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Model #2473-22-2470-20-48-11-2420

M12 12-Volt Lithium-Ion Force Logic Cordless Press Tool Kit (3 Jaws Included) with M12 PVC Pipe Shear and Extra Battery

  • Smallest and lightest at 3.8 lbs. with up to 5,400 lbs. of force
  • Includes M12 PVC Shear 2470-20 & M12 2.0 AH Battery 48-11-2420
  • Part of the M12 System, featuring over 100+ tools
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Product Overview

The Milwaukee M12 FORCE LOGIC Press Tool Kit with Jaws is the lightest press tool on the market and represents a new level in portability and accessibility around installed pipe. The M12 press tool features a one-handed, in-line design enabling users to operate the tool nearly anywhere they can fit their arm. Built-in REDLINK technology enables the press tool to monitor the force output, delivering users with quality connections. A visual indicator alerts users when a secure connection has been achieved and when the tool needs calibration. The cordless press tool features the best calibration standards, only requiring service every 32,000 crimps. This allows users to perform up to 4x more connections between services, keeping the tool on the job site up to 4x longer than competitive units. When used with Milwaukee's M12 FORCE LOGIC Press Jaws, this tool delivers quality press connections on all major fitting brands including Viega ProPress Systems, Elkhart APOLLOXPRESS and Grinnell G-Press copper systems. The Milwaukee press tool is powered by the M12 REDLITHIUM batteries, allowing users to Cut, Fasten and Connect on One System. In addition to the press tool, this kit includes two M12 REDLITHIUM CP1.5 battery packs; 1/2 in., 3/4 in. and 1 in. M12 jaws and a carrying case. Includes A Bonus M12 PVC Pipe Shear (2470-20) and M12 2.0Ah Battery (48-11-2420).
  • Smallest and lightest press tool at only 3.8 lbs.
  • Delivers up to 5,400 lbs. of force
  • Press indicator provides visual assurance of quality connection
  • Performs 32,000 crimp cycles between service inspections
  • Interchangeable jaws allow for quick adjustment from 1/2 in. to 1-1/4 in.
  • M12 FORCE LOGIC system provides 40+ solutions
  • Compatible with all M12 batteries
  • Tool warranty: 5 years
  • 15° offset connector for drain access under fixed faucets
  • Includes: (1) M12 force logic press tool (2473-20), (2) M12 REDLITHIUM CP1.5 battery (48-11-2401), (1) M12 REDLITHIUM charger (48-59-2401), (1) M12 1/2 in. jaw (49-16-2450), 1 M12 3/4 in. jaw (49-16-2451), 1 M12 1 in. jaw (49-16-2452), and 1 carrying case, M12 PVC Pipe Shear (2470-20) and M12 2.0Ah Battery (48-11-2420)

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Compatible Pipe Size (in.)
1 in.,1-1/4 in.,1/2 in.,3/4 in.
Product Depth (in.)
Product Height (in.)
Product Width (in.)


Compatible Pipe Material
Maximum pipe size capacity (in.)
Power Type
Product Weight (lb.)
3.8 lb
Tools Product Type
Power Tool

Questions & Answers


Do you have to put the cutting wheel and PN or does it come already ready assembled

Asked by Kino January 23, 2021

It comes all assembled, just put in the battery. I’m very pleased with it.

Does this item come in the original milwakee box?

Asked by Kramer December 2, 2020

Yes box just says tool only same as all the major brands no battery or charger just tool.

How well would this do with pex? Like if i'm working in a closet with copper and pex, can I just ...

Asked by CDS September 8, 2020

No it us copper only

What replacement wheel fits this cutter?

Asked by Mike September 3, 2020

Is this offered for Refrigeraton lines?

Asked by Je352 July 21, 2020

Hi! Can I return the tool after I have purchased it, if it is not the tool I need?

Asked by Kevin July 2, 2020

I have just purchased a Milwaukee 2674-22c press tool. But the jaws that came are 1/2”, 3/4” and 1”.i need English jaws

Asked by Rolo January 30, 2020

whats the difference the 2673 and the 2773

Asked by Rick December 1, 2019

Hello Rick! 2773 is our latest model and has replaced 2673.

If I buy the M 18 Vega crimp tool can I just buy the force logic copper cramp heads

Asked by Kendaniels1216 November 28, 2019

Hello! No, the M18 Short Throw Press Tool currently offers jaw solutions for pex only. We also suggest Using the tool only with Milwaukee or Milwaukee-approved press jaws, press fittings, and pipe for which they are designed. Other uses may cause injury or damage to the tool, accessories, and pipes.

Does anyone know where this tool is manufactured?

Asked by Oldschool September 12, 2019

manufactured in Germany

M12 12-Volt Lithium-Ion Force Logic Cordless Press Tool Kit (3 Jaws Included) with M12 PVC Pipe Shear and Extra Battery - page 2

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Hotel Renovation -- Excellent Tool
I recently purchased this press tool for a hotel project that my company had. We replaced a commercial gas water heater, 40 ball valves, and pipe sections with this tool in 3/4", 1", 1 1/4", 1 1/2", and 2" sizes. All pipe was type L. We had originally planned to solder all connections but after taking a look at the mess of electrical wiring and data cables in the drop ceiling as well as the negative grade on the copper pipes leading to the main we decided to acquire this tool. We have had an overall very good experience with this tool as it has allowed us to make connections that would have been nearly impossible if we had sweat them. It took far more time to remove, cut, and prep pipe than it did to make the actual connections. Water that would have been nearly impossible to remove remained in most pipes even as we pressed fittings and valves. It was also surprising some of the tighter areas that we were able to fit the tool in due to its inline design. The only frustration that we had was actually with the two batteries that came with the tool and not the tool itself. During the initial charging process they would charge for about a minute before the charger would give the signal that the battery was defective. After removing and returning each battery to the charger about a dozen or more times until the initial charge was complete we have not had a repeat of this issue. The tool has also more than made up for this initial frustration. Overall an excellent tool that I would recommend to anyone frequently doing projects involving copper pipe.
by RCO
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A Must Have arthritis preventer
This tool alone made me convert my tools to milwaukee . I love this tool in tight in wall spaces cuts stright every time with litte to no burrs in the copper pipe but only cuts to 1/2 to 1” copper pipe A plumber best tool beats hand cutter by a mile and thumb cutters
by superplumbinman
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It cuts fast and make RIP out a breeze l only use milwaukee tools
It cuts fast and make RIP out a breeze l only use milwaukee tools
by Dipi
This Milwaukee M12 Copper Tube Cutter is amazing! I have used it for commercial piping and at my ...
This Milwaukee M12 Copper Tube Cutter is amazing! I have used it for commercial piping and at my house for some hard to reach piping. It provides a very fast and clean cut. Cutting down on time to make all the cuts needed. It's easy to use, and after 200 cuts, the M12 battery was still going. I even cut a pipe with water (not pressurized) and the water spilled onto the tool, and the tool worked great. My only issue with the tool, is that I wish it could go up to 1 1/2" pipe. I love it, and am already telling everyone to get it.
by Pipeinator
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The device is not very user friendly. I’ve used this...
The device is not very user friendly. I’ve used this device on 7/8”, 3/4”, and 3/8” copper tubing. The larger sizes took some getting use to, but the 3/8” just wouldn’t cut. The blade kept spinning and bouncing off the copper pipe.
by Ryan
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Essential for Plumbers!
If you are a plumber or GC, this tool is absolutely essential. While the fittings themselves are pretty expensive (between $5 and $20 per fitting), the time savings you will see is outstanding. No more sweating joints! No more risk from using a torch inside a wall. No more having to turn off the water to the building. This tool will work wet or dry. This makes it ESPECIALLY useful whenever you are doing commercial work and especially in healthcare settings where turning off the water to a building is almost impossible. To install a fitting, you simply clean the joint like you would any copper joint, insert the fitting over the end, slip it into the press tool jaws and press the button. The press takes only seconds to completely seal the fitting around the joint, and the seal is guaranteed for 50 years! This is 100% certified under all building regulations, both residential and commercial. You won't regret the investment into this technology. If you are a professional plumber, either commercial or residential, you absolutely should have one of these on your truck. Take a look at the video to see just how quickly the press can seal a fitting. This particular kit is very heavy, but that is because the jaws are solid steel. It comes with 6 different size jaws ranging from 1/2" to 2", so this is an excellent mix of sizes for just about any job. It comes with 2 different batteries and a charger as well. The tool itself is also heavy, about 10lbs, but it is well balanced and extremely powerful. The case it comes with is very rugged and should last you for many, many years. There is a little extra room in the case as well if you wanted to keep some smaller fittings handy. A neighbor of mine owns a commercial plumbing company and owns 5 of these sets for his team. He said these are the primary reason he is able to bid and win commercial jobs at hospitals. He can now do repair work without having to turn off the water to the building or even parts of the building. Not only will these save you time, but may actually help you win additional business.
by Greg
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No more sweating when plumbing (pun not intended) repairs are performed
This Milwaukee Force Logic press tool has made me a convert from ever sweating copper to now pressing fittings the very moment I successfully installed my first 90-degree propress elbow. I've had opportunities to trial other press tools such as Ridgid, Viega, and Nibco however they were either unwieldy, too bulky in size, or downright uncomfortable for use in tight locations Milwaukee was late to market with their press tool which is understandable as I suspect they smartly delayed until sufficient opinions were fielded in order to improve all the identified issues and concerns plumbers/contractors had with early generation press tools. Milwaukee designed their tool as a inline (versus pistol type) press tool which eliminates size constraints all 1st generation press tools exhibited. This is a 18-volt 2nd generation Milwaukee press tool which supersedes their original 1st generation 12-volt propress tool capable of only pressing up to 1-1/4 inch fittings. This 18-volt model will now press everything their 12-volt model previously accomplished but also press up to 4-inch diameter fittings with the appropriate rings(Milwaukee Force Logic Press Ring Kit P/N 49-16-2690). Battery life is amazingly longer because Milwaukee did away with legacy brush-type motors which were notoriously energy- inefficient. Two 2Ah lithium-ion battery packs and embedded electronic circuitry built into the actual tool and it's included external charger insure recharging tasks will be at a minimum. I dislike pistol type press tools because they are either too bulky or awkward in tightly confined areas. However when I trialed Milwaukee's inline press tool their design removed the last of my remaining concerns. Some other points worth noting: This is a Milwaukee M18 press tool which means you can customize the tool for your needs. If you have a abundance of overhead, cramped spaces, or a hundred or more of presses to complete on your job you can make the tool fairly light in weight by swapping out to a smaller weight battery pack (2amp versus 9amp). For waist level everyday pressing you could use the newest 9amp battery pack and not have to worry about recharging for the remainder of the week. M18 series tools mean you already have both M12 and M18 chargers and battery packs on hand. Ridgid, Viega, Rothenberg, and Nibco have proprietary chargers and battery packs which means they are unique to the tool itself making it more difficult to recoup your initial expense on the press tool. M18 chargers and batteries can be used on over 125 Milwaukee tools! Lose or break the charger or battery and you are hindered chasing down a replacement as not too many retailers stock or carry Nibco or Viega chargers or batteries. Downtime is lost money plain and simple! I cannot say enough good things about this new technology press tool system. No more using dangerous MAPP or propane gas canisters to sweat fittings, no more prep work prior to sweating....gone are the tedious tasks like pre-cleaning and fluxing both ends, no risk of scorching surrounding areas with open flames, no more dangers in starting fires, running out of MAPP or propane gas, shutting off and draining water prior to work, the list simply goes on and on why a press tool is so popular. I have had way too many instances where water shutoffs never completely closed making it difficult if not impossible to sweat unless you considered using SharkBite fittings or the old plumbers "bread trick" then quickly sweating hoping it would be a leakfree sweat. I can now leisurely press both shutoffs and fittings in pipes that have dripping or running neat is that? The tool comes with a 5-year warranty from Milwaukee and is guaranteed for a minimum of 50k presses which is an amazing testament to Milwaukee quality and design. There are minor downsides to pressing over sweating using this latest technology press tool. Initial startup costs are definitely larger so budgeting on this tool acquisition should be planned around future planned projects and jobs. Pricing for this press tool runs $3k therefore you must insure you have multiple projects planned but once you put this tool into service time saved, convenience and frustration saved per job will quickly pay for the tool itself. Propress fittings (couplings, 90-degree and 45-degree elbows, T's, and propress valves) are costlier however if you plan and purchase fittings online in quantity lots price is manageable. I simply cannot rave enough about this press tool and if you haven't seen any press tool in action try and get a demo at a trade or distributor show. You will leave as a convert to press technology and retire all your torches and bottles of MAPP/propane gas!
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Rating provided by a verified purchaser...
Rating provided by a verified purchaser
by HomeDepotCustomer
Very nice tool I wish I bought it five years...
Very nice tool I wish I bought it five years ago
by HomeDepotCustomer
Makes quick work of cutting pipe. Be careful when cutting...
Makes quick work of cutting pipe. Be careful when cutting into existing lines. I drained out the cold line to a fixture and a small amount of water was left in the pipe. That water must have gotten into the electronic board and n the tool when I cut the pipe and it took hours for it to dry out and work again. Otherwise wonderful tool
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