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Model #48-22-1505-48-22-1950

FASTBACK 6-in-1 Folding Knife with 3 in. Blade and General Purpose Utility Blades (50-Pack)

  • Press and Flip Opening
  • 6-in-1 multi-functionality
  • Also includes (1) 50-pack utility blades with dispenser
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Product Overview

The Milwaukee FASTBACK 6-in-1 Folding Utility Knife features a press and flip mechanism providing users with an easy, one-handed opening. The 6-in-1 knife has a wire stripper, folding screwdriver, and a fold-out 1/4 in. bit holder. The bit holder includes a reversible Phillips #2 and slotted 1/4 in/ bit. This folding utility knife is equipped with a built-in bottle opener providing users with added functionality. Tool free blade change allows the user to quickly and easily insert a new blade. This multifunction pocket knife has an all metal design for a longer life with a durable wire belt clip to reduce pocket tearing with a blade holder designed for scoring. The folding utility knife has a metal extension that prevents accidental blade removal and a lanyard hole for convenient tethering. Also includes a 50-pack of General Purpose Utility Blades with dispenser.
  • Folding 1/4 in. bit holder
  • Reversible Phillips #2 and slotted 1/4 in. bit
  • Wire Stripper
  • Bottle opener
  • Quick change: tool free blade change
  • Metal body
  • Durable wire belt clip
  • Blade Holder Designed for Scoring
  • Metal Extension to Prevent Accidental Blade Removal
  • Lanyard Hole
  • 48-22-1950: Lasts up to 5X longer than standard blades
  • 48-22-1950: Includes 50 utility blades and Milwaukee dispenser (patent pending)
  • 48-22-1950: Optimized grind angles deliver improved sharpness for less repeat cuts
  • Kit Includes: (1) 48-22-1505 FASTBACK 6-in-1 Folding Knife with 3 in. Blade AND (1) 48-22-1950 General Purpose Utility Blades (50-Pack)
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FASTBACK 6-in-1 Folding Knife with 3 in. Blade
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Hand Tool TypeUtility KnifeUtility KnifeUtility KnifeUtility Knife
Blade MaterialBimetalBimetalSteelSteel
Handle MaterialPlasticPlasticAluminumPlastic
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Blade Length (in.)
3 in
Blade Width (in.)
Handle Length (in.)
Product Depth (in.)
8.75 in
Product Length (in.)
8.75 in
Product Width (in.)
2 in


Blade Edge Type
Straight Edge
Blade Material
Removable Blade,Retractable Blade
Hand Tool Type
Utility Knife
Handle Material
Knife Type
Folding Knife
Lock Type
Spring Lock
Number of Pieces
Product Weight (lb.)
1 lb
Replacement Blade Type
Utility Knife Blades
Tools Product Type
Hand Tool

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty
Limited Lifetime

Questions & Answers


Does the bit holder hold standard 1/4" bits securely?

Asked by dm February 8, 2021

Yes, its a nice snug fit, does not fall out

Where are these blades made?

Asked by Cody January 27, 2021

Hi Cody.....Made in the "GOOD OLD USA". If used many utility blades in my life and these are the best you can find. Sharpness of the blades last at least 4-5 times longer then the other brands made in China. I believe you'll be very surprised if you do purchase them. Hope this answers your question.

Is there a wobble in the blade? Does the blade locking mechanism hold the blade tight with no play?

Asked by Javier January 1, 2021

No. It is very tight with no play.

how can I order this knife

Asked by jerry December 15, 2020

It is remarkably hard to find. That's the only Con.

When will this be in stores?

Asked by dfur1016 December 5, 2020

It sucks , the opening mechanism is not smooth at all , I bought 3 of them and all are the same , nothing like the old version, I left them on a drawer and keep using my old Milwaukee. Good idea bad design.

Does this knife lock at a 45-degree angle like the older model solid metal one did?

Asked by dh405 November 30, 2020

It’s not right angle, it’s 180 degrees.

Can i use DeWalt blades in it? I remember hearing that i had to use Milwaukee blades with their FastBack series. I don't know if it's true.

Asked by Sneaky November 18, 2020

Use any standard blade.

How many blades can you store in the knife?

Asked by Logan November 18, 2020

I don't see anywhere that the knife could store blades other than the one used for cutting. Since it folds, the handle is slotted, so there is no storage.

What is the blade thickness?

Asked by MetalMan February 19, 2019

Hi Metal Man.....Thickness is .025 and are very durable.

How to open

Asked by Kim April 10, 2017

The plastic case acts as a carrying case the blades slide out at the end simply turn it up and down until the blades slide down and slide one out.

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Even better than original
I tried to post a review before but for some reason it just would not so this product is so good I’m going to try to post this review a second time. It does everything you really need a multi tool to do that is centered around a blade. Some of the features are hit and miss on the packaging and the website but it does have a slotted and Phillips head driver bit as well as locking into place. It has wire stripper and bottle opener and lanyard hole. It will carry one extra blade in the handle but the instructions on The packaging don’t really mention that. I have the original compact fast back. That’s for my work every day use. This new and improved six in one tool is my personal every day carry. I would definitely recommend this product.
by snn5
This Milwaukee 6-in-1 folding knife is very well made. It’s sturdy and works well. I think the 6...
This Milwaukee 6-in-1 folding knife is very well made. It’s sturdy and works well. I think the 6-in-1 feature is a bit gimmicky, with the bottle opener, two style screw driver(slot and Phillips head), the 1/4” nut driver, which is the holder for the screwdriver bit, the wire stripper and of course the knife. I guess these features add some versatility to the knife, but I only see myself maybe using the screwdriver feature. The screw driver bit holder has a strong spring like mechanism that clicks in place for use as a right angle screwdriver and it does lock in place when straight so it’s not going to fold back in on you. I find that to be a good and safe feature. Unlocking the screw driver to fold it up is a bit tricky, but I’ve included a photo to show where to unlock it. I haved primarily used this knife so far for opening boxes, cutting up cardboard and scoring some drywall. It has done great and is easy to handle. I’m not a person who will be carrying this with me all the time, for someone who does, the added features may come in handy. Especially the belt clip. It’s definitely designed with right handed use in mind. Left handed users will find unlocking and folding out the blade a bit cumbersome. The knife does have room for blade storage and a photo of that is included in this review. Overall, it’s a a good knife and should provide quality service. I’m giving it five stars, it’s well made and all the features do work well.
Very handy and nice for the price. Milwaukee’s done it again with providing a nice tool to have f...
Very handy and nice for the price. Milwaukee’s done it again with providing a nice tool to have for those small jobs. The handle is really nice for control and it has just enough beef in the tool for scoring and cutting. There’s a notch in the handle for finger and handle control which is really a nice feature to have for safety purposes. I don’t see much use in the bottle opener in the wire stripper but it could be a nice feature to have when needed. The drive a bit is pretty cool as you can put standard quarter inch socket bits into the handle and it has a good metal socket to receive any bit you choose. It comes with a belt clip and it’s strong and will attach to any belt as a solid fastener and will not go anywhere. Changing blades -you’ll have to press hard on the outer portion of the black area where there’s a protrusion and that’s really nice to have for a quick change. Even though it’s made in China and Taiwan, it still has the nice American quality that Milwaukee delivers.
by jwl1433
love it
Absolutely love this fastback. I have the one before this one with the reg knife blade and said they need to make a razor one and that exactly what milwaukee did not only did they make the blade better they made the entire handle as well even better.. Love the lil screwdriver always comes in handy on a pinch. And the hidden extra blade storage genuis just excellent crasftmansship all together
by poolguy
I typically carry a pocketknife with me mostly everywhere I go. But sometimes a regular razor bla...
I typically carry a pocketknife with me mostly everywhere I go. But sometimes a regular razor blade or cutting tool with a razor blade does the job better. This 6-in1 Milwaukee folding knife does a pretty nice job when tested. It's not quite a Swiss Army Knife, but has a few cool features. Besides the razor/knife blade, it has a screwdriver extension with changeable tip. When the tip is removed, the remaining slot is a 1/4" nut driver. When folded, the top of the handle has an available bottle opener. This was the main reason I docked a star in my rating. With the available pocket clip on the back, I carried this knife in my pocket in place of my pocket knife. I scraped my hand on the bottle opener tip several times, one time actually breaking skin. Maybe it should go in a back pocket or clip to a tool bag instead? The blade is easily changed by pressing a little button on the backside of the blade holder to release it. The knife folds easily with the press of a black button on the handle. The same button needs to be pressed to unlock the knife from the folded position. Overall, it is well made and does the job. The pointy edge of the bottle opener bugged me enough to downgrade it a bit.
by Stan
A Birthday Present
For my birthday, Milwaukee sent me the new Fastback 6-in-1 Folding Utility Knife. The idea of a multitool utility knife has been done years ago, so when Milwaukee stepped in, they disrupted the industry. It starts with a better design. Most older folding designs have a major design flaw where the blade is unable to fit inside of the handle. Milwaukee solved that problem. Another design flaw is one hand opening and one hand closing. Milwaukee offers effortless one hand opening and closing. The pocket clip is placed at the very top so that the entire tool fits completely inside of the pocket. There is no competition. A broken clip? That's what you get with the competition. The pocket clip is removable and ever tool includes a lanyard attachment for optional use. We have a double hook bottle cap opener. Changing blades is as easy as pressing a button to remove, then sliding the blade back in. The button is protected by a button guard. Using the knife is a pleasure with the non-slip grip and thumb traction to keep your hand from slipping. We have a very useful wire stripper that actually works better than my dedicated tool at a fraction of the price. We also have blade storage for one spare blade. The foldable screwdriver is better than the competition for several reasons: First, it has a longer reach. Second, it has reversible screwdriver bits. Third, it locks in place with a liner release tab. Competition? I don't think so. A good design concept should never sacrifice safety. This is without a doubt the greatest utility knife that Milwaukee has ever produced. Highly recommended. There is no equal. There is no competition. From Milwaukee!!
by Brian
Best Utility Knife
I’ve bought many utility knifes and this is hands down the best knife out there. I usually don’t keep a utility knife on me but now I do. The first day I had it, used the screw driver, which so handy. I love the easy blade changes, which I have struggled with on other utility knifes. Buying these for all my family members for Christmas. Kudos to the designer and making something basic into a more useful tool.
by resauers
The Perfect Utility Knife
This knife is perfect. I always carry a utility knife on me because there's always something you need to cut, but I don't know how many times I've wished I had a screwdriver with me and had to rummage around to find one. I also can't count the times I've needed a bottle opener and wondered why it was so hard for someone to incorporate one into a utility knife. This knife has it all! I love the push button - I've been using push buttons for years and this one flipped open and closed with one hand perfectly right out of the box. The belt clip is tough and tight, and I don't foresee it hanging something and easily bending like I have done with flat-style belt clips - I'm sure it will relax with time but it's definitely tight trying to clip it onto your pocket and I'm sure someone will complain about that. And after purchase, I discovered that there is a spot to store a single extra blade in the handle and it's not even advertised on the packaging and no one seems to know about it! That's perfect because you never know when you need a spare and I was used to having a blade storage with my old knife. This is an engineering marvel and the perfect knife, BUY BUY BUY!!!
by Ian
This is the second rendition of the popular Milwaukee fastback line. I enjoyed using the first mo...
This is the second rendition of the popular Milwaukee fastback line. I enjoyed using the first model and after some time using this newer version, I believe this is a better folding knife. Even without the extra blade storage that the first one had it's still a great knife. The knife is comfortable in the hand and feels sturdy. The screwdriver part worked really well and was easy to use. The belt clip is very tight meaning it's hard to get it to slip on my back pocket at times. I've used the wire stripper with no issues. The blade that comes with it is solid.
by Iamuprise
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This FASTBACK 6-in-1 Folding Knife with 3 in. Blade from Milwaukee Tools is a handy knife that I ...
This FASTBACK 6-in-1 Folding Knife with 3 in. Blade from Milwaukee Tools is a handy knife that I carry every day. It has a press and flip opening feature that will take some practice to master. I can get it to work about half the time, allowing me to open it with one hand. The bottle opener is a great addition, and the screwdriver blade locks open too. The bit can be removed and the tool can then be used as a 1/4" hex nut driver! The pocket clip is super strong and should last quite a while. It is so strong, that the knife can be difficult to clip on to your pocket, but at least it won't break. I find the wire stripper notch useful for cutting twine as well as stripping wires. Changing blades is easy, and the button is protected by a protruding piece of metal designed to prevent accidental blade release. I found this feature to function quite well. This knife is about half metal and half tough plastic, and is lighter than the all metal models. A great knife!
by eee
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