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549 7 lbs. Feather Finish Patch and Skimcoat

  • Dries in just 15 minutes
  • Primer is not needed
  • For patching and repairing subfloors
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Product Overview

The Henry 7 lbs. Underlayment Patch and Skimcoat is a Portland cement-based floor Patch and Skimcoat. It may be applied over most surfaces for a smooth finish before installation of permanent flooring. Installs from feather edge to any depth.
  • For patching and repairing subfloor surfaces prior to installing all types of flooring
  • No primers needed
  • Dries in as little as 15 minutes
  • Maximum coverage area of 150 sq. ft.

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Commercial / Residential
Commercial / Residential
Flooring Material Features
Antimicrobial,Crack resistant,Rapid setting
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Powder Mix
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1 Year Limited

Questions & Answers


Would you use this or the Henry 547 to fill cracks in a basement floor prior to installing LVP flooring?

Asked by Craig June 11, 2021

If you mean Henry 549 then the answer is yes. It is excellent for the job.

can the product be used as a skim coat over pergo/ laminate flooring?

Asked by warnersf June 3, 2021

Probably. The substrate needs a "tooth" for the skim coat to adhere to. Kinda like painting on glass. The savings you get by keeping the old floor down will be offset by the time it takes to prep the Prego floor. I would just pull the entire Prego floor and start with a clean slate.I think the adhesion would be better and your peace of mind for future problems.

I had tile removed from my kitchen and hallway and there is leftover thinset. Can I use this too ...

Asked by DIYer March 11, 2021

Dear Valued Home Depot Customer, We have reached out to the manufacturer and their answer is, HENRY 549 - USE FOR: • Patching, skimcoating and featheredging interior concrete, masonry, wood, cementitious terrazzo, and ceramic tile.* • Smooth ridges, fill cracks, gouges, and joints. • Skimcoating properly prepared residues of cutback and other non-water soluble adhesives on concrete only.

Can you use modified thinset directly over it to lay tile?

Asked by HD February 3, 2021

Yes, it should. Also make sure that the base you applied the feather finish on (especially if it's a floor) is solid without any give or movement, as this could cause the tiles and grout to loosen and pop over time. After the feather finish has set up and cured for a day or two, I would wet sponge or mist it with water before applying the thinset and setting the tiles. Otherwise the feather finish may absorb all the thinset's moisture and compromise its holding power. To be safe, I would test the amount of absorbency of the feather finish beforehand - if it sucks in the water readily, I would do the sponge wet/mist before the thinset; but if it doesn't absorb much or at all, then you should be able to apply the thinset directly without the prior wetting. Good luck with your project!

Has anyone had issues with cracking? Ideas about causes? Could temperature fluctuation (10 degree...

Asked by bwyatt January 18, 2021

I have used this product a lot on floors and have never had it crack. I would suspect - 1) Too thick (although it sounds like you were putting it on in thin layers) 2) Inadequate mixing. 3) Too much/too little water. 4) Mixing too much at a time and setting up as you are applying. I suspect number 3 above. I always use refrigerated distilled water which seems to buy more time before it sets and never mix a batch bigger than 3, 12 oz solo cups of water to 6 solo cups of product. I mix with a paint stirrer on a drill. I do not believe temperature fluctuation is your problem.

Will this be a smooth finish that I can stain and seal?

Asked by Ell493 January 5, 2021

It will be smooth, so long as you mix it to the consistency that will flow and level properly or, if needed, trowel it with a smooth trowel. As for staining, I don't know if it will accept the stain evenly or if it would come out blotchy looking - I have no experience with this - maybe do a small sample on a board to try it out or do it in an inconspicuous area first? As for sealing, yes, it can be sealed. If I were doing it, I would apply one coat, then let it soak in for a few hours to overnight (or however long the sealer may say it takes to dry), then apply another coat and wait for drying. I would keep applying coats until I saw that it no longer gets absorbed and stays on the surface to give a good seal that will last. I would then wait for it to fully cure before having any heavy foot traffic or moving furniture, etc. to sit on it. Good luck with your project!

Does it hurt to use a primer? I'm skim coating over existing tile before installing vinyl plank ...

Asked by RugbyPiglet November 25, 2020

I personally used this product the same way. I scuff sanded the existing vinyl tile with 36 grit (REALLY COARSE) sand paper to create a "tooth" for a better mechanical bond. This skim coat is self leveling and filled my low spots well. I didn't need a primer. My floor has been installed for 10 years now and shows no bond problems.

Using for countertop. Looks patchy after sanding, but uniform before. Can I seal without sanding?

Asked by Glenn November 13, 2020

HENRY 549 is only recommended for subfloor prep applications.

Can I nail carpet strips down over Henry 549?

Asked by Jack October 25, 2020

We used the Feather Finish over plywood and then had pad and carpet put over it. The pad was stapled in place throughout the floor - through the Feather Finish and into the plywood. They nailed a carpet strip around the perimeter to hold the carpet in place after stretching. It has held well for over a year now. I would think it would depend on how thick the Feather Finish is and what is under the Feather Finish to nail into. Your nails would have to be long enough to go into the surface under the Feather Finish.

Is this material good for shower wall or floors?

Asked by Eddy September 16, 2020

Yes make sure substraight is waterproofed prior to application of feather finish.

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Great product used to remake both of my bathroom countertops...
Great product used to remake both of my bathroom countertops and master bath floor. Mix as directed 2/1 and there is no problem working with I only mix about 1 cup at a time to ensure its all spread out and smooth before it dries. 3-5 thin layers and you’ve got an amazing new counter.
by Happy
Excellent product. Used to do diy concrete overlay, protect turned out perfect!
Excellent product. Used to do diy concrete overlay, protect turned out perfect!
by DIYlover
Easy to use ... great results...
Easy to use ... great results
Excellent product. I’m a DIY novice but even I couldn’t...
Excellent product. I’m a DIY novice but even I couldn’t screw this up. Used it for a concrete countertop laminate overlay. Easy to use and very easy.
2 people found this helpful
Fantastic Product for Countertops!
We had the ugliest tile on our kitchen counters and needed a way to update it without costing a small fortune. After a lot of research, we came across Henry Feather Finish. Amazing product. Easy to use (mix small batches so it doesn't harden up on you to quick), very affordable and the end product is exactly what we had hoped for. A couple of important tips: 1) It only takes about 10 to 15 minutes to harden, so mix don't mix a large amount. Once it hardens in the bucket, you can't use it anymore. 2) Sand before you seal. 3) SEAL IT! Be sure to seal it and use the sealer that best suits your needs.
by Jennifer
1 person found this helpful
Easy for installation
This patch compound easy to install, dries fast. I used to fix broken floor. I have never been disappointed with the product
by Wajeeh91
I read lots of reviews and watched a number of...
I read lots of reviews and watched a number of videos on how to use this type of skim-coat for a floor I needed to level. Following the directions carefully, and mixing up small batches at a time (2 cups powder to 1 cup water), I found this was much easier to use than the ready-mixed stuff I tried first. I used a palm sander with 80 grit paper to smooth out any trowel lines and found the surface to be very smooth — almost polished! I’m very happy with the outcome, especially as this was my first time skim-coating anything.
by MC
Dear negative reviewers, you’re doing it wrong
Yes, this stuff is a little expensive and doesnt give you a whole lot of coverage but working with it was super nice in the bathroom remodel i was doing. A lot of people complained about the texture. PLAY WITH THE TEXTURE. I personally never go based off what the box says. I like to mix mine on the thicker side. So start with a smaller and work your way up. Biggest mistake you can do is dump the whole bag and have too much water in the bucket. I like my texture a little thicker than peanut butter for shaping.
by badcarpenter
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Our project was installing luxury vinyl plank flooring over the existing glued down composite flo...
Our project was installing luxury vinyl plank flooring over the existing glued down composite floor tile. The new flooring requires a level subfloor for 1/8 inch for 10 feet. After scouring the internet for solutions, this was it. Our 50's concrete slab foundation's high moisture content made leveling the old glued down composite floor tricky because it had to adhere to the tile, had to withstand moisture, and be easy enough for this first-time-at-the-age-of-60-mason. First, I marked all the low spots using a 4 foot level. I mixed it according to the directions, applied it with a 16 inch mason trowel, smoothing it over the dips in the floor. It dried super fast, and it appeared to be hard as rock. Cleanup was super easy- just rinse it off. In the places where the tile had come loose, I removed them, and did minimal scraping. I did not have to remove the underlying adhered adhesive because Feather Finish is designed to bond and coat over that. It was easy to level the bare patches to the height of the remaining tiles. I am not aware of any other product available in store that is so versatile for this type of job. Henry 549 was perfect.
by Puzzled
6 people found this helpful
Great stuff
Great stuff
by Countertop
Showing 1-10 of 293 reviews