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15 psi Pressure Test Gauge

  • Checks for leaks and pressure of natural gas and propane systems
  • Constructed of brass and steel for long-lasting performance
  • Includes a dust cap, steel exterior, and clear protective lens
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Product Details

Easy to use fittings

Easy to Use Fittings

With the fewest parts on the market the CSST fittings are a breeze to install

Image of pipes packaged for easy transport

Easy to Transport

HOME-FLEX CSST comes in coils, so it takes up less space and is easier to transport than black pipe

Image of hand holding a pipe that easily bends

Easily Bend Around Corners

Simply bend around corner without cutting, threading, or additional fittings

Image of male and female fitting

Male & Female Fittings

Standard Male and Female Pipe Threads for easy connections

Image of termination flange

Termination Flange

Provides a smooth transition between csst and standard pipe

Image of brass union

Union Fittings

Easily extend your run of CSST

Image of bonding clamp

Bonding Clamp

Bond or ground CSST or rigid pipe

Image of flexible CSST that eliminates need for elbow fittings to turn corners

Easily Bends Around Corners

Flexible CSST eliminates need for elbow fittings to turn corners

Image of scale to show that CSST pipe is 80% lighter than steel pipe

Lighter than Steel Pipe

CSST pipe is 80% lighter than steel pipe

Image of timer to show that pipe is 65% faster to install than black pipe

Faster Installation

Over 65% faster to install than black pipe, with no need to cut or thread

Image of a pipe with line through it to show that you need fewer fittings to install

Fewer Fitting Connections

With fewer fittings needed your install will be faster and safer

Image of earthquake icon to show that CSST pipe is safer than black pipe in an earthquake

Seismically Qualified

Due to the flexible nature CSST is much safer than black pipe in an earthquake

Image of screwdriver and wrench to indicate the tools you need to complete the project

Complete the Project

See HOME-FLEX CSST Collection for all the tools you need to complete the project

HOME-FLEX .1-15 psi, Pressure Test Gauge. Check for drop in pressure due to leaks in the system. Pressurize your system to a maximum of 15 psi and observe the needle. If the needle drops, that indicates that there is a leak in the system.



Questions & Answers

Q:Can I use this to test air pressure on a torpedo heater ?
by|Jan 14, 2023
2 Answers
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A:  I would suggest a better device for measuring differential air pressure. The device we use to test differential air pressure across a fan or filter is a Dyer Magnehelic Manometer. I would guess the static pressure across a torpedo heater is less than 2"WC but ask the manufacturer before purchase. This meter can be mounted on the heater for continuous readings. If you go this way you will need the kit with two Brass serrated hose fittings, hose and mounting plate to attach the meter to the heater. All available on Amazon. "https://www.amazon.com/Dwyer-Magnehelic-Differential-Pressure-Gauge/dp/B00481XA2M/ref=pd_bxgy_vft_none_img_sccl_2/134-4125991-0940354?pd_rd_w=HF2GR&content-id=amzn1.sym.7f0cf323-50c6-49e3-b3f9-63546bb79c92&pf_rd_p=7f0cf323-50c6-49e3-b3f9-63546bb79c92&pf_rd_r=HY9A0S0W6JFS7B7XBS4P&pd_rd_wg=4zIR6&pd_rd_r=f3d3491f-b124-433a-a379-e6bd0bb8de5e&pd_rd_i=B00481XA2M&psc=1" These meters are durable and accurate and worth the money if you wanting accuracy in your measurements. This suggestion is assuming you want to know the heater fans output in inches of water column over time to know when to clean the filter. Hope this helps, ET

by|Jan 15, 2023

    A:  Hi, Rob71 - This pressure gauge is simply to determine loss of pressure over a period of time. You would have to use a manometer.

    by|Mar 30, 2023
      Q:I want to check my gas line pressure from the flex line to the inlet on my water heater. My old gauge is a little leaky so I'm not getting a good readings. Will a new gauge read the actual gas pressure if I attach it to the flex line?
      by|Oct 25, 2022
      2 Answers
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      A:  Hi, Joseph - No, you'd need a manometer for that.

      by|Dec 9, 2022

        A:  These gages are meant to monitor air pressure in the closed piping system prior to hooking up to the gas meter and appliances. Contact a licensed HVAC contractor or your natural gas supplier to check the gas pressure in your connected piping system.

        by|Oct 30, 2022
          Q:Can I use this as a manometer and test gas pressure is out of a valve
          by|Oct 23, 2022
          2 Answers
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          A:  No, sorry. A manometer is scaled to read the pressure of the gas piping system in inches of water column. Our gauge is scaled in psi in 0.1 psi increments and is intended to detect a loss of pressure during a pressure test.

          by|Oct 24, 2022

            A:  it is leagal in Massachusetts to use this gage as a gas mamometer

            by|May 28, 2023
              Q:Could I use this same gauge for air pressuring copper lines ?
              by|Jul 19, 2022
              1 Answer
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              A:  Hi, Giovanny - Yes.

              by|May 17, 2023
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                The guage leaks from the schrader valve and from around the base of the gauge fitting.
                  1 found this review helpful
                  HomeDepot - please pull this product
                  Over 40% of the reviews are 1-star adding mine. Threads under the gauge leak. 10psi to 2psi in 12 hours over a 20' 3/4" line. Wasted a lot of time assuming leaks were elsewhere. CSST pipe and fittings are great. this product RUINS the homeflex brand.
                    4 found this review helpful
                    Perfect for inflatable high pressure kayaks
                    My inflatable kayak must be pumped up to 10 PSI. Over inflation can destroy it. Except for rotating the gauge 90 degrees for easier viewing, I used this product as-is. I'm very happy with the product.
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                      Perfect for Natural Gas Pressure Test
                      This gauge was just what I needed for my underground gas line pressure test and inspection.I used this for my pressure test and inspection on the 1-1/4" underground gas line I ran out to my detached garage. Since the adapter is 3/4" I used a reducer and a small 3/4" pipe nipple.I tested the line at 10psi for 4 hours and had no leaks at the gauge like a few other people have seen so maybe I was lucky. For the inspection I only had to fill the system to 5psi and it had to hold for 10mins, so I had no problem passing.
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                        After running 120' of black iron gas pipe in our new construction house, I picked up this gauge f...
                        After running 120' of black iron gas pipe in our new construction house, I picked up this gauge from Home Depot to check for leaks. I was saddened to find our newly installed pipe would gradually lose pressure. Nothing drastic but losing pressure nonetheless. I checked every single fitting twice with leak detection fluid and kept coming up with nothing. Eventually I found some reviews stating this gauge could leak. So I removed it and temporarily installed it onto a short piece of pipe that I know wouldn't leak to see if it would hold pressure. After seeing the gauge lose some pressure in a matter of minutes, I knew something was wrong. Sure enough, after putting some leak detection fluid on the schrader valve, the magic bubbles appeared! You can see the bubbles foaming out from the leaky schrader valve. Pretty frustrated this junk gauge caused me to spend a lot of time chasing a nonexistent leak.
                        Response from VPC, Home-Flex ExpertMar 26, 2019
                        I am sorry to hear that you had trouble with your gauge TG. It is covered by a warranty. Did you exchange it at your local The Home Depot store? ValenciaPipe
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                          Good job
                          Good job
                          • Verified Purchase
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                          I don’t like writing bad reviews but these gauges are cheaply made. If you accidentally hit it th...
                          I don’t like writing bad reviews but these gauges are cheaply made. If you accidentally hit it the glass pops out and the gauge needle bends and get stuck and it can’t be used. For the price I shouldn’t complain but they are one use and done if you even get that. I bought 3 of them to do one test. You have to really baby these gauges or they break quickly. In this picture I was filling adding air and it was in a tough spot it slipped the fill end hit the gas meter below and broke. The normal supply house was closed so I had to settle for these gauges and I won’t buy again.
                          Response from VPC, Home-Flex ExpertMay 8, 2018
                          I am sorry that you are not satisfied with our gauge, The lens should not have popped off easily. If possible, give ,me a call so I can try to assist. (661-257-3923 We are here from 8-5 Pacific Time, M-F. Ask for Jon ValenciaPipe
                          • Verified Purchase
                          6 found this review helpful
                          Gauge needle would not move.
                            Same problems as everyone else - first the thing had me chasing phantom leaks that didn't exist because the gauge itself leaks. Then the thing broke for no reason at all - letting air OUT of the shrader valve caused the needle to jump UP from 3 psi to 11 psi and get permanently stuck there. Huh?!? this thing is an absolute piece of garbage that will give you problems you didn't have before you bought it.
                            Response from VPC, Home-Flex ExpertSep 14, 2023
                            Hi, Disappointed. We are in constant contact with the manufacturer to address all consumer-driven concerns. Given that the gauges have a considerable way to travel before being on the shelves at Home Depot, some loosening of components can occur from time to time. It's a good idea to physically check the gauge threads into the body as well as the Schrader valve to ensure tightness. Some folks actually take the dial out completely, wrap the threads with yellow Teflon tape, and reinsert/tighten. We're sorry you had a negative experience and, if you haven't done so already, take it back to your Home Depot store for a refund or exchange. ValenciaPipe
                              Leaks at the air inlet and at the gauge.. connected, filled with air, sprayed with soapy water, and bubbles everywhere. They should smash this thing on the CEOs head for releasing such a crappy product.
                              Response from VPC, Home-Flex ExpertAug 7, 2023
                              Hi, Freddie - Sorry you had a less-than-satisfactory experience with our pressure gauge. Based on your description, it's important that yellow Teflon tape be used on the threads where the chrome fitting fits on to the steel pipe. It's also a good idea to do the same where the gauge itself screws into the chrome fitting as it sometimes works its way loose in transportation. We very much like our CEO so we're simply going to inform him of your concerns. ValenciaPipe
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