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32 oz. All-Purpose Wide-Mouth Sprayer

  • Industrial-quality design with adjustable spray patterns
  • Large neck opening helps prevent spills while pouring
  • Safe, BPA-free material
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Product Overview

The HDX Wide Mouth All-Purpose Sprayer includes a fully adjustable spray pattern. The 40% larger neck opening allows for easy pouring and fewer spills, eliminating the need for a funnel. It includes a check off grid for identifying contents, safety information and graduation scales for measuring dilutions.
  • Industrial quality sprayer
  • Output: 0.85 cc per stroke
  • Fully adjustable spray pattern
  • Neck finish: 45/400
  • Trigger sprayer is BPA free

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Nozzle Sprayer
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Questions & Answers


I can't get the HDX 32 oz bottle sprayer to unlock

Asked by Ang May 21, 2019

but there is the orange tip. simply give that a turn or 2 to back it off the plug. if its a used bottle it may be jammed.

What is HDX . Have full bottle that indicates it’s a “sprayer and works with wide range of chemic...

Asked by Sam May 19, 2019

HDX is the brand name. This is just a standard spray bottle you can buy & fill with whatever contents you wish. I filled mine with vinegar & water for cleaning.

I keep getting drips from where the plunger enters the body, usually when I have to turn the spra...

Asked by Mike March 15, 2019

they are not meant to be used upside down

Can the HDX trigger spray bottle be used for chlorine bleach?

Asked by customer February 9, 2019

Yes I have bleach with water in mine

Is this made out of HDPE?

Asked by Angel October 14, 2018

There are mutiple pieces - bottle appears to be hdpe - spray may be polystyrene

Can the triggers payers be replaced and does home depot carry them

Asked by johnnnyc September 13, 2018

For the cost of new bottle ($2) less any coupons or discounts; getting a new bottle would make most sense. Odds are because of packaging and demand; the sprayer only would probably cost as much as a new bottle with sprayer. I historically purchased five or more at a time, I use these for all kinds or stuff and for them very durable. I have not had one fail yet; but like anything I’m sure that may happen. Recommend just getting a new bottle or using one from something you purchased once empty (other cleaning supplies).

Can this HDX bottle sprayer, mist spray transmission or 10-30 motor oil?

Asked by spike March 8, 2018

I would think that those liquids would be too thick to work in most spray bottles.

I have at least 5 of these of these and every one the tip breaks out.i was almost blinded by blea...

Asked by tom February 18, 2018

No. I had the same problem. Maybe wear safety glasses next time?

Hi does this product have a MDS(Material Data Sheet) and if it does can it possibly be e-maild to...

Asked by Eric July 25, 2017

it's a spray bottle so no

Is a MSDS sheet available for this product?

Asked by Will July 20, 2017

It is printed on the bottle so you can fill in your numbers to your product

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Brand new sprayer don’t work
Brand new sprayer want work Bad quality control .. Home Depot quality control need to pay more attention to products
by DanJay
simply horrible
I filled it out with white vinegar with water. For a day or two it worked fine and stopped working. I removed the nozzle to see if anything stuck. there saw small black particles. Cleaned it and used it for more and now it's stopped again. Removed everything to see what's goind on. See the picture below. The black rubber they used completely corroded and broke a part. Dont buy it.
by maydogan
It's great until it stops wanting to spray! I've had this for about a month and over the last wee...
It's great until it stops wanting to spray! I've had this for about a month and over the last week or so it got to where it didn't want to spray like it was clogged. So I took it apart to see what was going on and there was little flakes of black stuff behind the orange nozzle cover. Upon further inspection and flooding it with water I got tons pf the stuff out (see pics) and I'm not even sure where it's coming from?! It has to be in the sprayer part but it must have been completely full of the stuff. I'm sure I'll have to clean it out again until it's all gone but for now it works great. Other than that it's a great sprayer, I have homemade antibacterial spray (vinegar, water and alcohol) that I use daily and have had no issues with the handle/sprayer breaking like others.
by Jen1008
1 person found this helpful
Coming Apart at the Seams: I've had mine about a year, and only use it in the kitchen filled with...
Coming Apart at the Seams: I've had mine about a year, and only use it in the kitchen filled with diluted liquid dish detergent. As with several reviewers going back at least three years, the collar of the spray nozzle on mine split apart right where the threads rest at the top of the bottle. It appears the neck is a tad too high; needs to be trimmed about one-eight of an inch. The sprayer worked great before it broke, and since I do go to HD quite a bit, gonna try returning it to see if they'll replace it.
by BarbarinoGetsIt
Very poor product - actual spray action when you squeeze the handle is intermittent at best. Chea...
Very poor product - actual spray action when you squeeze the handle is intermittent at best. Cheap at under $2 but still not worth what I paid, and not worth making a special trip back to Home Depot to return it. It went out with my recyclables this week.
by JohnInTX
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The biggest pile of garbage Ive ever waisted money on, Who do I talk to about this?? Im on my lik...
The biggest pile of garbage Ive ever waisted money on, Who do I talk to about this?? Im on my like 4th or 5th one and they are all the same, I just spilled water all over for the uuuumteenth time because the top wont screw to the bottem!!!! Awww Im so angry right now!!!
5 people found this helpful
Cap cracks and primer poor quality
I bought several of these for the easy refill. That was the catch for me. However, very shortly after purchasing them the screw on cap cracked open and it couldn't hold water. There have been 3 of the 5 that I have purchased cracked right at the same spot, just above the threads. Problem being this is a unique design you cant just screw on a different spray head so the whole bottle is a loss. Also when sitting around for a bit the primer has some difficulty picking up soapy water and has to be pumped rapidly for a short bit to get working. Love the concept.. wishing a fix would be in the future of this product.. possibly replacement spray heads available when redesigned.
by Nirad
7 people found this helpful
Don’t even bother with this spray bottle
Don’t bother with this one unless you only need a couple sprays from it. 1st use I sprayed it several times and put it away. 2nd time I went to use, wouldn’t work. I’ve bought several of these and they never last long.
by JB
penny parts ruin sprayer
the orange sray tip will crack off if tighted to far,which is very easy to do,new tips should be sold in the store.the plunger inside the trigger is made out of a foam type material that just breaks off easily,then the trigger does not retract,end of sprayer. two parts that together could not cost 2 cents! what a shame
by tom
keep your receipt
HD has changed the quality; last for about 1.5 months. Bought (05) for house cleaning products. Had to return/ exchange all five at different time.
by needabettersprayer
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