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Cellular Shade Motorization Kit with Remote Control

  • Compatible with select Home Decorators Collection Cellular Shades
  • Easy install with snap fit motor & convenient control with remote
  • Integrated, rechargeable 4V Lithium-ion battery for long runtime
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Product Overview

Home Decorators Collection introduces its Cellular Shade Motorization Kit with Remote. Compatible with select Cellular Shades (sold separately), seamlessly convert manual shades to motorized with this innovative, easy install solution. Powered by an integrated 4V Lithium-ion battery, control shades for up to a year before recharging with the included wall adapter. Featuring Bluetooth technology, communicate with the motor module using the smartphone App, the remote control (included) or with the press of a button on its electronic endcap. Utilizing the remote, control up to 6 motorized shades independently or simultaneously. For programming, download the free smartphone App to automatically move shades to custom positions based on schedules you create.
  • For use with cellular shades from 23 in. to 72 in. in width and up to 72 in. in height
  • Motor module fits inside the shade head rail
  • Low profile electronic endcap with one-button control and LED feedback
  • Featuring Bluetooth technology to wirelessly control shades with free smartphone App or optional remote
  • Calibrate to customize open, close and favorite positions
  • With included remote, control up to 6 motorized shades independently or simultaneously
  • With the free App, programmable to perform up to 6 scheduled events per day
  • Notice: Pulling the shade manually by hand will clear the upper/lower limit setting and require re-calibration
  • One-Year Warranty
  • Includes: (1) Rechargeable Motor Module with Electronic Endcap, (1) 6 ft. Charging cable, (1) Bluetooth remote control with 2X AAA batteries, (1) Remote wall holster with installation hardware, and operator’s manual
  • Download the FREE App for iOS at the App Store or on Google Play for many Android devices (search Shade App)
  • Minimum App requirements: Apple: iPhone 5S or newer, iPad 3rd generation or newer, iPod Touch 5th generation or newer, running iOS 9 or later with Bluetooth enabled. Android: Devices with Bluetooth L.E. support running OS7 or later
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  • California residents

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Product Height (in.)
7.75 in
Product Length (in.)
3.13 in
Product Width (in.)
3.13 in


Brand/Model Compatibility
NienMade USA
Control Type
App & Remote Control
Installation/Mounting Hardware
Part/Accessory Type
Product Weight (lb.)
3 lb

Questions & Answers


I lost my charging cord can I buy a new one?

Asked by Rhonda May 7, 2021

Do they plan to add solar charging option later? Looks like it has the port. But no option. Tho...

Asked by MikeT March 24, 2021

There was a solar option mentioned in the documentation over a year ago but I haven't been able to find out anything about it. I'd like the solar option too because my blinds aren't near an outlet and they are on the south side of the house.

My blinds are up very high. How can I get remote to work with 5 blinds? Will I have to reprogram...

Asked by MikeT March 24, 2021

Yes, you need to pair each blind with the remote.

Will one motor work on a 70 inch wide and 70 inch long shade?

Asked by Sunshine February 22, 2021

Yes it will. I have a 70x70 and it works great.

Any update of the solar option for this motor? My windows are 12' high and it would be very help...

Asked by ViperGuy January 31, 2021

I was told back in January 2020 that they planned to have them available for purchase later in 2020.

How do you pair the remote? the instructions do not mention anything about that process.

Asked by JAVIER January 30, 2021

The instructions advise you to download the app on your cell phone. Then, you open the app and follow the promps for setting up a new shade.

Does this work on the Home Decorators Collection Top Down/Bottom Up Light Filtering Cordless Cell...

Asked by MDC71 January 6, 2021

The Cellular Shade Motorization Kit is compatible with only certain select shades from their Home Decorators Collection Cellular Shades. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to see a list of compatible shades. However, In all cases, you can tell if it's compatible if it is stated in the description/overview of the shade. Since the particular "Top Down/Bottom Up" shade that you're looking at does not state it is compatible with the motorization kit, the kit will not with that particular shade. Hope that helps.

Is there any way id be able to use this on a 20.5 inch shade?

Asked by Jay December 1, 2020

It’s not the length or width of the shade. It’s the type of shade. It must be the type of shade that accommodates the motor. The motor fits in the top housing of the blinds and the rotor fits into the gear that moves the shade up and down. These are an example of the type of shades you must use for the motor https://www.homedepot.com/b/Window-Treatments-Shades-Cellular-Shades/Home-Decorators-Collection/N-5yc1vZ4vrZbt0s

I bought 2 motorized shades with no remote. However, the app really sucks. How can I purchase a ...

Asked by David November 11, 2020

Hmm, I don't mind the app at all. Once scheduled, it just does it's thing daily. Needed to adjust it as sunrise and sunset changes but it's Bluetooth, not Smartthings. I don't think there's a remote available.

My wife "tidied up" and now we can't find the charger for the motor. Is it possible to buy anoth...

Asked by TODD November 8, 2020

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Spent over $1k on these and I wish we had chosen a different brand. The most important part of these shades is the app which is horrible. It never connects to all shades in any given room and there is always an error on several shades at any given time. I am beyond frustrated with these. The app is complete garbage and would have been a deal breaker had I experienced it prior to buying these.
by TLB
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Excellent, Easy to install and use.
Excellent, Easy to install and use.
by Mario
PROS: The motors are very easy to install into the shade header. Easy to charge (full charge take...
PROS: The motors are very easy to install into the shade header. Easy to charge (full charge takes about 6 hours). Each motor kit is reasonably priced. CONS: The motors are fairly noisy. Not a huge deal unless you're adjusting them all day. The APP on my Galaxy S10 is worthless. Very frustrating. The remote provided in the more expensive kit seems to be much more reliable, easy to program and a LOT more convenient. What you need to know: -Don't bother with the cell phone app. Perhaps this will improve over time but as of today it's awful. -Each 'remote' module will control up to 6 shades. If you only want one remote for all 6 windows, buy 5 motors without the remote, and 1 with. Simple. -There appears to be a plan to offer a solar charging module, but it's not available yet. -There is a slight delay when using the remote. Expect it to take 5-10 seconds to connect with the blinds. -Wider blinds appear to take longer to move up and down. Not sure why, but that is my experience.
by SirRandall
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It took about 45 minutes for me to install my first cellular shade. This is more than the 15 minu...
It took about 45 minutes for me to install my first cellular shade. This is more than the 15 minutes allotted in the product overview but, reasonable since I also needed to install the shade motorization kit. I think subsequent installations of this model shade should take much less time. The shade motorization module snapped easily into the head rail and the ribbon cable control wiring folded neatly alongside the nylon spring assembly. The electronic control module comes mounted within the attached end-cap and replaces one of the two caps included with the shade. Care must be taken not to over-tighten the screws that hold the brackets to the window frame as this can cause the shade head-rail assembly to become difficult to snap into position. Once the shade is mounted in the window, it is necessary to fully charge the motorization module to insure the pairing operation can be completed. I paired the shade using the free application on my iPhone and was able to control all the functions immediately. It took 3 or 4 tries to get the remote control paired and calibrated but, was successful after carefully following the instructions in the manual. I am, now, able to control the shades operation with both my cellphone and the remote included with the motorization kit. The shade is quick to respond to wireless commands and provides privacy when working at my desk or a complete view of the street and any automobiles that may enter the driveway when up. The “favorite” position I chose for the shade allows me clearly see outdoors without the full daylight glare penetrating the room. The shade can also be controlled by pressing the button on the front of the end-cap added with the motorization kit. I appreciate the light filtering action of the shade because it does not make the room too dark when the shade is completely down.
by Doc766
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Overall, I would highly recommend these automated shades to anyone looking to add automated shade...
Overall, I would highly recommend these automated shades to anyone looking to add automated shades to their home on a budget. When purchasing these do-it-yourself shades there are a few things that depending on how you plan to implement these shades you should keep in mind. A little more about that below. Lastly, I would say that these shades are at minimum 50% less expensive than the name brand automated shades. Now those pricier shades also come with some additional features, however I want to make sure you understand what to expect by purchasing these. Pros: -Pricing, on average the shades and motorized kit run about 50% less than custom automated shades. -Ease of install- These are held up by 3 brackets that are easy to screw in and it then snaps right into place within the window. In addition, while the motorized part is sold separately it is very easy to install as well. -Remote Control Access- Each remote will pair with up to 6 shades. In my case because I had 9 shades in the room, I needed to purchase two remote kits. -Blackout shades- These look very nice and more expensive than they cost. I am very happy with the results. -App Control- You can through the app perform the setup for each shade (how far down it should go to close, how high to be considered "closed", and also able to set a "favorite" position which can be half down) In addition you can setup a schedule each day of the week as to when you want the shades to automatically open/close. You can set this up by time and have several open/close per day. Cons- (Notice I say cons- however the cons listed having to do with the automation I am comparing to the custom automated shades that cost 2x's the cost of these) - Some shades when rolled up will roll up on a slight angle. Not very noticeable but nonetheless it does happen with some. -The app leaves much to be desired, because these are Bluetooth the app says you can connect as many shades as you have installed. This is partly true. If you have more than 7 or 8 shades in one room apple only allows for that many Bluetooth connections at one time. So, you really can't connect to 9 shades within the same room. What I did as a workaround is create two rooms and in one room had 5 connected and the other room have 4 connected. When using the app (I don't because I have them setup on a schedule) if I want to open/close i must go into 2 rooms to perform the task. In addition, with the app in order to control the shades you need to wait for the app to "connect" to each within the room. This sometimes takes 30 seconds or so across several shades. So, I would recommend just setting up the schedule and leaving it open/close automatically. Lastly the app does not have you create an account when setting them up. So if you want to have the ability to have your phone and maybe an iPad control the shades, you need to pair them to each device. This is somewhat of a pain but again not a deal breaker by any means. -Remote Control- The time frame from the remote button being pressed until the blinds react is about 7-8 seconds. This is due to the Bluetooth connection that the remote must make to the shades in order to work. Again, not a deal breaker but if you have a remote just press the button and wait. The signal was received but the connection is just processing. Overall, I do not regret the decision to buy these and would recommend them.
by Rickb1185
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The HOME DECORATORS COLLECTION CELLULAR SHADE MOTORIZATION KIT combined with a blackout cellular shade is a compelling modernization window treatment that I truly enjoyed installing. So very easy to install but the most fun is the customization of the options via my android phone app that really separates it from the antiquated pull down cords. Once the app is downloaded and installed on your smart phone, you can calibrate your shades to your preferences. There's an "open", "favorite", and "closed" position that you can toggle between and set daily or weekend schedules. The bluetooth connection allows me to control the shade from different rooms in the house for convenience. Very cool if you're a tech savvy individual. Would definitely recommend to those who has no qualms about integrating technology friendly devices in one's homes. I am so thrilled with my choice.
by ucslaj00
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Sometimes a motorized shade can make things much more convenient, especially when adjusting hard ...
Sometimes a motorized shade can make things much more convenient, especially when adjusting hard to reach blinds. Unfortunately, such window treatments can be very expensive. This Cellular Shade Motorization Kit with Remote Control from Home Decorators solves the affordability problem with a very nice DIY product at a reasonable price. The Kit works with compatible Home Decorators Collection Cellular Shades (sold separately), available in a wide variety of sizes, with in-store customization. The Motorization Kit installs easily into the shade header per the included instructions. Adjustment can be accomplished via a button on the motor body, using the included remote, or by using a smartphone app. Operation is smooth, though a bit noisier than some others I've seen. My only complaint involves the process of pairing and set-up of the remote control. Despite no indication of connectivity problems, the set-up process failed the first 3 times I tried it. Fourth time was the charm, however, and everything works as expected now. Absent this issue, I would rate this product 5 stars. Overall, a fine product at a very fair price - I recommend it.
by MTBrad
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Overall, this is a really handy kit to motorize your Home Decorators compatible shade. There are...
Overall, this is a really handy kit to motorize your Home Decorators compatible shade. There are basically two models of this kit. One is this one, and the other is the same thing, but with a remote control. The indications on the overview, and elsewhere, indicate the remote control is also an optional accessory...As such, I wanted to buy the remote control. After searching high and low, I've not been successful at finding it to buy. Unpacking the motorization kit is extremely easy. You're guided that you first need to fully charge the 4V Lithium-ion battery. It took me slightly under an hour to fully charge the battery. Inserting the unit into your compatible shade is also extremely easy, as the included instructions with diagrams make this process basically foolproof. Programming the settings is also extremely easy, and also can be as difficult as you make it, as you get into various programming days and times. The sound the motor makes when opening and closing the shade would wake you up, but is not overly loud. Overall, this kit is very handy to have however, without the remote control, the only way to do anything with the shade is through your cell phone...So rather than simply picking up the remote, and pressing a button, you'll have to get your phone, open up the app, log into the app, then select your function...A Lot of steps to open or close a shade. Bottom line...Get the same kit, but with the included remote.
by Transplanted
I recently received and installed a Home Decorators Collection Cellular Shade and Shade Motorizat...
I recently received and installed a Home Decorators Collection Cellular Shade and Shade Motorization Kit with Remote. The shade is white on both sides with a black inner lining that blocks sunlight. The install of the shade and mounts was easy using the clearly written and illustrated shade installation instructions. The motorized kit was also easy to install though I found the plug in cord to be very short. It barely reaches our closest outlet which is about 24 in. below the shade when let down. The motorized unit is not that easy to sync with the Bluetooth and when the task is completed the unit raises and lowers in jerking motions of about two inches then stops and restarts and repeats until either up or down. I do not intend to use the remote control that often as I have the window directly behind my monitor. The shade does an excellent job of blocking sunlight and this allows a reduction of eye strain against an otherwise bright background. Overall it is a very good shade though I am not impressed with the motorized raise and lower function.
by fillmore44
The Motor kit from Home Decorators Collection is a cool and convenient. The motor comes in a small box and it comes with everything needed to install in a compatible shade. The shade where I installed this motor is for a 72 x 72 shade so it is not easy to close or open and this motor is a great solution to remotely close half way or all the way on a push of a button. And it is cool to pull the phone and control it from there as well. The installation is easy, simply slide the lid on the shade and put into place, charge it fully and pair with remote and or phone either iPhone or Android. It did take a couple of tries to get it to work with my phone but once paired it is easy to repair and control. As for the remote once I paired it then when I pick up the remote it starts to link and right away it controls the shade. The setup is easy, you can let it know what the full closing position stop is and where the half way position is stop and finally what is the open position, this is done only once. The shade is easy to install, the brackets are held by two screws (included) and just push into place. The shade itself feels soft and it does block out direct sunlight, the window faces south so direct sunlight is there most of the time so in the summer it will come in handy to be able to watch TV without the sunlight and best of all with a push of a button. The motor is a bit louder that I would want it to be but it does not take long to close or open and I rather have some noise than having the struggle to try and open and close the shade myself by stepping on the sofa or small step. Overall the motor comes in handy and it is very convenient. The installation is easy and setup as well. Best of all it is cool to just use the phone to operate and show off. Tip: make sure you measure your shade to get the right one and once you install the motor do not manually try to open or close the shade.
by AngelM
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