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Auto-Darkening Welcing Helmet with Variable Shade Lens No. 9-13 (1.73 x 3.82 in. Viewing Area) No Rules Limits Design

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  • Auto-darkening, lightweight weld helmet with variable 7-13 shade
  • Comfortable fit, adjustable welding hood
  • External grind mode switch
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Product Details

The Lincoln Electric K4983-1 No Rules No Limits variable shade auto-darkening welding helmet is a rugged lightweight helmet with comfortable headgear and an oversized absorbent sweatband for those long days under the helmet. Includes 2 extra inside and outside impact resistant clear lenses. The Variable shade feature allows you to choose from shades 7-13. The helmet also features an additional grind mode shade. It can be used in Stick, TIG, Pulsed TIG, MIG, Pulsed MIG, Flux-Cored, Gouging welding processes.
  • WELD PROTECTION: Lincoln Electric K4983-1 No Rules No Limits Welding Helmet is an auto-darkening hood for safety and protection that’s solar powered with battery backup
  • COMFORTABLE FIT Adjustable ratchet headgear provides the perfect fit for men and women; It’s rugged but lightweight with an oversized absorbent sweatband for extended wear and comfort
  • EXTRA LENSES: Includes 2 extra inside and outside impact resistant clear lenses; The variable shade feature allows you to choose from shades 7-13; The helmet also has an additional grind mode shade
  • DURABLE & VERSATILE: Suitable for a wide range of projects and can be used in Stick, TIG, Pulsed TIG, MIG, Pulsed MIG, Flux Core, and Gouging welding processes; Tig Rating = ≥5 amps
  • MORE SPECS: This helmet is ANSI Z87.1 safety certified, made of nylon material, weighs 17oz, has a 3.82" x 1.73" viewing area, is hard hat compatible, and comes with 2 AAA batteries included
  • Grind Mode Capability
  • Lightweight - 17 oz.
  • Optical Clarity - 1/1/1/2
  • Two independent arc sensors to help avoid blind spots
  • Continuous variable external control for shades 7-13
  • How to Choose the Best Welding Helmet
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  • California residents

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A lightweight welding helmet with auto darkening lens, enough adjustment in the head band is provided to accommodate a range of head sizes and head covering, as well as fore and aft adjustment to accommodate a dual filter half face respirator. The lens power is from solar cells and battery backup (2-AAA batteries – supplied) with external adjustment knob for varying lens (dark mode) shade (3-7 DIN) and a detented position for grinding. Although easily adjusted with gloved hands, the lack of partial detents on the welding mode shades can result in the setting being changed inadvertently if contact is made with the knob. The lens assembly provides IR and UV protection in light and dark modes. The view through the 3.82” x 1.73” lens is adequate for most work. Adjustments are provided for sensitivity and time delay (0.1 to 1 sec) at the top of the lens cartridge. Inside and outside cover lenses are provided to protect the lens cartridge lens. Two spares of each cover lens are supplied as well as the two )2) AA batteries used for power backup to the lens cartridge. In addition to being listed in the manual, the part numbers for replaceable (and optional) parts are listed on a label applied to the inside of the helmet. This includes optional cheater lenses (1.5, 2.0 and 2.5 X magnification. The above-mentioned head band adjustments should accommodate most heads/head covering, though the crown adjustment is by moving a molded plastic “peg” on the band into various holes in the crown strap. Frequent changing of the adjustment may result in wear of the “peg” to where it may no longer be able to secure the setting chosen. The lower operating temperature limit is 14 degrees F which may be concern if much of your work involves snowplow repair in really cold climates. Noted as suitable for MIG, TIG, STICK and/or Plasma and carbon arc cutting, this is a good general-purpose helmet. The light weight is a bonus. The main feature that puts this helmet at the number one spot on my list is the headband (head size) adjustment. Unlike many ratchet style adjustments which “creep” from the desired setting, the adjustment knob on this helmet requires depressing before turning, eliminating inadvertent changes.
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Well thought out
I don't do a lot of welding, but got this to replace one that's a low budget brand. My eyes are getting older and I have trouble seeing when the helmet darkens. This is a lot better. I can see when I put it towards the lower end of the scale and it'll darken to where it's hard to see so if you're welding with an extra big/bright arc you'll be able to darken it enough to protect your eyes. The head adjustments are good and easy to adjust. There's an adjustment for how far it drops down and is easy enough to adjust for when you're working down or overhead. It takes a couple triple A batteries that are easy to install. There is a test button so you can make sure it works before you start. I had a helmet that had a self charging unchangable battery that I had fail, so this I think might be a better option for me. There is a setting to change response time and delay off darkening. There is also a position on the darkness dial for grinding so you don't have to change helmets or having it go dark when you're grinding.
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Great graphics and works well
This Lincoln Electric welding helmet has a lot of adjustability. One can adjust the depth between the eyes and the lens, the rotation of the helmet, the stiffness of rotation, tightness on your head, sensitivity of the lens (how quickly it changes from light to dark), delay of the lens switching from dark to light and the darkness level of the lens (grind and 7-13 welding shades). The shade cartridge is powered by two AA batteries (included) and they are recharged via a solar panel. The cartridge only has two ARCS sensors but it performed very well in my testing with MIG welding. I really like the external shade adjustment. This is so much easier to use than having a dial on the internal shade that requires removing the helmet to adjust. This helmet also supports 1.5, 2.0 and 2.5 magnification cheater lenses. Overall this is a great helmet. My only concern is the price point. For a few dollars more, you can get a kit from Lincoln Electric that contains the same helmet without graphics and a bunch of accessories.
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Lots of features!
This is one of the nicest welding helmets I’ve used. It has lots of different adjustments to fit your head and the sweatband feels nice and soft. I did struggle adjusting the swing but overall pretty good. The lens is really is easy to see through and doesn’t hurt the eyes. The lens has lots of adjustments to fit your needs, such as delay and sensitivity. The variable shade has a good range and a grind mode which is really nice to keep stuff out of your face when grinding. The auto-darkening always works thanks to its 2 arc sensors. Once you get going you won't have to worry about neck fatigue because it comes in at a little less than a pound. The solar panel helps to keep it charged throughout the day. They do include some extra lenses and cheater lenses but unfortunately it doesn’t come with a bag. Inside there is a sticker with replacement part numbers so no more having to figure out what fits. The design is pretty cool looking but the white sections might look dirty after some time. Overall this helmet is well worth the money to get quality protection from your eyes and will hold up over time.
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It works great.
I don't do a lot of welding. But for when I do, this welding helmet works great. It reacts fast. saving my eyes. Much better then having to flip down the helmet. I like being able to adjust how dark it gets, as well as how long it stays dark after you stop welding. It normally stays dark in the gap between striking the ark. The grinding setting is a bonus.
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Full Featured Welders Hood
Lincoln Auto Darkening Variable Shade Welding Helmet I have been a backyard and off-road enthusiast welder for years and I’ve used a number of low-end auto darkening helmets, thinking it would do-the-job. This helmet is definitely an upgrade that any backyard welder needs to consider. Getting by is not really the only thing you need. Having the ability to darken your hood based on whether your Oxy-Acetylene welding, MIG or Stick Welding turns out to be a must. The time your shield stays dark and how dark it gets is even more important. Yeah, I heard all of the admonitions as I learned welding in school and latter on the job, but the cheaper hoods were not much different than the higher priced hoods in the past, but the hoods have gotten exponentially better over the years. Your eyes really deserver to get the improvements available. The increased advantage of having a full-face hood to just move from welding to grinding is an improvement that I can’t believe I neglected too many years now. All-in-all you really deserve to protect your face and more importantly your eyes with the protection this welding/grinding helmet can provide.
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This helmet is perfect for the home/farm workshop!
Let me give you a review for my new Lincoln Electric No Rules/No Limits, Variable Shading Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet. I am so happy to gotten this helmet. It has everything I need for eye protection while welding and grinding! It features Auto Darkening mode with continuously variable external control for shading levels 7-13. The electronics are solar cell powered with battery assist. The 2 independent arc sensors help avoid blind spots and enhance the sensing ability of the auto darkening circuitry. The helmet is very lightweight at 17oz. You can adjust the delay (the time the auto darkening goes off) and sensitivity (how quick the auto darkening engages). The Lincoln helmet has a "grind" mode. It turns off the darkening mode so you have full face protection with great visibility. The headgear has 3 different adjustments for a nice snug and stable fit. The darkening speed is plenty fast so you don't have to let your eyes adjust. Just strike off and you are wielding safely! I am very happy to recommend this welding helmet from Lincoln.
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Great Looking with Lots of Features
This is one of the best looking helmets I've seen. Not only does it look great, it has a ton of features. It's auto darkening, shade is from 7-13. The large viewing area is 3.82"x 1.73". There are two arc sensors to prevent blind spots. It's solar powered and is battery assisted. It is quickly and easily adjusted to give you the perfect fit and the headband has an oversized sweatband. Fore and aft adjustment also. Once you familiarize yourself with it, adjustments can be made using the external shade and grind controls without having to remove the helmet. It comes with two extra inside and outside impact resistant lenses. It is magnifying "cheater" lens capable. It's lightweight and comfortable enough to wear all day. Pictures don't do it justice. It's a great looking helmet and does all you need.
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Fantastic Autodark helmet with grind lens setting
I got this helmet because I wanted an auto dark helmet and a bonus it can be used for grinding. I took it out of the box and began to make adjustments to the headgear fitment. All were pretty easy to adjust with the exception of the stop adjust, I found it a little though to lift the tab to allow the pin to move to the next detent. There is a test button to make sure the lens will darken before use that is a great feature. I found the switch/dial easy to adjust the darkness and switch it off for grinding operations.
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Great welding helmet!
The auto-darkening feature is really the only way to go with a welding helmet and this one fits the bill. Having both delay and sensitivity controls makes it adjustable exactly to my liking. There is no need to change lens with this helmet as it has an external shade control feature from 7 to 13. I found the headgear with sweatband very comfortable with easy to set ratcheting adjustments. Helmet is light weight, using this helmet provides me with a lot less strain on my neck compared to a glass plate lens helmet. The “No Rules No Limit” graphics on this helmet look nice and won’t be offensive to anyone as some other helmets graphics I’ve seen.
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