution for your installation at consumerproducts@cooperlighting.com or 1-800-334-6871 (M- F 8am-5pm EST)
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                  Beware lights will leave you hanging!
                  I have had these lights for a little while. The light output of them is great no issues there. But over time the spring clips will just randomly break off. due to the plastic breaking. My fix was to JB Weld the clip bracket back on and reinforce the other one to be safe. It has been fine for many months now.
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                    DIY Easy Install/Very Bright Lights!
                    Easy to install and very bright lights. I installed dimmer switch for them. They really dumb it down for the installer even including a paper cutout you can use as a guide for making your drywall cuts. I bought a separate pack of larger electrical nuts as the ones included on every fixture I’ve ever purchased are always far too small.
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                    1 found this review helpful
                    I had these professionally installed but it looked like they...
                    I had these professionally installed but it looked like they could have been a DIY if you have knowledge of electrical. I’m very happy with the product. We chose to use the 5000k and use a dimmer switch.
                    • Verified Purchase
                    Amazing Light!
                    This light is amazing to work with. I have installed many of them and they all work really well. I love being able to switch between the different light colors. I also really like how easy they are to install: cut a hole, wire it, snap it in, done; its that simple. No more messing with adjusting a can light. You can even install these over a stud/rafter. These lights also look really good. They mount flush and have no breaks in the seem (unless you have a textured ceiling, in which case, make sure the texture isn't too rough, but I suppose you would have that problem with any light you install). The electric box is also very easy to use. They have push connections that make things simple. I was skeptical at first of the push connection, but after a few pull tests, I was comfortable with the installation. These lights are great.
                    • Recommended
                    I really like these Halo lights in my kitchen. I have never had this much light in my kitchen.
                    • Verified Purchase
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                    These lights are EXCELLENT..Not just for NEW CONSTRUCTION
                    I LOVE everything about these lights, except the price. I guess, I LIKE the price. You can find other less expensive versions of these lights out there, but they usually not have selectable color temperature and selectable color temp is important for many reasons. 1) when you and your wife are trying to agree on just how bright you want the livingroom. There are 5 different color settings available. 2) All rooms do NOT require the same amount of brightness. ( Closet vs bedrooom ) 3) if you already have existing lights, being able to change the color of these new lights from warm white to cool white will help "match" color temps with the existing lights So, spending the extra money may be worth it in some situations, and may be not in others. That is up to you. One more thing...when they say new construction, that includes your existing house when you decide to add ceiling lights where there were no ceiling lights before. **These lights are not the optimal choice if you are trying to replace old bulbs in existing can lights and upgrade to LED. There are better choices for that application. **
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                    1 found this review helpful
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