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Steelie Car Mount Kit

  • Secure magnetic attachment of phones to vehicle dash
  • Magnet is safe for use with smartphones and tablets
  • Adjusts and holds at any viewing angle
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Product Overview

The Steelie Car Mount Kit is a perfect example of brilliant, intuitive design: it's sleek, compact, versatile, adjustable, and so effortless it's actually fun to use. Here's how it works: 2 specially engineered components - the Steelie Magnetic Phone Socket and Steelie Ball Mount - are backed with 3M VHB foam adhesive tape, to provide secure-yet-versatile phone docking exactly where you need it. The Steelie Magnetic Phone Socket Component is a strong, machined aluminum base containing a powerful, circular magnet centered with flexible silicon that attaches to the center of the back of your phone or hard case. The Steelie Ball Mount Component also features a machined aluminum base topped with a steel ball that can be attached anywhere on your dashboard. The 2 connect magnetically, and, once your phone is in place, keep it securely positioned, even if you accidentally hit that speed bump a little faster than you intended. The Steelie Magnetic Phone Socket's silicon center creates a smooth glide and firm grip, so you can easily rotate the phone from landscape to portrait position and it stays that way until you turn it again. And, because of its fumble-free design, unlike other phone holders, the Nite Ize Steelie Car Mount Kit is legal in all 50 United States.
  • Here's an added bonus: when you've reached your destination and you detach your phone from the ball mount, the magnetic phone socket still works with any other convenient metal surface
  • So you can attach your phone to refrigerator doors, metal shelving, filing cabinets, toolbox tops, even grocery cart handles-and keep it usable, secure, and easy to view throughout your day
  • Steelie car mount kit allows secure attachment for any mobile device, with or without a rigid case, to any vehicle dash with unlimited viewing angles
  • Each Steelie car mount kit includes one Steelie magnetic phone socket, one Steelie ball mount, an alcohol prep pad, and installation instructions
  • Steelie magnetic phone socket features a powerful neodymium magnet and silicon center to provide a strong grip and smooth glide
  • Neodymium magnet is safe for use with all phones and tablets
  • Both the magnetic phone socket and ball mount components feature 3M VHB foam adhesive tape for secure attachment
  • 3M VHB foam adhesive tape can be removed without damage to surfaces
  • Steelie ball mount is a high quality steel ball that is press fit into the machined aluminum base for security
  • High quality 6061 machined aluminum magnetic phone socket and ball mount components for an elegant look and durable functionality
  • Adjusts and holds in any viewing angle
  • Dimensions: 1.14 in. x 1.06 in. x 1.06 in. : 28.24 mm x 27.10 mm x 27.10 mm
  • Weight: 2.50 oz. : 71.00g
  • Warning: the Steelie magnetic phone socket contains a strong magnet; these magnets will not damage your tablet or phone, however, do not place near magnetically sensitive objects such as credit cards, pacemakers or computer hard drives, Nite Ize assumes no liability for damage to such objects

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Questions & Answers


is this magnet safe to use? I've read that it can possibly cause damage

Asked by coppercat April 11, 2018

the magnet seems safe to use but I have only used it with a case on my phone. I'm not sure I'd suggest attaching the magnet directly to the back of your phone.

Can it hold a GPS?

Asked by Shaggy February 13, 2018

Yes, the Steelie Car Mount Kit has been sued very successfully with various GPS devices. If you have any issues at all, Please contact our Customer Service Team so we can troubleshoot with you. Our phone # is 800.678.6483 (Mon - Fri - 8am-5pm MST).

Will it be able to hold a GPS? I have a TomTom and grimlin gps.

Asked by Shaggy February 13, 2018

Yes, the Steelie Car Mount Kit has been used successfully with various GPS devices. If you have any issues at all, Please contact our Customer Service Team so we can troubleshoot with you. Our phone # is 800.678.6483 (Mon - Fri - 8am-5pm MST).

what store carries this item sku 1000052870 in the store

Asked by tkm October 23, 2017

tkm: Thank you for your inquiry with HomeDepot.com. The Steelie Car Mount Kit is an on-line exclusive. To order this item use the "Add to Cart" button and follow the prompts or you can call HomeDepot.com Customer Service at 800-430-3376 to order this item. We hope this information is helpful, we appreciate your business.

is the nite ize steelie car mount kit in store?

Asked by shutterbug March 7, 2017

Yes in my store it is located near the electrical outlets.

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Don't waste your money
I have bought 2 steelie dash mounts both of them were nothing but garbage i would mount it on my dash in my transport truck on a clean flat surface and it would stay there for 3 to 4 months then the 3m adhesive would give out and the steelie ball and cell would fall to the floor and i bought my second steelie to get the same results a waste of my money and ruined my dash
by I don't have a nickname
Response from Customer ServiceAug 1, 2019
Hello, We are sorry that your Steelie Dash Mount is not adhering to your dash. The reason this happens is there’s some coating on your dash that is preventing the 3M VHB adhesive from sticking. This could be from the manufacturer or if you have ever used products like Armor All or the like. We have had great luck defeating the coating using a gentle degreaser like Simple Green. You would want to apply a small amount of the degreaser to a towel, drape it over your finger, and work it into the spot you want to mount the Steelie. When you are done, wipe it dry. Keep in mind the footprint of the mount is small, so be judicious with the degreaser. I would also advise testing this in an inconspicuous location as to ensure no discoloration occurs. We would be happy to send you extra adhesives to give this a go, please contact customer service at info@niteize.com or 1-800-678-6483, Mon-Fri, 8 AM – 5 PM MST.
Finally found the one
This is for people like me who don't think to mount their phone until after they start driving. Super easy to mount with 1 hand, without even looking at the mount. My only problem is that the car gets too hot in summer here in AZ (130+ in the car) so no matter what glue I tried to use, the ball always fell off after being parked for 4 hours. So glad the ball has a small screw in the bottom so I removed the stereo bezel and ran a small bolt from the back of the bezel so now the ball never falls off. Very happy with this mount.
It works and it dont
It hold the phone from falling to the ground but it doesnt hold it at any angle...gravity pulls it down! See image!
by AaronSmith
One of the most discreet and easy to use Car mounts doesn't damage your vent clip just has to wor...
One of the most discreet and easy to use Car mounts doesn't damage your vent clip just has to work for you and the right place. The only disadvantage that I have found is that a magnet on the back of a phone that uses a stylus like the Note 8 it will mess with the functionality.
by Coloproud88
Looks great and works as described
I am using this in my Wrangler. I was having trouble finding a mount that would look good on my dash and this one seems to get getting the job done. The 3M tape is strong and is holding the mount to my dash very well. SI wasn/t thrilled at first about sticking the other side of the magnet on the back of my phone, but it's very small and hardly noticeable. While the phone is mounted, sometimes going over a speed bump will change the direction the phone is facing. Not a big deal but something to be aware of.
by myyellow
1 person found this helpful
Great Idea
This car mount for a cell phone is a great idea. I do not text and drive but do use my phone for GPS navigation often times and had tried those phone holders that clip on to your AC vent but did not like them because it would take both of my hands to attach or de-attach my phone. Also, while mounted, my phone would sag, flop around, and even fall off sometimes. This simple ball and socket magnet mount works! I was concerned that the socket part that mounts to the phone would not adhere to my Otter Box but it has been on there a month and not fallen off. My other concern was that the phone would fall off of the mount in my truck when I was on bumpy, dirt roads (just like the clip-ons); it hasn't. Finally, the socket part that is mounted to the back of my phone's Otter Box does not interfere with holstering the phone and even gives me something to grip my finger onto when removing from my holster. This is a very simple item that works. Love it!
2 people found this helpful
It small and stylish mount
Let start on the product , first it’s a stylish and small mount , I think it should be bigger and have more adjustment angle. Once you stick the mount it hold the area, but you will find difficult if you want to change the mount to different place. It need a flat surface, so be sure to find an place before you use the double side tape. The magnet needs to be place back on your phone, you cannot change multiple phone , because you need the magnet stuck on the phone. Otherwise it an good product and great mount for the car
by Oceanking
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Nice, stylish and clean looking mount
Not often do I think car mounts are really clean looking, much less stylish but this definitely is. The simplicity of the ball mount and magnet is really genius! Really strong hold too, holds a phone no problem. Can be configured to a variety of angles and can easily be switched between landscape and portrait. Only down side is that you'll have to use the supplied double sided tape to affix it to your car (or whatever you're mounting to) AND the fact that you can only use this with a device that has the magnet stuck on the back (so if you're like me and want to mount up a friends phone if you're battery is dead, no can do). Its all good though, great mount otherwise! Recommend!
by Matrix
2 people found this helpful
Couldn’t use it in my F-150 or the Wife’s Kia
I thought I’d like this product. It’s well made, but literally useless in my truck. There’s simply no place it can be mounted, which is crazy since it’s … A TRUCK! The problem is that you need a perfectly smooth surface, without the dimpling that 95% of modern interiors are made of and that’s flat for about ¾” in for the stickered base to make full contact. There were NO good places in my truck that were perfectly flat and still visible (not behind the shifter, etc.). Every place that I tested had some curve to it, preventing the base from seating solidly. I finally settled on a crummy location just to test the unit. It would not stick. Seconds after placing it, it slid off. I looked in my Wife’s car and every surface had some amount of curve to it. No flat areas. Also, you have to mount a metallic and magnet piece to the back of the phone. First, I have a Nexus 6P with the nice Google case, which has a smooth, almost felt-like backing. No dice. That mount would not stick. After letting it sit for a few minutes I stuck it to the refrigerator as a test and it immediately came off. Even if it stayed on, and the base worked in the truck, you can’t sit your phone down on a table and operate it! It just rocks this way and that because it’s now got a ½” pivot point. Finally, I routinely have my phone next to my wallet, or even sitting on it when staged for leaving for work. This magnet WILL DESTROY your cards so you cannot have them near each other. Oops, one more issue: you really need to mount this on a vertical surface. Don’t think you can mount it on a door switch panel, for instance because the range of motion doesn’t allow the phone to be pivoted 90 degrees from the direction it’s mounted. Maybe if you replace the stickers with stronger double-sided tape? Would still require a flat surface, though. Crazy ... this thing gets fantastic ratings (for the most part) elsewhere. Just not for me I guess.
by ToddB
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Rating provided by a verified purchaser...
Rating provided by a verified purchaser
by HomeDepotCustomer
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