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Light Hanging Kit with Gutter/Shingle/Eaves Rapid Release Clips (25-Count)

  • Light hanging kit keeps holiday lights secure
  • Attach to gutters, shingles and eaves effortlessly
  • Simple design allows for easy installation
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Product Overview

Dress up your home for the holidays quickly with this NO LADDER Pro System light hanging kit. The unique telescoping pole features a trigger mechanism, making it easy to string lights and secure them in place without stepping on a ladder. Versatile clips attach securely to your eaves, gutters and shingles for flexible placement, and the durable construction stands up to harsh winter weather. Each clip snaps into place for hassle-free setup. This NO LADDER Pro System light hanging kit comes with 25 clips to get your seasonal display started.
  • Durable enough for outdoor use
  • Works with a range of different light strings
  • Unique design eliminates the need for a ladder
  • Set includes 25 clips and a telescoping trigger pole
  • Ideal for hanging lights on your roof, pergola or porch
  • Check out our helpful buying guide for holiday lighting.



Product Depth (in.)
2.0 in
Product Height (in.)
42 in
Product Width (in.)
5.75 in


Christmas Light Accessory Type
Extension Pole
Electrical Features
No Additional Features
Adjustable Height
Holiday Decor Product Type
Light Installation Supplies/Hardware
Included Items
No additional items included
Light Bulb Type Included
No Bulbs Included
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I wish it would clamp all the way closed. We...
I wish it would clamp all the way closed. We found it useful to decorate our trees but challenging because it doesn't clasp the lights unless you have a specific clip in it.
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Life and time saver
There's no way i would have been able to hang my second story lights without this tool. Took a little bit of time to get used to but once i was used to it the process became so easy.
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    Works well on gutters with icicle lights
    Given the reviews I was nervous to try this, but I'm so glad I did. I read over the instructions and double checked the pictures on the package to make sure I was using the correct side to clip to the gutters. We followed the directions for the most part. We hooked the lights through the u clip and attached one end to the gutter using the gutter clip. Then we attached the next strand to the end and hooked the lights to the u clip again near the cord connection. This left the second strand still dangling down. For all the clips in between, we put the clip on the pole and angled it so we caught the light strand in the same part of the clip that attaches to the gutter (gutter clip side, not the u clip). Per the instructions you can do it this way or through the u clip but it was too hard to catch it in the u part. The strand can fall off the gutter side part of the clip, but once you get it looped in, slightly turn the pole so the clip is at an angle as you bring the clip up to the gutter. Then straighten out again and slide into the gutter. The strand gets wedged between the gutter and the clip and won't fall out. With the second strand still dangling from where it was connected to the first, we connected a third stand to the end and connected a clip near the connection using the u part of the clip and then clipped to gutter. Then we clipped several in between clips between the plus is the second strand. We did this process for 4 strands. Once we figured out the right technique it took about ten minutes to get all of the lights up. We only had one clip stretch too much to be usable this was because my husband didn't have the correct angle when attaching to the gutter and when he pulled to click it in place, it stretched too much. We didn't have any completely break/snap in half. For gutters it's best to have just a slight and when clipping on. But that may vary based on your gutters. I included a pic of my lights and one that labels the parts of the clip I referenced above. The pole seemed plenty sturdy to me. It extended farther than I expected. I'm 5'3 and was able to do this from the ground without fully extending the pole. I was also able to remove a couple of clips i had attached and reuse them. I believe I'll be able to reuse these next year too! They might need replacing after a couple of years... Only time will tell. But a refill pack is only 13 dollars for a pack of 50 which is well worth it to me. Someone quoted me a couple hundred dollars to hang lights on my house and i was able to do this myself for the cost of this pole. It came with just enough clips. I didn't have to buy any extra. I definitely recommend this.
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      Great product! Works well underneath 1.5” eaves.
      The product is great for certain applications. Work great under 1.5” thick eaves (fiber cement “board”). Also helpful for running power cables in this application. A bit bulky but not visible at night. They don’t allow for precisely aligning each light but eliminated high ladder work for our tall two story. Still had to get on the ladder to reach the 26’ sections at the peak but being 8’ up instead of 20’ makes a huge difference. If you can have a helper on the ground insert clips it will greatly increase speed and safety. The extended reach also means fewer ladder moves. Heartily recommend for 1.5” eaves but am a bit skeptical about other applications
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        My neighbor saw me struggling on the ladder so he offered to lend me his kit. I was a little appr...
        My neighbor saw me struggling on the ladder so he offered to lend me his kit. I was a little apprehensive at first, but decide to give it a try. This thing is amazing!!!!! I'm not sure how well it works with gutters or shingles, but it works great with eaves. Attach the clip to the pole, hook clip onto light, push onto eve. It really can't get easier than that. It only took me 45 min to hang 200ft of lights (50ft 2nd floor and 150ft 1st floor). Just ordered my own kit.
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          I remember, as a kid, the horror that was "Christmas Light Day," the hooks, the ladders, the curs...
          I remember, as a kid, the horror that was "Christmas Light Day," the hooks, the ladders, the cursing under the breath of the adult installing the lights. In a nutshell - these are AMAZING!!! Don't listen to those reviews who don't like them. Listen to those reviews who say, "Take your time, pay attention to the way you are inserting the clips," and watch your lights go up in record time. I just installed 5 sets of lights around 3/4 of our 2,000sqft house in less than an hour and a half (opening the packages and cleanup included) with just the help of my 11 year old; he held the light strands for me. Best light installation product I've ever seen/used. I will be purchasing new hooks next year, as I don't know how well these will hold out over a desert summer. But, 5 stars, three cheers, and hip hip hooray for this product and the ease of installation. I used them on the eaves of my house, if you were wondering; I have vaulted ceilings and my roof is probably 15-18' high - I didn't even use the entire extension for the highest point in the house.
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            This pole came in handy! It took a couple of tries to get the hang of it, but afterwards it was s...
            This pole came in handy! It took a couple of tries to get the hang of it, but afterwards it was super easy. I was able to not only string the lights onto the shingles but I was also able to hide the extension cord under the eave of the house. I just snapped the clip into the holder and then holding the far end of the light string scooped the lights onto the clip. Then using the pole I clipped it to the shingles. I would have given it five stars but when you fully extend the very top of the pole, it feels like its going to bend and break.
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              Life Saver
              I have a 32' ladder that couldn't reach the peak off my roof. I had to choose between this product or a longer ladder. $300 vs $30. Sold. I was able to use it while on a high ladder! I mainly used it to secure lights to shingles. It worked perfectly. The clips can be used numerous ways. Glad I wasn't influenced by other reviews. The manufacturer should make an instructional video to help people that lack....
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              Rating provided by a verified purchaser...
              Rating provided by a verified purchaser
                Worked great, didn’t have to use a ladder...
                Worked great, didn’t have to use a ladder
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