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  • Automatic sifter ensures convenient, hands-free use
  • Digital scale lets you precisely weigh ingredients
  • Storage case holds all parts in one place for easy access

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Product Overview

Quickly and easily achieve fluffy, consistent results with the revolutionary Sifter + Scale Attachment - the all-in-one baking tool that accurately measures, thoroughly sifts and automatically adds ingredients directly to your mixer bowl in just one step. Simply attach the Sifter + Scale Attachment to the power hub of any KitchenAid Stand Mixer. Then experience hands-free sifting as the sifter gradually incorporates ingredients into the mixer bowl. Precise measurements are a critical part of baking success. An easy-to-use digital scale measures ingredients by weight for a greater level of precision, so baked goods turn out the way they should. The easy-to-use scale measures ingredients by weight and can be used separately on your countertop with the included scale plate. And a generous capacity hopper holds up to 4 cups of dry ingredients at a time. Conveniently store all parts in the included storage case and enjoy quick and easy clean as all parts except the scale and sifter housing are dishwasher-safe. The Sifter + Scale attachment includes a digital scale, ingredient hopper, removable sifter, sifter housing, swivel chute and scale accessory plate. Battery operated scale. Compared to measuring by volume.
  • Simply attach the sifter + scale attachment to the power hub of any kitchen aid stand mixer then experience hands-free sifting as the sifter gradually incorporates ingredients into the mixer bowl battery operated scale
  • Automatic sifter (hands-free sifting) gives more consistent mixing and fluffy baked goods, and saves time during the process compared to un sifted ingredients
  • Easy-to-use digital scale measures ingredients by weight for a greater level of precision, which is a critical part of successful baking can also be used separately on your countertop with the included scale plate
  • Generous capacity hopper holds up to 4-cups of dry ingredients at a time
  • Convenient storage to keep all parts in one place for quick access with the included storage case
  • Easy to clean - all parts except scale and sifter housing are dishwasher-safe
  • Model KSMSFTA includes: 1-digital scale, 1-ingredient hopper, 1-removable sifter, 1-sifter housing, 1-swivel chute, 1-scale accessory plate
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  • California residents

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Questions & Answers

Can you use the scale by itself w/o the need to sift or mix?

Hi Mini, The scale can be used separately from the attachment.


how many watts is it

It is 325-watts.


how many speeds does it have

Hi taylor, The speed is determined by the speed the stand mixer is using.


How many quarts is it

6 quart


White Sifter and Scale Attachment - page 2

Customer Reviews

  • 176 Customer Reviews
  • 4.7 out of 5 stars overall
93% of customers recommended.
Overall Ratings
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Impossible to clean
Customer review from logo
I was excited when I saw this attachment in the store and immediately purchased it. I have MAJOR ISSUES with it You can’t use it without the scale, yet dry ingredients fall into the crevices is the scale. You can’t clean the scale! How do I get the crud out of there?! Also I’m using this for multiple recipes and ingredients so I don’t want contamination (like flour in my powdered sugar for my frosting- don’t feel like eating raw flour!), so I’m cleaning it out after each use. It comes apart but not enough and I’m using a toothpick to pick ingredients out of the screen. Honestly my hand sifter is less time consuming- sorry kitchen aid. I’ve had my mixer for 12 years and I love it but this attachment needs BIG improvement
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Response from saurbclDecember 16, 2019
Dear Melaine, Thank you for your review. We are sorry to learn of the concern you expressed regarding your KitchenAid Sifter/Scale Attachment. Please respond to this email address, with your name, user ID# 226915530 used for the review, phone number, street address, zip code, model & serial number, and date of purchase on the appliance. We look forward to your reply. Thank you. Review Team
NJ, United States
KitchenAid Sifter + Scale Attachment
Customer review from logo
I received this KitchenAid Sifter + Scale Attachment product to try, and give my honest opinion on, and I'm glad I did. This is a fantastic attachment, and will come in handy for many recipes. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who loves to make things from scratch. Easy to assemble, use, and clean. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]
Was this helpful?
Austin, Texas
The Bakers Dream
Customer review from logo
The packaging alone, brought excitement to the house as we unboxed the Kitchen Aid Sifter + Scale Attachment. Many of the concerns we had about the attachment initially had already been addressed. Simple features such as the slide to ensure that flour makes it into the bowl were greatly appreciated. The sifter capacity is almost too small for some of my larger recipes that call for three pounds of flour, but it works if you genteelly place the lid on the sifter once full. This attachment may not accommodate larger or double recipes. The height of the attachment did pose a slight issues for me, once the attachment is on the mixer the height makes it hard for a fun sized individual like myself to add flour, the simple fix is for me to detach the sifter and scale to fill with flour and then reattach the sifter. The only true draw back of the product is though dishwasher safe it is very hard ensure all the flour has been removed. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]
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Buffalo, NY
A Bakers Holy Grail
Customer review from logo
My wife is an at home hobby Baker and usually makes all our families birthday cakes or party treats. Since I am the husband I get tasked with all the grunt work which includes sifting all the powdered sugar and flour. I normally use a handheld sifter and it takes a toll on my hands. This sifter also has a scale at the base which helps with measuring ingredients by weight and gives consistent results. The sifter of course is hands free and has been such a big help to our baking routine. Since I been using this attachment feature my icing has come out more fluffy and the perfect smoothable consistency. It operates really quietly which is a big help for late night baking. I don't know how I've gone without this attachment. I highly recommend getting this attachment if you are still hand sifting. High quality product from a well known long time brand and very affordable. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]
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Improves My Bakery
Customer review from logo
I tried the Kitchen Aid Sifter and Scale attachment with trepidation. I had always heard that sifting was best for baking. But let’s face it, I was too lazy to add that step. I can’t believe the change in the quality of my baked goods by simply weighing and sifting the ingredients. I am sold. I love to bake and this attachment makes me love it even more. It is easy to install and operate. The scale lets you know exactly how much of each ingredient to add. I’m loving the light fluffy results I am getting from the sifter. The chute on the sifter can be adjusted to fit the different types of Kitchen Aid mixers. The scale can also be used on it’s own as a kitchen scale. Included in the instructions is a chart of how much each unit of measure should weigh. I would recommend this to everyone with a Kitchen Aid mixer who loves baking. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]
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Fort wayne, indiana
Perfect for the house baker!
Customer review from logo
I got this for my wife as she loves to bake and bring the stuff to work. First thing I noticed was the fact that the scale can be used seperately from the attachment if you would wish to do so. The cool thing is the scale measures the amount of ingredients in grams, oz, or lbs and when you're ready to sift you just turn on your mixer. The chute is adjustable for different size bowls as well. The attachment also comes with a nifty conversion chart which could be hung up in a cabinet or somewhere visible. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]
Was this helpful?
Kansas City, MO
Great for baking
Customer review from logo
This sifter and scale has had a great impact on my baking. I typically only bake cookies but after using this scale you better believe I will be making cakes more often. After using the sifter to make the most delicious cupcakes. I was surprised on how easy clean up was after. I usually make a mess in the kitchen when baking cakes but not this time. I was able to use the sifter for all the dry materials and because of the extending tray every bit of that material went straight into the bowl and not onto the counter. I did make a little mess when I didn’t realize you could make it longer but once I realized that everything went smoothly. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]
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Baker's dream
Customer review from logo
This is a baker's dream, and my new favorite kitchen gadget. First of all the fact that I can sift hands free is amazing. I feel like it helps incorporate it better. The first thing I made using this was yeast rolls, and the flour being weighed, sifted, and slowly pouring into the batter was great. I also liked that the scale could be used separately on the countertop. I would definitely recommend this attachment to anyone that bakes. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]
Was this helpful?
Round Rock, TX
A must have for any serious baker!
Customer review from logo
This is a really neat attachment. The design is super smart, yet easy to use. My only complaint is that the shoot into the mixing bowl isn’t quite long enough; some flour misses the bowl and falls onto my counter. It isn’t enough for me to stop using it (probably a couple of tablespoons worth,) it’s just a little annoying. Also my machine is 30 years old (manufactured in 1989,) so perhaps that has something to do with it (although it says it fits all KitchenAid mixers.) The scale works great and seems very accurate. I would recommend this product to any serious at-home baker! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]
Was this helpful?
Boston MA USA
So helpful!
Customer review from logo
Wanted it as soon as I heard about it. I have the uncommon model KSM6573, the Professional HD 6000, which is a 6.5 qt, narrow bowl lift model, with the fluted edge bowl. This attachment works great with that model. Adding dry ingredients was always awkward & messy, since the configuration of my model has just a small, narrow gap between the planetary head and the bowl rim, and there are no pouring shields that fit the fluted bowl, so you're stuck with stop, lower the bowl & add, or putting ingredients onto wax or parchment paper, and carefully pouring in thru the narrow gap. I do a lot of baking, mostly breads & cakes, so this was frustrating - but this is the best model for the heavy bread doughs I work with, so I dealt with it. But, since getting this attachment, WOW! Every bit of flour easily goes into the center of the bowl, so it's consistently mixed with wet ingredients and doesn't pouf out in a big cloud, either. No spills, no stopping to scrape the bowl to incorporate the flour, and it's a faster & more consistent method, so I'm not over mixing doughs and batters because it's taking too long to add in all the flour. Thus, my breads & cakes have a better texture & rise, too. This does the job well - even for delicate macarons. I found the entire unit easy to operate, clean and assemble/dissemble, and the scale was accurate when compared to my stand alone scales. TIPS: KEEP THE INGREDIENT VALVE CLOSED UNTIL YOU'VE FINISHED WEIGHING - weights will be more accurate, and it's easier to remove any excess. When finished, give a quick stir, then open the valve. ADJUST THE SHUTE BEFORE OPENING THE INGREDIENT VALVE - Use the black tab on the side of the metal shute to extend & retract the shute, and to swivel it left/right, so it hits your bowl in just the right spot. CLEANING: If you must do multiple recipes in quick succession, tap the unit lightly on the side with a spatula or spoon handle to shake out any ingredient residue, quickly brush out each part with a clean, dry paint or basting brush between recipes. When washing, dissemble the attachment. The scale section can be wiped with a damp cloth, while the other pieces should be lightly tapped over the sink to remove any hidden ingredient residue. That is important - if you don't do this first, when you wash/rinse them, residue may cake or form clumps that will stick to the unit and harden when dry. All pieces must be completely dry before use, otherwise, ingredients will stick, clump & cake. IF YOU ARE PETITE/SHORT: Attach only the sifter/shute sections to the mixer. Use the hopper and scale on the counter to weigh your ingredients, then stop the mixer, attach the scale & hopper to the sifter unit, restart the mixer, and open the ingredient valve. Why? This attachment is tall, and may make it difficult for you to use for weighing ingredients while attached to the mixer, unless you have one of the smaller models, or your mixer is on table or shelf lower than typical kitchen counter. My mixer is 16.5" tall. When attached, the hopper opening rises 6.5" above the mixer, and the scale readout is 3" above the top of the mixer. For me, that means the hopper opening is 23" above my counter, or 60' (5 ft) from my floor. That's higher than the bottom shelf in a wall cabinet. I'm 5'9", so it's perfect for me, and brings the scale readout closer to my middle-aged eyes, which is great. A shorter person might find it difficult to view the scale readout at that height, and could find it difficult not to bump the hopper while adding ingredients, thus affecting the scale accuracy. VOLUME/WEIGHT CONVERSIONS: King Arthur Flour has a great list for converting volume measurements (cups & spoons) to weights (grams & ounces) for many different types of flour and other ingredients, and even have tips for adjusting dry ingredient weights to account for changes in humidity. (Not to mention a lot of great recipes).
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