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3-Ton Aluminum/Steel Car Jack

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  • Very light floor jack with lifting capacity of 6,000 lbs.
  • 25% lighter than other Husky jacks for quick and easy maintence
  • Light car jack with lifting range of 4 to 18.5 in.
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Product Details

The Husky 3-Ton Aluminum and Steel Jack is the perfect racing style jack for anyone in search of a lightweight automotive accessory. This car jack features a lifting range from 4 in. to 18-1/2. Equipped with handles on the side, this jack can easily be moved around and quickled moved out from under your vehicle. This auto jack also features a padded saddle to ensure your car will not be damaged when putting this jack in place. When thinking of your next car jack, think Husky.
  • Lifting range from 4 in. to 18-1/2.
  • Rubber padded saddle for added protection
  • Carrying handles on frames for increased functionality
  • Dual-piston pump for faster lifting
  • Aluminum and steel construction creates lightweight design
  • 2x pump height with each pump
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  • California residents

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Questions & Answers

Q:What is the weight of the item?
by|Dec 30, 2022
2 Answers
Answer This Question

A:  Approx 26,761,949,830 micrograms.

by|May 25, 2023
    8 found this answer helpful

    A:  58lbs - that's awesome for a 3T jack. Usually most steel options are in the 70lbs range.

    by|Mar 7, 2023
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      This is a Nice Jack
      This is a very nice jack, the package says it is 25% lighter than the all steel version, but don't be mistaken, it is still heavy at around 59 pounds. The jack seems to be well built, but I would like to see the rear castors a little heavier in design. The handles on the sides of the jack are nice, but they need to be positioned more toward the handle and the center of gravity to actually be useful. There is a plastic retainer that holds the handle portion of the jack horizontal for shipping, make SURE you have the handle installed before removing this piece or it can do bodily harm when removed and the handle holder slams upright! The jack works smoothly and easily, it has the rapid up, so when there is no load the jack head moves up about 2.5 inches per stroke, the when it gets to the load, it goes to the second stage and goes up at about 5/8 inches per stroke. The pad on the saddle is nice, but it is kind of cheap rubber with no fiber reinforcements and I am sure it will swell and soften if it gets oil on it, also I am sure it will tear fairly easily. I would also like to see the saddle bigger in diameter, it is about 4 1/8" in diameter, I would prefer it was about 5 1/2" or 6". Also a deeper recess in the saddle would be nice. The jack handle can be removed via finger nut at the bottom or can be split in two via a push button in the middle of the handle. The jack with the handle installed measures about 51" tall, the jack at the widest part (rear wheels) is about 12" the front wheels are about 10" wide and the jack is about 24" long. The lifting range is about 3 3/4" to about 18 1/2". The jack lifts heavy loads fairly easily, but it might be nice to have a little longer handle for some things. All in all a nice jack.
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      Heavy-duty lighter weight floor jack
      This is a Heavy-duty floor jack that weighs less than a typical steel Jack would weigh for this 3 ton limit. I feel like Husky has done a good job designing this to be functional yet maneuverable. The casters on the back turn smoothly and pivot 360° while the front caster are wider for support but remain fixed. The mechanism works smoothly and I was able to lift up my big riding mower with just one hand pumping the handle. Even though this is not rated a rapid lift, it feels much better and lifts faster than the old one I used to use in my dad’s shop. This is well built and I predict it will last me in my lifetime.
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      Excellent Floor Jack with Great Features!
      This Husky 3 ton floor jack was easy to assemble and use. I really liked the design features, such as the hybrid steel and aluminum construction which saves weight but still gives you a very strong floor jack. The handle came in two pieces but snapped together easily. It is inserted into the body of the jack securely with a knurled set screw (see picture). The lift pad has a textured rubber insert (see picture). The smaller rotating casters are well-made and turn freely (see picture). The fixed large wheels were of similar good quality (see picture). As you can see from the picture of the floor jack in use, it is easy to maneuver and place. I highly recommend this floor jack because of its great features and easy assembly!
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      Very nice jack for the garage.
      At the end of this review is a short operation video of the jack. At 58 lbs, it is relatively light but still strong, well-built and quality. It is fairly easy to reposition, place, pump and disengage. Very smooth operation. The saddle is rubberized which helps secure it to the to the car. The It can lift up to 18.5" high which is all I need. I use the for easy small repairs in the garage and driveway. This floor jack is made in China.
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      DIYer's Garage Essential
      This Husky Hybrid floor jack is more than a basic hydraulic jack and does the job lifting either my heavy SUV or my lower sedan with ease. The dual piston lift pump quickly raises either vehicle with fewer pumps to a good working height. I also like the rubber disk, held by the 4-inch plus steel saddle, which aids stability and protects either vehicle while being lifted. Also appreciated are the wide rollers at the front that contribute to this stability while the ball bearing, swivel casters at the rear gives excellent maneuverability. Another feature includes a protective foam bumper on the 2-piece jack handle to protect a vehicle from scratches. There are also side mounted handles to make it easier to lift for transport or move around, but it is still no lightweight coming in at nearly 60 pounds. Lastly, the build quality generally is very good with the exception of some flaws occurring during factory assembly: two Phillips head screw heads were stripped with one screw also being cross-threaded, excessive lube smeared on wear points and in the jack handle socket, and some welding scale that was not removed prior to being powder coated.
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      Great Tool Well Built
      I have never been disappointed in products from this manufacturer. They are always well designed and well made, sturdy long lasting products. This tool is all of that. Can a 3 ton jack be beautiful? Yes it can. This one is beautiful and functional. It came in good condition and well packaged. It's designed to provide a very long time of good service. I would buy it again.
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      So Many Uses on the Farm, at the Shop and Field
      These jacks are in a class of their own. I first bought one in the late '70s to help get my Bronco out of the mud. We've used them to remove fence posts and to lift other various equipment. They're simple and fast. This one is well-made with a perfect sized handle that gives you plenty of leverage. It has a large base plate, which is always good and it has a one year limited warranty.
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      JUST GREAT! in so Many Ways.
      So here we have a 3-Ton jack, that's lightweight for all your DIY automotive needs and more. A low 4in. clearance needed to roll it in place with dual-piston pumps for 2x the height with each pump up to 18 1/2in. A padded saddle for added protection of your car and carrying handles for easy carrying and lifting. Now I started with a side by side with my older jack, right off one can see its smaller - but with the same lift - but the height of the lift pad is also lower, making it much easier to roll it into place. And YES, pumping is a breeze - almost lifts itself. Last thing is the handles can be pulled apart, simply lock-ball to press and no more tripping on the handle pointing out into your work area. This will easily become my 1st jack of choice and being a 'HUSKY' for years... to come.
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      Big jack for lifting large vehicles
      If you are buying this jack on the Internet and not in the store, let me warn you it is pretty big and very heavy. It is not something that fits easily on a shelf. It will live on the floor of your garage. Definitely strap it down if you are going to keep it in your truck. The handle is removable. You rotate the handle to let the jack down. Otherwise it does exactly what you would expect a massive piece of steel and aluminum. It lifts your massive 6,000 lbs full size truck made of steel and aluminum with ease. Great to have around for rotating tires, fixing flats, changing brake pads, any kind of suspension work. I received this Husky 3-Ton Aluminum/Steel Jack for free to write this review.
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      Quality floor jack
      If you need a 3-ton jack or yours is getting too heavy to lug or pull around, then you should consider the Husky. Weight isn’t a tremendous difference compared to an all-steel jack but lighter by 25% - they say. Very well built and easy to handle. What I like about this jack compared to others is I can get this jack around my garage very easily as it rolls smoothly and is a little lighter. I suspect it has to do with the bearings in the front wheels of the jack that aid in its rolling. It lifts very quickly and has a controlled let-down. It took about 20 normal pumps to reach full lift. Saddle is padded as you would expect and covers a large area (e.g., see photo). Comes with 2 handles on each side for carrying. It’s roughly ¾ of an inch taller than a low lift jack if that’s a concern for you (i.e., see photo). I’ve been very pleased with Husky products (e.g., rachets, wrenches, etc.) over the years and their quality is second to none in my opinion.
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