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4 in. x 10 ft. EZ-Drain Prefabricated French Drain with Pipe

  • Capture and redirect groundwater around house and yard
  • Easy install, gravel-free drainage system saves labor by 50%
  • 30% higher flow rate than gravel French Drains
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Product Overview

Drainage for Downspouts Problem and Solution

Drainage for downspouts

Use a Catch Basin and Downspout Defender Grate to move water away from your foundation

Drainage for Driveways Problem and Solution

Drainage for driveways

Install a Channel Drain to eliminate slippery surfaces and wet garages

Landscape Drainage Problem and Solution

Landscape drainage

An Atrium Grate will drain excess water that can kill plants

Example Downspout Runoff Solution

Downspout Runoff Solutions

Catch basins connect to drain pipe and Pop-Up Emitters to discharge water. Use Flo-Well and EZ Drain to increase capacity.

Example Driveway Drainage Solution

Driveway Drainage Solutions

Channel drains connect to drain pipe and Pop-Up Emitters to discharge water. Use Flo-Well and EZ Drain to increase capacity.

Example Landscape Drainage Solutions

Landscape Drainage Solutions

Atrium Grates connect to drain pipe and Pop-Up Emitters to discharge water. Use Flo-Well and EZ Drain to increase capacity.

Example Drainage Solutions for Yard

Drainage Solutions for Yard

Capture water with Flo-Well and move it away with pipe. A Pop-Up Emitter discharges the water to a safe area.

Catch Basin

Catch Basin

Catch Basins capture water from under downspouts, in planter areas and lawns

Channel Drain

Channel Drain

Channel Drains capture water from driveways, patios and pool and spa areas

Flo-Well Engineered Dry Well

Flo-Well Engineered Dry Well

Captures and temporarily stores water slowly releasing it into the ground to eliminate flooding

EZ Drain

EZ Drain

A pre-engineered French drain solution with integrated pipe that captures and redirects water

Pop-Up Emitter

Pop-Up Emitter

Installed downstream, it allows for the release of water to safe areas

America’s #1 Channel Drain and Catch Basin

America’s #1 Channel Drain and Catch Basin

Trust NDS for proven, durable solutions that work, and support every step of the way

EZ-Drain is an all-in-one, easy to install substitute for a traditional French Drain. One 10 ft. EZ-Drain stick consists of a corrugated slotted pipe surrounded by a polystyrene aggregate, all wrapped in a durable filter fabric. It's lighter, simpler, and faster to install.
  • Useful in solving surface and subsurface drainage problems for lawns and plant beds, building foundations and basements, retaining walls and raised planters, and sports fields
  • Works as an infiltration system to detain water captured from upstream sources such as a downspout, and slowly release it into the surrounding soil
  • Connect to same size EZ Drain French Drain or 4 in. Single-Wall Corrugated Drain Pipe with Internal Coupling or 4 in. Sewer and Drain Pipe with Pipe Adapter
  • With a 1% slope, each bundle has a flow rate of 113 GPM and storage volume of up to 16 gallons
  • Strong structural integrity resists compaction and supports pedestrian traffic and lawn tractors when properly installed
  • Drainage bundle comes preassembled with 4 in. slotted corrugated drain pipe, lightweight engineered aggregate all encased in a 30-sieve white geotextile mesh fabric and ready to install
  • Flexible, 8 in. diameter, 10 ft. bundle bends around corners and straightaways and is easy to manipulate
  • Patented Poly-Rock™ is uniquely engineered with “flow channels” to increase void space, improve water flow rates by 30%, and provide greater storage capacity compared to gravel systems
  • The EZ Drain French Drain System works in conjunction with other NDS products such as Catch Basin Drains, Flo-Well® Dry Wells, Channel Drains, Trench Drains, and Pop-Up Drainage Emitters as part of a complete stormwater drainage system
  • Ready-to-install design is a great back saver—no gravel needed, and installs in half the time of traditional French Drain systems
  • Bundles can be cut to size (see installation guide on; multiple bundles can be connected together at the pipe ends with internal couplings . Recommend install with a minimum 1% slope for positive drainage
  • Includes one bundle; bundle is 8 in. dia. X 10 ft. long and contains a 4 in. slotted single-wall corrugated pipe surrounded by Poly-Rock™, all encased in a white geotextile mesh sleeve
  • Single-wall corrugated slotted center drain pipe is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) using a combination of virgin and recycled content; mesh made of polyethylene geotextile. Poly-Rock™ made of expanded polystyrene (EPS) using 100% recycled content
  • Use with a catch basin or low-profile adapter to capture stormwater runoff from the surface; use basin or low-profile adapter with a drain grate on top to block debris from entering and clogging your drainage system
  • Use with a Flo-Well® Dry Well System to detain excess water and slowly release it into the ground. Use with a Pop-Up Drainage Emitter to discharge collected water at a point of release downstream
  • Onsite stormwater management protects the watershed downstream, and limits excess runoff which can lead to negative impacts such as erosion, pollution, and flooding
  • NDS, founded in 1972, is the preferred choice of professionals and the leader in stormwater management with proven products, tools, and support to help you get the job done right
  • How To Install a French Drain

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Questions & Answers


Is the black pipe perforated?

Asked by Frank November 26, 2020


How deep can this drainage system be placed in the ground. Is there a maximun depth?

Asked by William November 12, 2020

This can be buried up to 10 feet.

where can i purchase product number EZ-1001A

Asked by jfk September 14, 2020

Home depot

How do I get this without pipe can’t find anywhere

Asked by Jfk September 13, 2020

I just bought pea gravel and then saw this. I'm thinking I can use my old stockings and put the p...

Asked by kkay September 12, 2020

The pea gravel is heavy and will only cover the bottom. The styrofoam will wrap the whole outside of the tube. The purpose is for if the whole tube fills. You could line your trench with the press gravel and cover the top of the tube, but that would be more costly than this product

Can I, and if so how much soil can I put over the top of the pipe where I want to lay sod?

Asked by Joe September 4, 2020

I hurried mine on an angle, from about 8" to a foot

How deep do you need to make the trench since this is only 4 in. x 10 feet?

Asked by Lee July 29, 2020

This product is 8" in diameter and needs a minimum of 6" of cover. The trench needs to be at least 14" deep.

How deep should I dig my trench for the drain pipe?

Asked by Pal July 23, 2020

All depends on the application - if for foundation wall anywhere from 2ft bottom of foundation. If wanting to drain water from low spots 18in. or more.

How long does it last

Asked by Ta July 11, 2020

I’ve seen videos of it being pulled out form under a drive way after 5 years and it was fully functioning and had no issues. My best guess 20 or more

Does the product come with any warranty?

Asked by TamAtl July 8, 2020

Yes, it comes with a warranty.

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Great product, poor implementation
Quality :
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I bought this on the day before yesterday. On yesterday, after digging the trench and preparing to close up my system I realized that I needed special End Caps. The end caps sitting next to it on the shelf didn't work. However, searching ALL of my local stores I found out that no one carries them. In one store, they had a hundred feet of tubes but no caps. Nonsense!
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Great product, but a little pricey. I had done an over 100 ft. French Drain with the "traditional...
Great product, but a little pricey. I had done an over 100 ft. French Drain with the "traditional method" using fabric, 3/4" stone, the corrugated slotted pipe, more stone, and then make the "burrito wrap" with the fabric. The "traditional method" works GREAT, but it IS a lot of work. I needed to add a little over 20 ft. from my neighbors downspouts to resolve the remaining drainage issues between our houses. I went the "easy route" and just bit the bullet on the price for this 20 ft. section. EZ-Drain IS convenient, very lightweight, easy to install. It IS, however, pricey at $50 per 10 ft. length. :( I also didn't realize till I got home that I had picked up a defective EZ-Drain 10 ft. length. It had a tear in the geotextile mesh fabric "sock", and had lost about a foot of the Poly-Rock™ by the time I got home. So, inspect the product before you leave the store.
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Simple to utilize. sometimes difficult to connect together with joint pieces. they did not slip t...
Simple to utilize. sometimes difficult to connect together with joint pieces. they did not slip together always as easy as other connections.
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This stuff is poorly designed. I dug a 65 foot ditch and laid it down in segments after the first...
This stuff is poorly designed. I dug a 65 foot ditch and laid it down in segments after the first rain 2 days later it floated out of the hole. what a waste of my time and money. Think about it, its Styrofoam. Styrofoam floats. It does not work it is way too buoyant for this floats and it is not cheap either. Don't waste your money on this I wish I went old school and made a French drain using gravel. What I have now is a big mess and a big credit card bill. I totally regret using this product.
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Rhode Island
One of the simplest installations ever
I did a lot of research on how to install a French Drain and ordered all the parts that I needed online. When I went to pick up my order at the store I realized I need another part. My original design was to use a Corrugated HDPE Drain Pipe and fill the trench that the pipe goes in with gravel. This would mean that I would have to buy at minimum a half dozen bags of gravel and tote them home with me in my car (no truck). While looking for the part I discussed my installation design with the Home Depot plumbing expert and he suggested a different product that what I ordered. He pointed me to the NDS Quick and Easy 10’ pipe. I purchased and installed the pipe without the extra effort of adding the gravel.
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The easy drain was real easy to install....
The easy drain was real easy to install.
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Solved basement leakage problem by using them in a French...
Solved basement leakage problem by using them in a French drain down the side of the building.
Was this helpful?
Easy to install but pipe a bit flimsy. ...
Easy to install but pipe a bit flimsy. Overall works well. A lot easier than laying down fabric and putting in stone
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This pipe is excellent for French drains and draining...
This pipe is excellent for French drains and draining
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Was this helpful?
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