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On-the-Go Fabric Stain Remover Pen (3-Pack)

  • Safe and effective formula on most fabrics with no residue
  • The power of oxygen tackles your toughest stains
  • Instantly remove stains like, lipstick, chocolate, sauce and more
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Product Overview

OxiClean ON THE GO Stain Remover Pen helps eliminate fresh, tough stains on your clothes and laundry. This stain removal pen has a uniquely designed applicator with a stain fighting scrubber tip that helps power out stains. With 2 easy steps, your clothes and fabrics will be stain-free in no time. Simply remove any excess residue from the stain and place a napkin underneath. Then squeeze the stain remover pen and use the scrubber tip like an eraser to eliminate the stain. Tackle your toughest stains with the Power of OxiClean.
  • On-the-go: OxiClean on the go stain remover portable pen is specially formulated with the power of Oxygen to remove common on the go stains like, makeup, lipstick, chocolate, spaghetti, soy sauce and more
  • Safe: OxiClean's fast, safe, and effective stain-lifting formula does not contain bleach and is safe to use on most fabrics
  • Scrubber tip: the uniquely designed pen applicator has a stain-fighting scrubber tip to help power through stains without damaging clothing
  • Portable: OxiClean stain eliminating pen's portable travel size makes it easy and convenient to carry in your purse, briefcase, or backpack for quick stain removal on-the-go
  • 2 Step process: simply remove any residue from the stain, place a napkin behind it, squeeze the pen, and scrub to eliminate the stain

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Not for me…
I received this product to review so I tried it on two separate items. The first being a chair that got stained #LifeWithToddlers and the other being a pair of shoes. The Oxiclean pen did not fully get either of the stains and it actually discolored the chair which is unfortunate because we are typically big fans of Oxiclean products. I had high hopes for this product and I delivered lackluster results.
Oxi pen is amazing!
This oxi pen worked wonders and removed the stain off my shirt from my breakfast sandwich. Forgot I had it in my car but glad I remembered since I didn't have to go all the way back home to change shirts. It removed the stain and saved me time and a trip home. Highly recommend the oxi pen stain removal for in the go, you never know!
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    Great for small stains
    I have always liked Oxi for stain removal, especially having two little boys. It has always worked well for all the different stains they bring home on their clothes and other washable items. This pen is really great for small stains. If the stain is medium to large it’s more of a pain and instead I’d recommend the spray. I have a towel my kids used that got red slushy spilled all over it. (It already had bleach previously spilled on it so ignore the bleached areas in my photos.) I wasn’t able to wash it until a day after the red stains happened. I used this pen on it and washed it and it all came out completely! Very pleased with this product! Again the key is this is for tiny to small stains.
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    Stain - no problem
    What a handy little stick to carry with you for that unexpected accident like spilling something on your clothes. It contains a cleaning agent and hydrogen peroxide to eliminate most stains like spaghetti, makeup, chocolate, coffee, etc. Just place a napkin behind the stain, give the pen a little squeeze and a little light scrub, then pat dry with a clean napkin. Also great for stains on a tablecloth. So handy that I keep one in my desk drawer and one in my car.
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    Handy portable stain remover pen
    OXICLEAN On the Go Stain Remover Pen OxiClean™ On the Go Stain Remover Pen is a portable, stain remover Pen from OxiClean™ that helps remove many fresh stains like food, drink, and makeup. OxiClean™ Pen’s formula contains the power of Oxygen which can tackle your toughest stains, plus it’s the only Pen with a Stain Fighting Scrubbing Tip, which helps get rid of stains more easily. OxiClean™ Pen is safe for all colorfast washable fabrics. It is always recommended testing on an inconspicuous area first. OxiClean™ On the Go Pen does not include bleach and is safe to use on most fabrics. OxiClean™ On the Go Pen is a portable stain remover that is easy to carry with you and comes in handy when you encounter a stain on your clothes while away from home. The pen is 5 ½ inches long and 1 inch in diameter – perfect for carrying in a purse, briefcase, or travel pack. I carry one in my suitcase in case of unwanted spills on clothes while on a trip. Stain removal instructions on the package: 1. Remove excess residue from the stain and place a napkin behind. 2. Squeeze pen, use scrubber like an eraser to eliminate stain. 3. After stain removal, blot with napkin to remove excess solution, if needed. Before exposing to sunlight, remove excess solution from treated area with a damp cloth. Always test the OxiClean™ Pen on an inconspicuous area first. Ingredients: water, biodegradable cleaning agents, and hydrogen peroxide. I tried an experiment with the OxiClean™ On the Go Stain Remover Pen. I placed several stains on a handkerchief (lipstick, coffee, tomato paste, red wine, chocolate, soy sauce, and vegetable oil), then let the stains set for one hour. (See picture Before treatment). I treated the stains as suggested, by removing the excess residue and placed another handkerchief behind the first one. I squeezed the pen, using the scrubber like an eraser to eliminate the stain. I let the handkerchief stand for 15 minutes. (See the results in After treatment picture). The OxiClean™ Pen did a good job on coffee, red wine, chocolate, and oil stains but the other stains were still visible. After washing with soap and water, the other stains were much less apparent. I had a pair of shorts that had a couple of spots on them of unknown origin. I applied the OxiClean™ Pen to the stain, and the results were very good. Not much of the stain was left. (See pictures Before and After treatment) In all, the OxiClean™ Pen is a good companion to carry on trips. It will treat most all stains on most all fabrics until you can get to a washing machine.
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    Slip One in your Bag or Purse
    This is my first time to try OxiClean. I haven’t used it in the laundry or as a general purpose cleaner, but I was looking for a laundry stick so I decided to try it. First the laundry stick isn’t pocket-sized, but that means it holds more laundry fluid so I guess that is a good thing if you normally carry it in your bag, not your pocket. I tested it on a T-shirt the morning after it was drizzled with chocolate at our local frozen yogurt shop. This was a test so I tried to remove only the top half of the lengthy stain. I have attached photographs. The stain is much less prominent where I applied the oxiclean. There is still a shadow of something there, but it isn’t nearly as visible as the untreated lower part of the stain. I like the rubber scrubber top. It feels like it is gentle on the fabric. The instructions say to put a napkin behind the stain before you apply the cleaner. This is necessary because the fabric got quite wet. I blotted the front with a second napkin after rubbing on the cleaner. In fact I got 2 more napkins and pressed the fabric some more. However, the cotton T-shirt fabric remained quite damp, and this T-shirt changes color when wet. The wet blob was a LOT more visible than the chocolate stain and I think it took hours to dry. Oh well, I believe that oxiclean is a good cleaner, but I don’t recommend using it on heather gray T-shirts unless you can let the shirt dry overnight.
    Use When on the go
    Never fails, I always spill on my blouse when I need to look neat. Or, when I travel, I get a stain on my clothes. This is the solution to look clean and put together. Small enough to put in you purse or pocket. I like that it has a stain scrubber at the tip, I use something to scrub the stain out and this is attached. Easy to use, remove excess residue and squeeze and scrub. Doesn't have a scent, or if it does, it is very subtle and light. I like Oxi Clean products and trust them.
    Spot Remover
    The OxiClean on-the-go Stain Remover Pen is sized where you can carry it with you, or leave it at home for any time you need to treat stains. I like that you can see if there is fluid left in the tube instead of guessing. The scrubber tip is a great addition for this effective products. You blot out as much of the stain as you can, and then put some paper towel behind the fabric under the stain and use this pen to quickly get out the stain. As hard as I try, I am always getting stains on my clothes so this will come in very hands. They say it handle stains like chocolate, spaghetti, soy sauce .... and does NOT contain bleach.
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    A Must Have
    My OxiClean On-the-Go Fabric Stain Remover Pen comes in handy. Between my husband and I, we are always getting a food or drink stain on our clothes. It’s not always possible to change your clothing, so this is a great go to pan to have on hand. I plan on keeping it in my purse for that what if situation (and another in the laundry room). I only received a single pen and not the 3-pack, but I will definitely be buying more . It’s simple to use, just squeeze the pen and use the rubber scrubbing tip to remove the stain. It worked really well at removing a chocolate and coffee stain. The OXiClean Pen has no odor and doesn’t leave behind a residue, so no rinsing is needed. This is a MUST HAVE for both home and on the go.
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    Works fast at removing stains!
    It's summer time and my daughter got her sticky popsicle hands on her blanket, we were able to grab the pen and quickly stop the juice from setting in. My wife also scratched her ankle outside and got a bit of blood on our outdoor ottoman the day the pen arrived which was the first true test. We were able to rub out that as well so we are very pleased.
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